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  • 1. Let us discuss!
    PowerPoint is a powerful presentation and graphics programs that involves creating a presentation starting with a basic design.
  • 2. Common Uses of Presentations
    Different types of people make presentation for different reasons.
    Here are some of various way in which presentations are used today.
  • 3. In schools, teachers make presentations for students to effectively understand the lessons.
  • 4. Scientist and researchers often make presentations to announce their findings or discoveries.
  • 5. To convince costumers, salesmen make presentations to introduce a new product and explain its features.
  • 6. Business make presentations to report how much profits their companies earned in the previous year.
  • 7. Speaker at seminars and conferences make use of presentations to carefully explain the topic they are discussing.
  • 8. Students can also use presentations to give details about their reports and other school assignments.
  • 9. What you can do with Power point impress
    • Use animation on the text and graphics. The eye- catching movements can be effectively used to highlight important points your presentation.
    • 10. Combine text and graphics to create a presentation that is visually appealing, or nice to look at.This will enable you to effectively get your message across.
    • 11. Present information using charts,tables and attractive diagrams.This is an effective way to clearly compare and emphasize certain data.
    • 12. Spice up your presentations with various sounds featuring animated graphics.Add various special effect to pictures,charts,tables and clip art.
    These features are fun to use and impressive to the audience.
    • Make presentations quickly with the use of templates or ready made designs.
  • How to Open the program
    Short Method
    Double-click the ion on desktop
    Click the start button and select the program on the start menu
    Simply click its icon on the Quick Launch Toolbar on the taskbar
    Long Method
    Click the START button and then point to ALL PROGRAMS
  • 13. Open Office Org. Impress
    Since Open Office org. Impress is the most widely used presentation software, it is important for you to learn how to use the program. To keep up with the latest development of computer technologies, you will be using the latest version, which is Impress Power Point.
  • 14. Parts of the open office org. impress
  • 15. The Power Point Environment
  • 16. Title Bar
    Generally appears at the top of the screen. It displays the title of the current presentation.
  • 17. Menu Bar
    Displays the main menu which contains options to give instructions to Powerpoint.
  • 18. Toolbar
    Displays buttons that you select to perform commonly needed editing tasks.
  • 19. Standard Toolbar
    Is used to open a file, to save and print the file, to check spelling, to cut copy and paste, to redo and to insert a chart or table.
  • 20. Formatting toolbar
    Is used to change the font,font size or font color;to bold underline or italicize text,alignment,add bullet or lists
  • 21. View button
    Holds the objects like text, clip arts and harts in your slide.
  • 22. The power points views
    Normal view
    Slide Sorter
    Status Bar-displays information about your document
    Scrolling Bars-is used to move around your document with mouse
    Sizing button-are close,maximize and minimize
    Place Holder-holds the objects like text,clip art and chart in your slide
    Rulers-these are vertical and horizontal guides to help determine where you want to place and object.