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Romeo & Juliet: Things to Remember
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Romeo & Juliet: Things to Remember


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Published in: Education

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Things to Remember… Act I Scene I
    • Star Crossed
    • Mont’s and Cap’s hate each other
      • Hatfield’s/McCoy’s
      • Yankees/Red Sox
      • Bloods/Crips
    • Benvolio – loyal, honest
      • BFF with Romeo
    • Tybalt – hotheaded, vengeful
      • Hates anyone with Mont’s name
    • Romeo? More like RoEMO!
      • Rosaline?
      • We never see her or hear from her.
  • 3. Things to Remember… Act I Scene II
    • Paris wants Juliet
      • 14 is like the 25 of 2011
    • Capulet: “Eh…”
      • She’s a “daddy’s girl”
    • Benvolio & Romeo Party Up
      • Benvolio: Hot girls there
      • Romeo: Rosaline is there.
  • 4. Things to Remember… Act I Scene III
    • Lady Cap vs. the Nurse
      • The Nurse is more of a “mom” than mom.
    • Capulet suggests marriage to Juliet
    • Juliet = stoked
      • I’d do as you say, as only as much as you say
  • 5. Things to Remember… Act I Scene IV
    • Romeo = bumped out
      • Rosaline isn’t havin’ it.
    • Mercutio : Don’t rely on your dreams, nothing is real.
    • Romeo: Uh-oh, I got a bad feeling about this…
  • 6. Things to Remember… Act I Scene V
    • Mont’s enter
    • Tybalt is fired up
      • Tybalt to Capulet: I want Romeo’s blood.
      • Capulet to Tybalt: Chill.
    • Romeo sees Juliet
      • Love at first sight
      • Rosaline who?
      • Romeo: She’s a Capulet? Come on man!
  • 7.
    • Party is over
      • Romeo still wants to see Juliet.
    • Mercutio teases Romeo over Rosaline
      • Mercutio and Benvolio think Romeo is hung up on Rosaline, actually hung up on Juliet.
  • 8.
    • Romeo is hurt by Mercutio
      • Easy to make jokes when it’s not you.
    • Jumps over Cap’s Walls
      • Romeo: Love got me here.
    • Balcony Scene
      • Juliet: It’s only a name.
      • Romeo: I swear by the moon…
      • Juliet: The moon is inconstant.
    • Juliet wants the ring
      • Love is honorable = marriage
  • 9.
    • Friar Lawrence – wise/knowledgeable
      • Just like the plant, there is good and evil in each man.
    • Romeo asks for the Friars help
      • Romeo: I love Juliet.
      • Friar: You wasted all those tears on Rosaline!
      • Romeo: Juliet loves me back…unlike that other one.
    • Friar agrees
      • This marriage may end this feud!
  • 10.
    • Mercutio speaks on Tybalt
      • Tybalt called out Romeo.
      • Tybalt can fight. Handy with a weapon
      • Mercutio: I hate ‘em!
    • Romeo is back son!
      • Joking around with friends; shows relationship between Romeo, Mercutio, and Benvolio.
    • Nurse finds Romeo
      • You better be good to Juliet.
      • Keep it on the down low!
  • 11.
    • Juliet waits (im)patiently
      • Juliet wants to hear what happened whether it be good or bad.
    • Romeo’s Plan
      • Have Juliet get permission to go to confession.
      • Friar will be there.
      • “ I do”
  • 12.
    • Friar counsels Romeo
      • Sudden joys have sudden ends!
      • Love in moderation
    • Here comes the bride!
      • Juliet enters and speaks on how rich she feels from Romeo’s love.
    • Audience is left out.
      • Just like we never see Rosaline, Shakespeare keeps us in the dark for their actual marriage.
      • Maybe it is just too personal for the audience to witness?
  • 13.
    • Hot!
      • Temperature/Temperament
      • Benvolio: Its hot out here, you know how people get when it is hot.
    • Tybalt shows up!
      • You hang around with Romeo…
      • Mercutio takes offense to this, begins to fight.
    • Here comes Romeo
      • Tybalt: Villain!
      • Romeo: You don’t know me.
    • Fight!
      • Mercutio takes Romeo’s place in the fight.
      • Romeo gets in-between them; Tybalt stabs Mercutio
      • Romeo stabs Tybalt.
    • The Law
      • Romeo is banished from Verona.
  • 14.
    • Juliet waits for the night
      • Only under the cover of darkness can Romeo come and see Juliet.
    • Nurse confuses everything
      • The way the Nurse speaks confuses Juliet.
      • Romeo banished = 10,000 deaths of Capulet
    • Nurse to the rescue
      • Goes to find Romeo
      • Probably at the Friar’s cell
      • Will give her Juliet’s ring as a sign of their love .
  • 15.
    • Romeo is banished
      • Romeo: What!?!
      • Friar: The world is wide, you still have Juliet, count your blessings.
    • Nurse
      • Romeo, get off the floor and be a man
      • Romeo: My name brings Juliet pain, someone hand me a knife.
    • Friar’s Plan…for now
      • Go see Juliet one last time.
      • Hang out in the city of Mantua.
      • I’ll send someone when it is safe to return.
  • 16.
    • Paris shows up
      • I understand that now is no time for a visit, but please give Juliet my love.
    • Capulet makes a choice
      • I’m pretty sure Juliet will agree with whatever I say.
      • You (Paris) and Juliet will be married on Thursday.
  • 17.
    • Daybreak
      • Romeo has to get out of Dodge or it is curtains for him.
      • Juliet tries to convince him otherwise.
    • Lady Cap
      • Your dad said you are going to marry Paris
      • Juliet: Not-uh!
    • Lord Cap
      • Either you marry him or you’re out!
    • Really Nurse? Really?
      • Nurse turns on Juliet
      • Juliet goes to the Friar for help.
    • Paris and Friar
      • Paris: Capulet decided to hurry up and have me marry Juliet
      • Friar: I wish I DIDN’T know the reason why it should be slowed down.
    • Juliet shows up
      • Fix this or I’m offing myself.
    • Friar’s Plan…again
      • Drink the vial
      • Appear “dead”
      • I’ll tell Romeo
      • Wake up and leave with Romeo to Mantua.
    • Capulet is still mad
      • Where is that ingrate?
    • Juliet
      • Sorry dad!
    • Wedding day is moved
      • Capulet: Great! Since you’ve had such a sudden change, we’ll move the wedding up a day!
    • Juliet’s soliloquy
      • What if the Friar is trying to kill me?
      • What if I wake too early?
      • What if I wake and go crazy with fear?
      • What if no one shows up?
    • Here goes nothing!
    • The Capulets are planning for the arrival of Paris and the start of the wedding.
    • The Capulet house is in chaos.
      • Symbolic of the way many of the character in the play live their lives.
    • A “breathe of air” before Juliet’s “death.”
      • Speed of the scene ties into the speed at which the tragedy is unfolding. No one can slow down and think.
    • Juliet is…ahem… “dead”
      • We see the characters as individuals.
      • Mourning over the loss of Juliet
      • Fail!
    • Friar Lawrence
      • She is in a better place. Let’s do what’s right and rest her in peace.
      • Hidden agenda
    • Peter and the musicians
      • Comic relief after a tragic event
      • Shows how the REST of society deals with Juliet’s death.
  • 23. Things to Remember… Act V Scene I
    • “ Near misses” from here on out.
    • Romeo has a dream – ut-oh!
      • I was dead.
      • Juliet found me, kissed me alive!
      • Foreshadowing
    • Balthasar bring the news
      • Only knows what he sees, what he sees isn’t the truth
    • Romeo
      • What!
  • 24. Things to Remember… Act IV Scene V
    • Romeo
      • Defy you stars!
      • I will be with Juliet tonight.
    • Apothecary
      • I got what you need, but what you need is illegal.
      • Romeo: Give it. Money is more dangerous than the poison you have sold me.
  • 25. Things to Remember… Act V Scene II
    • Back to Verona
      • Friar John (new friar) never got the letter to Romeo.
    • Friar Lawrence:
      • Oh boy. Plans have changed.
    • New Plan….again
      • Break Juliet loose
      • Hide her
      • New letter to Romeo
  • 26. Things to Remember… Act V Scene III
    • Paris shows up to pay last respects to Juliet.
    • Romeo shows up to “be” with Juliet.
      • Romeo = Pysch-eo
    • Paris sees Romeo. Thinks a Montague is trying to defile a Capulet tomb (He knows nothing of R&J).
    • Dead Paris
      • Whoops!
  • 27. Things to Remember… Act V Scene III
    • Romeo sees Juliet’s body
      • Laments
      • Kiss – mirrors the first kiss at the party
      • Drinks
      • Dies
    • Friar Lawrence shows up like 3 seconds too late. Talks to Bathy who says that Romeo is in the tomb.
    • Juliet Awakes
      • Where is Romeo?
  • 28. Things to Remember… Act V Scene III
    • Friar Lawrence
      • A greater power than us all (fate) has destroyed all our plans.
      • He doesn’t take the blame.
    • Juliet
      • Leave me here!
      • Kiss
      • Dagger to chest
      • Dead
  • 29. Things to Remember… Act V Scene III
    • 5-0 shows up.
      • What is going on around here?!?
    • Caps arrive
      • Juliet is dead? Again?
    • Lord Mont arrives
      • My wife is dead and now this!
    • Prince
      • 1’m looking for answers.
  • 30. Things to Remember… Act V Scene III
    • Friar
      • Ok, here it is…
      • Finally the truth comes out, but way too late.
    • Prince
      • Well, I hope you are all happy. See what you did!?
    • Squash the Beef
      • Mont: I will raise a statue of Juliet.
      • Cap: I will raise a statue of Romeo.
    • “ Violence delights have violent ends.”