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Multimedia Storytelling Lexicon
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Multimedia Storytelling Lexicon


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Presentation for 2012 NSC

Presentation for 2012 NSC

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Developing aMultimediaStorytellingLexicon2012 NSC Visual EducatorTeach-a-ThonMark Berkey-GerardRowan University
  • 2. “Most newsrooms lacka storytelling lexicon.We call everything astory whether or not itcontains any truestorytelling elements.”- Jack Hart, Telling True Stories
  • 3. Multimedia Storytelling Lexicon30 narrative structures, devicesand techniquesDefinitionsExamples from multimedianews packages
  • 4. AnecdoteA personal account of a series of actions.Julio Diaz shares his experience of being robbed in asurprising, two-minute anecdote. (
  • 5. CharacterIndividual who undergoes transition.Photographer Luis Sinco explores a soldiers emotional andpsychological struggles. (
  • 6. ComplicationAn event or development that forces a character torespond or react.When the Gulf Oil spill hits a small town in Louisiana, theresidents must decide whether to stay or leave. (
  • 7. ContiguityHow all of the media elements work together in a createa cohesive and meaningful presentation.The Highrise Project integrates text, images, video, design andanimation in an interactive documentary. (National FilmBoard of Canada)
  • 8. DetailDistinct observations, facts or moments included for thepurpose of conveying character or plot.The world’s third largest religious festival is told throughintimate snapshots of pilgrims. (Bombay Flying Club)
  • 9. Dramatic QuestionAn overarching question posed at the beginning of astory; audience wonders how it will end.“If the world’s great violinist performed incognito in a Metrostation, would anyone stop and listen?” (Washington Post)
  • 10. Linear StoryA narrative with a distinct beginning, middle and end.This web video chronicles how one Illinois farm became asuburban housing development. (Media Storm)
  • 11. Non-Linear StoryPresentation that allows the audience to decide the storystructure.This interactive documentary about the Great Lakes has nodistinct beginning, middle or end. (
  • 12. Moment of ReflectionA clear statement of what the story is about, oftenfollowing an anecdote.Nine reporters spent two days at a rest stop. They structuredan hour long radio show around anecdotes and reflections ontravel. (This American Life)
  • 13. Multimedia Storytelling Lexicon Payoff / Impact1. Great examples of multimediastorytelling.
  • 14. Multimedia Storytelling Lexicon Payoff / Impact
  • 15. Multimedia Storytelling Lexicon Payoff / Impact2. Range of storytelling formats.
  • 16. Multimedia Storytelling Lexicon Payoff / Impactsocial media timelinesingle image role-playing gamephoto essay dataaudio slide show graphicsweb video documentarymap user-generated
  • 17. Multimedia Storytelling Lexicon Payoff / Impact3. Shared vocabulary for instructorand student.
  • 18. Multimedia Storytelling Lexicon Payoff / Impact“Nice audio. Strong images. But youneed a „moment of reflection‟ thatclearly states the point of the story.”
  • 19. Multimedia Storytelling Lexicon Payoff / Impact4. How presentation and platformaffect storytelling.
  • 20. Multimedia Storytelling Lexicon Payoff / ImpactDoes the story work acrossplatforms?Is the story platform specific?What is the user experience?
  • 21. Multimedia Storytelling Lexicon Payoff / Impact5. Articulate how and why aparticular story might be best told ina particular way.
  • 22. Complete list atmarkberkeygerard.comTwitter: @mabege #nsc12 Or search “multimedia storytelling lexicon”