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Vegetron Overview for Rock Health
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Vegetron Overview for Rock Health


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This presentation gives a big picture overview of Vegetron. It shares the basics of what we are working on and answers some FAQs.

This presentation gives a big picture overview of Vegetron. It shares the basics of what we are working on and answers some FAQs.

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  • 1. 10 SLIDE The end of dieting. The beginning of lifestyle mastery.
  • 2. About Vegetron’s Founder Mark Berman MD Obesity Medicine Passions Vegan Nutrition Lifestyle Change Health Information Technology McGill Physical Therapy Yale Medical School UCSF Clinical Research Fellowship Harvard Internal Medicine, Primary Care & Population Medicine Harvard Health Publications, Obesity Medicine Consultant Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Special Assistant to President & CEO for Childhood ObesityExperience Keas Inc., Medical Director
  • 3. A Massive Food Crisis Almost 70% of US Adults Are Overweight or Obese
  • 4. What Are We Doing?$61 Billion/year in diets, supplements, meal replacements,cleanses, exercise equipment, etc. is not cutting it.Bariatric Surgery is not viable for everyone.There are no highly effective and safe drugs.Policy change is mandatory, but will take decades. What can Vegetron do?
  • 5. Vegetron Flips Dieting On Its Head It’s the Khan Academy of lifestyle trainingVegetron re-imagines lifestyle change as a go-at-your-own-pace online training game, which makes it simple, fun andrewarding to master the essentials of a happy and healthyplant-centered lifestyle. For busy young adults (18-40) who seek better health, weight loss or a lifestyle that aligns with socially- conscious values
  • 6. Vegetron 3 weeks of meals, 50 core ingredients, 7 socialSimplifies & maps the learning curve eating challenges, 3 30% meals are exercise types eaten outKeeps food social make them count!Reframes change as mastery Change = pain. Mastery = meaningful + fun.
  • 7. A conceptual wireframe
  • 8. Virtual points must educate and contribute to tangible, meaningful rewards Rating the ‘try’ acknowledges a Mastery is as simple as trying step to mastery 3 highly reliable and minimalist recipes (1 indulgent, 1 cooked, 1 raw) Social validation and This is knowledge sharing STEALTH HABITFORMATION
  • 9. One Vital Point:Food is Fundamentally Social New habits can NOT be SUSTAINED if they are not SOCIALIZED So Vegetron also guides social eating mastery A simple platform for mastering eating out at any type of restaurant, and cooking for more and... than 1 Cool fact: Typically you’ll eat 2oo-400 KCal more at a restaurant. And another: The more people you eat with, the more you eat.
  • 10. Vegetron Will Create aHealthy Food MovementShow people they are all a part of effecting change. Together they become a Visible force.
  • 11. That’s a brief overview... Now Some FAQs!!
  • 12. Any Early Prototypes/ Experiments?Here’s a clickable wireframe for a “food challenge”prototype: We learned that this approach resonates widely, but it shouldn’t be the main feature of Vegetron. However, it’s likely an important one for community engagement and monetization.Here’s a “food challenge video” prototype: We learned making videos is really fun, but time consuming.
  • 13. What’s the biggerpicture behind vegan diets? OK!! HERE IT IS IN 7 SLIDES...
  • 14. Animal consumption leads to more obesity. 30 28.8 27.3 27 26.3 25.7 24 23.6 21 18 ian ian ian an ian g ar ar ar ar Ve et et et et g g g eg Ve Ve Ve i-V vo co on m O s N Se Pe o- ct La Mean Body Mass Index (kg/m2) by Dietary PatternSource: Tonstad S et al. Type of Vegetarian Diet, Body Weight, and Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes Care 2009; 32:791-6
  • 15. Obesity leads to numerous co-morbidities and premature mortality.
  • 16. Animal foods dwarf plant foods in their global warming impact.40 39.230 27.020 13.5 12.1 11.9 10.910 6.9 4.8 2.7 2.3 2.0 2.0 2.0 0 y k b ef se on en gs li u s ce s ut an ke co r f m Be To Eg e Po Ri ck lm N La Be he r oc Tu hi Sa C Br C ry D CO2 Equivalents Released Per Kg of Animal and Plant ProductsSource: Environmental Working Group. Meat Eaters Guide to Climate Change + Health. July 2011. Accessed at:
  • 17. Beyond global warming... Animal food production is environmentally devastating.
  • 18. Unfortunately, global meat consumption is skyrocketing. 700 525 350 175 0 1965 1980 1995 2010 2025 2050Current and Projected Trends in Meat Consumption (in Millions of Tons) Source: Dr. Thomas E. Elam. Projections of Global Meat Production Through 2050. Center for Global Food Issues.
  • 19. The scale of meat consumption necessitates CAFOs (Confined Animal Feeding Operations).
  • 20. CAFOs employ a host of cruel animal treatmentpractices, along with their severe environmental and health impacts.
  • 21. Why Are Games ‘Addictive’? Like drugs, games make us feelPositive Emotions good. Unlike drugs, they provide all the ingredients forRelationships psychological well-being.MeaningAccomplishments(learning, achievement, mastery)Sources: Martin Seligman’s model for positive psychology; Jane McGonigal; Seth Priebetsh; Tom Chatfield.
  • 22. What behavioral model do we think about most? Probably BJ Fogg’s...
  • 23. Three Factors Are Needed for Any Human Behavior to Happen: Motivation Ability Trigger Action!The desire, know-how & behavioral prompt must happen at the same time for a new action to occur. Sources: Fogg Behavioral Model, BJ Fogg, Stanford. Image Model: Adapted from Michael Wu
  • 24. I’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!Mark Berman MD 617.877.0327