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Stem cell details

  1. 1. • Congratulations for the bundle of joy that is going to enter your life in a matter of
  2. 2. The Umbilical Cord Umbilical cord is a long “rope” like structure that connects baby with mother. It consists of connective tissue, inside which there is an umbilical vein and two arteries. This is a structure that carries out the function of exchanging between a mother and a child. Once thought to be a biological waste, has now been proven to have the potential to save millions of lives from different life threatening
  3. 3. Why store Umbilical cord? Part of Peri-natal tissue. Most naive cells with high regenerative potential. Highest source of Hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) & Hematopoietic progenitor stem cells (HPCs). The most convenient source of stem cell retrieval. No ethical concerns as cord is discarded after delivery.
  4. 4. Umbilical Cord – The Ultimate Source Of Master Cells Umbilical Cord- Premiere source for stem cells by researchers and medical fraternity : Contains blood -Rich source for haemopoetic progenitor cells found in abundance. The Whartons jelly present in the inner lining of the cord is a rich source for multipotent MSC’s found in abundance. Painless extraction process . Quality of stem cells extracted have higher potential compared to other adult derived stem cells sources.
  5. 5. Stem Cells & Types The term “stem cells“ was proposed by a histologist A. Maksimov in 1908.Every stem cell has two main characteristics:• Self-renewable, which means that it can go through many cell division process and still remain in the same state.• Potency, which means that it is capable of differentiating into various specific cell types. Totipotent | Pluripotent | Multipotent |
  6. 6. Different Sources of Stem Cells Embryonic Others (minimally manipulated) Stem cells Cord blood & Tissue Peripheral Blood (HSC, HPC, MSC stem cells VSELs, Others) (HSC, MSC) Bone marrow stem Adipose tissue cells for autologous derived stem cells & allogeneic use in for varied clinical varied clinical conditions applicationsFor Researchpurpose only Organs specific stem cells, Dental pulp,
  7. 7. Wonder cells in Cord blood Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) Hematopoietic progenitor cells (HPCs) Very small embryonic like stem cells (VSELs) Endothelial colony forming cells (ECFCs) Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) Mixed resident cells
  8. 8.
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  10. 10. Wonder cells in Cord tissue Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) (in abundance) Epithelial progenitor stem cells (EpSCs) Mixed resident cells
  11. 11. Cord blood banking & Beyond.. WJ – MSCs (Wharton’s jelly derived MSCs) possess an extensive proliferative potential and ability to differentiate into various cell types. Key characteristics of MSCs: • Most primitive cell population with high regenerative potential. • Self-renewal capacity. • Multi-potent – can differentiate into various cell lineages. • Immunosuppressant & immunomodulatory effects. • Minimal / Nil HLA
  12. 12. UC – Wharton’s
  13. 13. Steps in cord blood banking 1 2 3 Collected cord blood is safely After birth the umbilical Cord blood is collected from packed in proprietary transfer cord is clamped and cut umbilical cord vein by experts kits and within 24 hours reach our labs6 5 4 Cord blood is processed by The sample quality is evaluated andThe end product is stored at -196 deg. C patented technologies to yield all the required tests are conducted for 21 years maximum number of stem cells for maximum safety
  14. 14. Stem cell therapy in Heart disease There is an enormous data suggesting the role of stem cells in treatment of varied heart related ailments & have shown excellent results in improving heart functions. Heart diseases in final stage of clinical trials with SCT • Acute Myocardial Infarction • Chronic Myocardial Infarction • Dilated Cardiomyopathy • Congenital defects Cord blood stem cells are useful in revascularization of heart tissue. MSCs differentiate into Cardiomyocytes and replace the dead heart muscles. Advance storage of stem cells ensures ready availability of stem cells during medical
  15. 15. Stem cell therapy in Diabetes Stem cells play significant role in modulating the disease progress in diabetes patients. Useful protocols of SCT in diabetic patients: •Diabetes Mellitus type 1 & 2 • Diabetic neuropathy • Diabetic retinopathy • Diabetic foot • Chronic non healing ulcersThe multi-potent stem cells harvested from Wharton’s jelly of umbilical cord showImmuno-Modulatory effects and can largely reduce the required dosage of insulin among Diabetic patients.The cord blood stem cells (HSCs) are in particular used therapeutically for treating varied stage diabetic Ulcers and chronic
  16. 16. Hematological disordersReplace with healthy CB / BMderived HSC + MSCs Therapeutic ablation of bone marrow using CT
  17. 17. Spinal cord
  18. 18. Cerebral Palsy• Incidence of CP in India is 2-3 cases per 1000 live births• Brain injury during delivery is among the common causes of CP• Current estimate is >25 lakh children living with CP in the country. SCT
  19. 19. Other Applications of SCTBone non-union A vascular necrosis Ischemic limb Stroke Osteoarthritis Autoimmune diseases Ophthalmic
  20. 20. Therapeutic
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  23. 23. Cryobanks-Ultimate SolutionServices offered by Cryobanks International India:• Collection of cord blood and tissue during delivery from locations across the country.• Transport of the cord blood and cord tissue to the processing centre in Gurgaon.• Processing of cord blood to generate haemopoetic stem cells and haemopoetic progenitor cells via automated and semi-automated process. Processing of cord tissue to generate multipotent MSC’s which are ready to use and delivered along with proper characterization, differentiation and endotoxin and mycoplasma analysis abiding to the ISCT guidelines( global norms) Cryogenic preservation of cord blood and cord tissue stem cells.
  24. 24. Our Facility Services • Cell processing and cryo-preservation. • Cord cell lines. • Cell culture and Expansion. • Cell differentiation. • Bone marrow processing. • Varied Stem cell & Regenerative medicine related clinical applications. • Customized therapy
  25. 25. Cryobanks - At a glance . A JV between Cryobanks International USA (presently Lifeforce cryobanks)and RJ Corp founded in 2006. A leader in the collection, processing and banking of umbilical cord blood stem cells. Provider of Private Cord Blood Storage Program for expecting families Quality standard’s approved by USFDA ,AABB and DCGI Reviva- Independent wing for MSC extraction in association with Da Vinci biosciences. International presence in Thailand, Africa, Gulf, Bangladesh and Nepal.
  26. 26. Business VerticalsFood Beverages Medical Education Modern Montessori School OTHERS
  27. 27. We serve in many parts of the world- RJ Health care ( Cord blood banking) Our coverage Asia Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Uzbekistan Middle East U.A.E, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait Africa South Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia Our Storage Facilities: INDIA (Gurgaon) Starting in 2012 THAILAND (Bangkok) Asia KENYA (Nairobi) Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore Africa South Africa, Nigeria
  28. 28. Journey of RJ Healthcare Started in 2006 with cord blood processing technology and cord preservation 2007-Expansion of operations across the country 2008 –Expanded beyond borders as in UAE & Nepal 2009 - obtained the development of technology –SEPAX 2010 - collaboration with Da Vinci Biosciences to start up REVIVA 2010 – expansion of operations to Thailand –CRYO-VIVA 2010 – started operations in the field of Oral Stem cell rejuvenation formulations in the name of Aqua stem life. 2011 - operations of REVIVA labs processing cord tissue cells to extract MSC’s using the patented technology of EXPLANT 2011- we expanded our business horizons to cover Bangladesh 2012- launched our projects : Africare (Africa), diagnostics , and birthing center-
  29. 29. Our Technology Partners “Collaboration with BIOSAFE, a fully automated FDA approved technology for Bone marrow processing for different clinical applications.” “Patented technology (EXPLANT METHOD) from Da Vinci Biosciences, USA with approved & clinical Grade media & reagents for maximum safety.”Only Lab in the country to have International collaborations & technology exchange for cord tissue derived MSC
  30. 30. Technology Milestones- Sepax• Sepax® -An automated stem cell processing technology, a safe, sterile and fully automated cord blood processing technology – so you get more stem cells for maximum transplant success.• The only fully automated available system for cord blood stem cell isolation That claims to have processed over 2,000 cord blood units subsequently used in transplantation
  31. 31. SEPAX v/s Other Processing
  32. 32. Advantages of Sepax Features of SEPAX technology Benefits to YouSwiss-made patented automated cord blood Availability of the best of technology for theprocessing system processing of your babies sampleRequires no operator intervention during There is constant result for all sample whichprocessing is standard being automated and sensorAllows faster cellular processing based higher recovery of cells giving betterAble to achieve as high as 99%¹ Total acceptability of the sample during therapy asNucleated Cells (TNC) recovery rate SEPAX processed sample result in higher cell count extraction.Closed processing system highly sterile process There are no chance of mix up of samples as the sample gets processed as a individualProcess every cord blood unit individually sample till the processing is completed and the stem cells are totally extracted.
  33. 33. Cleared by U.S. FDA, approved by European Union(evidenced by CE Mark), and Japan MHLW (Ministryof Health and Labor Welfare) Abides to the international standards of processing.Complies with the highest quality standards such asAABB & FACT-Netcord³An advanced cord blood processing technologywith proven transplant track recordWorld’s most tried and reliable automated systemProcessed more than 500,000 units³ in over 38 Proven and validated technology with reliablecountries worldwide results across the globe for which the technology has immense acclamations.Trusted by majority of the world’s leading publicand private cord blood banksOver 70% of Netcord banks (public banks in Europe)use Sepax® for cell processing
  34. 34. Explant Benefits of Explant processing over conventional enzymatic process : Method Cell Count Cell Viability Cell Potency Cells with highest REVIVA EXPLANT Akin to natural cell Higher yield per cm of Better viability regeneration METHOD proliferation Umbilical Cord potential proliferate Viability Chemicals used – 5 to 10 times lower compromised as cellENZYMATIC METHOD artificial process yield surface damage is possible
  35. 35. Explant TechnologyReviva cell recommends the proprietary “EXPLANT TECHNIQUE”for maximum safety• Time proven and highly recommendable technology.• Patented clinical grade reagents.• Higher cell viability and sustaining all the characteristics of stem cells.• Efficient cell identification & differentiation into different cell lines.• Maximum safety & therapeutic The time proven technology has made it possible to value. store millions of multi-potent cells in advance for in- future medical urgencies
  36. 36. Our lab facility• Over 28000 sq ft dedicated laboratory.• cGMP, cGTP, cGLP compliant labs.• State-of-the-art cell culture & expansion facility with patented technology in collaboration with DA Vinci Biosciences, USA.• Cord blood sample processing on USFDA approved fully automated platform.• Class 10,000 & class 100 clean rooms.• Comply to National & International accreditations.• Highly qualified and dedicated staff.
  37. 37. Cord blood Processing Lab • USFDA approved fully automated SEPAX technology • High yield of MNC & CD34+ stem cells essential for ensuring the cord blood unit has enough cells for in future therapeutic
  38. 38. Global Standards1) AABB accredited.2) NABL accredited3) DGCI approved4) ISO certified5) Business Biz6) Leaders of tomorrow
  39. 39. Our Stringent Protocol• Only cord blood bank in the country which uses a double check process for the entire processing of the cord blood as under:• Environmental testing of processing lab ( normal management by HEPA filters)• Swab culture• Petri plate culture• Sterility testing• Gram staining• Bact Alert automated detection• Viability testing• Coulter• Facs caliber• Maternal blood testing:• ELISA process• NAT testing• Preservation process:• Cryobags made of EVA• LN2 overwrap on the EVA bags for further protection.• DGCI approved public bank enabling higher quality control mechanism.
  40. 40. OUR OFFERINGS  Free Add on sample  Cash Back offer CRYO SAFETY :  5 lakhs transplant assistance  10 lakhs security and quality commitment  Free world wide shipment  Guarantee of sample during transport to facility  Processed MSC’s ready to use ( number dependent on plan chosen)
  41. 41.  Strong Financial Background.  Diversified Healthcare segments comprising of both forward and reverse integration of business.  Worldwide existence and technical collaboration.  Independent association for Technologies related to cord blood processing ( Lifeforce Cryobanks) and cord tissue processing( Da Vinci Biosciences) .  Processing of cord tissue using PATENTED EXPLANT
  42. 42. • Provision of MSC’s ready to use along with all pretherapy analysis • SEPAX technology for cord blood processing • Double check process for ensuring safety of sample preserved • Public banking operations in India approved by DCGI • Cash Back offer • Free Medical guidance during therapy
  43. 43. Customer Relationship Management • Continuous interaction and updates to clients on advancements in the field of stem cell therapies and organizational aspects. • Dedicated 24X7 toll free assistance • Dedicated mail for any kind of requirements of clients – • Dedicated club for existing customers with special loyalty program in form of Cryoclub which can be reached at
  44. 44. Our Achievements in Customer
  45. 45. Our Service Standards in India
  46. 46. Success
  47. 47. Cryobanks- Cord Blood Retrievals Doctor who did theTherapy details Disease Treated therapy RemarksCB+ BM Therapy6/6 HLA Match of Sibling Thalessimia Dr. Dharma Choudhary Cured DeclaredCB therapy used for AnalogousTransfer 4/6 match Thalassemia Dr. Revathi Cured DeclaredCB + BM therapy used for analogoustransfer 4/6 match Thalassemia Dr. Revathi Cured Declared Under observation perfromed in Jan,2011-CB therapy used for sibling Patient shows recovery post therapy and5/6 match Cerebral Palsy Dr. Anupam Sachdev would be officially declared within 2 monthsCB therapy used for autologoustransplant Thalassemia Dr. Arun last sitting pending received stem cell therapy after the expansion of MNC at NICHI centre in Chennai.CB therapy used for sibling The child had improvement in motor6/6 match Cerebral Palsy Dr. Ranade functions after one month NOTE: Other than these therapies there are 4other thalassemia cases that are done and the patient is under observation so we have not
  48. 48. Cryobanks- MSC’s retrieval RETRIEVALS OF CORD TISSUE Doctor who did theMonth of retrieval Therapy details Disease Treated therapy REMARKS considerable MSCs of preserved development , resultsNov-11 tissue fpr same child Cerebral palsy Dr. B. S Rajput to be declared MSCs of preserved Development in the tissue for grand patient and movementDec, 2012 mother Spinal cord injury Dr. B. S Rajput possible MSCs of preservedFeb, 2012 tissue for sibling Diabetes Dr. Anant Bagul Therapy continuing MSCs of preserved Two sittings done , 4April, 2012 tissue for same child Autism Dr. Himanshu pending first sitting scheduled on 4th oct, 2012 and therapy to continue till MSCs of the preserved march 2013 in multipleSept, 2012 tissue for same child Cerebral Palsy Dr. B. S Rajput sittings
  49. 49. Our Medical Board• Dr. Naresh Trehan• Dr. Mrinalini Chaturvedi• Dr. Phagun Shah• Dr. Anubhav Pandey• Dr. Sonal Sharma• Dr. Ashish Munjal• Dr. Vikas Verma
  50. 50. Clinical conditions supported by Cryobanks Disease Source of stem cellsPeripheral vascular disease Autologous Bone marrowMyocardial Infarction Autologous Bone marrow / Cryopreserved stem cellsCerebral palsy Autologous Bone marrow/ Cryopreserved stem cellsThalassemia Cryopreserved stem cellsDiabetes Mellitus type-1 / 2 Autologous Bone marrow/ Cryopreserved stem cellsSpinal cord injury Autologous Bone marrow/ Cryopreserved stem cellsAplastic anaemia Cryopreserved stem cellsLeukemia Cryopreserved stem cellsAutism Autologous Bone marrow/ Cryopreserved stem cellsDiabetic foot / Ulcers Autologous Bone marrow
  51. 51. Stem cell therapy centers- India Sl No. Hospital Name City Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative 1 Medicine Chennai 2 Sanjay Gandhi PGIMS Lucknow 3 Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai 4 Inlaks Budhrani Hospital Pune 5 Armed Forces Medical College Pune 6 Army R & R Hospital Delhi 7 Christian Medical College Vellore Narayana Hrudayalaya Health 8 City Bangalore 9 Manipal Hospital Bangalore Trinity Hospital & Heart 10 Foundation Bangalore 11 Global Hospital Hyderabad 12 NIMS Hospital Hyderabad 13 TRICell Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd. Chennai 14 Adyar Cancer Institute 15 Apollo hospital Gandhinagar
  52. 52. Stem cell therapy centers- India 16 Apollo Hospital Chennai Chennai 17 Apollo Specialty Hospital Chennai All India Institute of Medical 18 Science (AIIMS) Delhi 19 Apollo Gleneagles Hospital kolkata 20 Fortis Vasant Kunj Noida 21 Fortis Hospital Noida Delhi 22 Moolchand Medcity Delhi 23 Adiva Delhi International Stem Cell 24 Services Limited Bangalore 25 StemOne Biologicals Pvt. Ltd. Pune Chaitanya Stem Therapy 26 Center
  53. 53. Cutting Edge Therapy
  54. 54. Invest for life..!! Gift your child the power of self healing With you always.. Contact us to know more about stem cell banking: 1-800-180-1217 (BSNL) I 1-800-102-2796 (AIRTEL) I +91-9582-2844-44 Head office: 129, Pace City – 1, Sector- 37, Gurgaon -122001, Haryana, India I