Mark Reyes 20 Year Marketing Plan


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Mark Reyes 20 Year Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Passport to Success Mark Reyes 20 Year Marketing Plan for a Well-Balanced Mark October 2012
  2. 2. Passport to Success: The passport is stamped and I’m ready for departureA. Pre-Departure Checks 1. Vision / Mission 2. Roles 3. The BrandB. At the Airport and On-Board the Flight 1. It Worked for Me 2. Comparative Analysis 3. Immigration Check: Milestones for WinningC. Arrival Stamps at the Destination
  3. 3. Pre Departure Checks Vision / MissionTo be able to realize and maximize my full well-rounded potential and use the same to improvemy life and the lives of my loved ones through awell-balanced synergy of both individual capacityand interpersonal interaction that would result toopportunity creation and an enhanced life.
  4. 4. Pre Departure ChecksRoles1. The Caring Son2. The Helpful Brother3. The Dependable Nephew4. The Supportive Friend5. The Responsible Manager6. The Ambitious World Traveller
  5. 5. Pre Departure ChecksRoles1. The Caring Son
  6. 6. Pre Departure ChecksRoles2. The Helpful Brother
  7. 7. Pre Departure ChecksRoles3. The Dependable Nephew
  8. 8. Pre Departure ChecksRoles4. The Supportive Friend
  9. 9. Pre Departure ChecksRoles5. The Responsible Manager
  10. 10. Pre Departure ChecksRoles6. The Ambitious World Traveller
  11. 11. Well BalancedMark Reyesemerald headway BRAND LAUNCH
  12. 12. Once there was a WELL
  13. 13. Beside the WELL was aBALANCE
  14. 14. My friend MARK wahlberg sawthe two and looked up…
  15. 15. saw the sun’s RAYs and saidYES! (Reyes)
  16. 16. I remember the EMERALD andthe HEADshot given to me…
  17. 17. when I was on my WAY home.
  18. 18. Well Balanced MarkReyes, Emerald Headway
  19. 19. At the Airport and On Board the FlightIt Worked For Me:In Life and LeadershipBy Colin PowellIt Worked For Me is filled with the vividexperiences and lessons that have shapedthe career of the former General and USSecretary of State Colin Powell. This book offers warm andengaging stories with advise on how to succeed in theworkplace and beyond.
  20. 20. At the Airport and On Board the Flight1. It aint as bad as you think, it will look betterin the morning.• Most of the time I easily get dissuaded when things do not go my way.• I should not take these issues or concerns too heavily, rather I need to take a step back and look at it from another perspective.• Enlightenment comes only to minds that are clear of negativity.
  21. 21. At the Airport and On Board the Flight2. Get mad, then get over it.• My temper is a weakness that I have to work on.• I have to learn to release the stress that accompanies daily life.• Learning how to move on is a key to my well-being.
  22. 22. At the Airport and On Board the Flight3. It can be done!• It can be done! I believe that if I can put my mind into something, then what limits my success in that field is simply myself.• I have the potential to do more and I should nurture this potential to make it work not just for me but for my family.
  23. 23. At the Airport and On Board the Flight4. You can’t make someone else’s choices. Youshould not let someone else make yours.• I am the driver of my life and I take charge of the things that are involved in the same.
  24. 24. At the Airport and On Board the Flight5. Have a vision. Be demanding.• I have a vision and a goal in mind and I should demand for things that would help me accomplish what I have set out to do.• Success does not come to those who simply sit around and not ask for anything.
  25. 25. At the Airport and On Board the Flight5. Don’t take counsel of your fears or naysayers.• One of my weaknesses that I have to work on is getting discouraged by fear.• I should really realize that while fear may sometimes be a great motivator, it can also hinder me from moving forward.
  26. 26. At the Airport and On Board the Flight6. Perpetual optimism is is a force multiplier.• Believing in God and his blessings, and praying for the best and what is good for us is a driving force for me.• I also want to be able to infect others with this as it improves the environment I am in and by the law of attraction, my chances of getting what I want is likewise improved.
  27. 27. At the Airport and On Board the Flight Comparative Analysis 2012 203230 years old 50 years oldSingle With ChildrenManagerial Position High-Level Rank / CEOLimited Investments High Yielding Multiple InvestmentsWorld Traveller World Traveller with my childrenBased in Manila Based in London with satellite homes in the world’s key citiesPlanning for the next 20 years Enjoying the fruits of my past plans
  28. 28. At the Airport and On Board the Flight Immigration Check: Milestones for Winning1. Habit Checks- Making sure that every month, my mindset and character isin top form and that I am psyched to achieve.2. Quantitative Measures- Setting measurable performance scales anchored on aspecific schedule or period.
  29. 29. At the Airport and On Board the Flight Immigration Check: Milestones for Winning3. Tactics Used- An annual analysis of what works and what does not.Improvement in Efficiency and Effectiveness rankings is a mustfor one to proceed.4. Checkpoints for Success- Specific time period deadlines must be established in orderto ensure the timely delivery of oneself to the enddestination.
  30. 30. Arrival Stamps at the Destination I have finally arrived at my destination when I amfinally content and satisfied with the end results of what I worked hard for in the past years.This means the realization of the goals I have set for myself, my career, my family and my children.
  31. 31. Arrival Stamps at the DestinationI may reach my destination earlier if all goes well, but if it doesn’t, then we shall strive harder to make things materialize. After reaching the destination however, the journeydoes not stop. It is time to begin something new and to look forward to fulfilling the same in the next airport check-in.
  32. 32. Passport to Success Mark Reyes 20 Year Marketing Plan for a Well-Balanced Mark