Mark Beasley Kiosks Digital Signage


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Case studies of my work in retail kiosks and digital signage programs.

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Mark Beasley Kiosks Digital Signage

  1. 1. Mark Beasley’s Portfolio – Retail Kiosks and Digital Marketing Verizon Wireless In-Store Kiosk Problem: Verizon Wireless had a large partnership with Circuit City but needed a way to provide information to customers and keep them engaged when their sales associates were busy helping other customers. Solution: This kiosk was used in all Circuit City locations across the United States, providing wireless service shoppers with a comprehensive and fun overview of Verizon’s phones, service plans and special offers. Users were treated to 3D examples of the latest, coolest handsets, demos of the latest services, and they could even see the most up-do-date coverage areas. | | Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. Mark Beasley’s Portfolio – Retail Kiosks and Digital Marketing Verizon Xterra Roving Kiosks Problem: Verizon Wireless needed a way to reach out to the youth market where they can be found: sports events, universities, music concerts and other special events. Solution: This roving kiosk program promoted the latest wireless offerings such as video and picture messaging, video games and instant messaging. | | Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. Mark Beasley’s Portfolio – Retail Kiosks and Digital Marketing Circuit City Broadband Kiosk Problem: During the early days of high-speed internet service growth, Circuit City wanted to capitalize on the then-new service’s public interest, but they found most users had no idea what options were available for high speed service, or what was needed in order to get the service into their homes and working on their computers. Solution: This kiosk provided a high-impact environment for consumers who wee interested in learning more about broadband and how it could improve their computing experiences. The kiosk provided eye-catching videos and animations illustrating the ways users benefited from broadband, and even allowed users to see if they could get broadband in their area. | | Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. Mark Beasley’s Portfolio – Retail Kiosks and Digital Marketing Office Depot Digital Marketing Pilot Problem: Office Depot was on a mission to determine what their stores of the near future would look like. They engaged a number of retail designers and digital marketing specialists to show them what the future held. Solution: This cutting-edge pilot program utilized an IP networked digital signage system that allowed instant updates to signage content, even from thousands of miles away. The pilot included four 30-inch LCD monitors mounted at four corners of the store, and two 50-inch plasma monitors mounted from the ceiling in the center of the store. The signage system featured customized Flash animations as well as full-screen 15 and 30-second commercials. The picture on the bottom right below is of the Office Depot CEO and North American President surveying the completed installation. | | Page 4 of 4