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Simple past

  1. 1. SIMPLE PAST : How was your vacation? Unit 9 1.Affirmative Form
  2. 2. Affirmative Form  To form the past in English you add ED or D to the verb. Ex: play – played. love – loved. The verbs that make the past with D or ED are called “regular verbs”.
  3. 3. Let’s make sentences!  I play soccer on Sundays.  I played soccer last Sunday at 10:00 a.m.  I walk three kilometers in the morning.  I walked three kilometers yesterday morning
  4. 4. But not all the verbs are REGULAR!  Some of the verbs don’t follow the rule!  Ex: go – went  I go to the gym everyday.  I went to the gym last night.
  5. 5. Look at this list!  See - saw  Be - was / were  Sell - sold  Drink -drank  Take - took  And there are more in your catalog Web!!!
  6. 6. And now the Negative Form  To make the negative form in past simple you need the auxiliar DID plus NOT: didn’t, and the verb goes in the base form.  Example: I played soccer yesterday, I didn’t play basketball.
  7. 7. And the verb to be?  I was in Cartagena, I wasn’t in Santa Marta.  They were my neighbors, they weren’t my friends.
  8. 8. Let’s make sentences!  I didn’t do my English homework.  She didn’t study for the quiz.  They didn’t go to the concert.  My father didn’t work yesterday.  Charlie didn’t sell his house  I didn’t know what to do in class!
  9. 9. Interrogative Form  She went to the gym last night.  Did she go to the gym last night?  Yes, she did / No, she didn’t  Yes! You need the auxiliar DID.  But the verb TO BE: noooo!  Was she in the park? No she wasn’t
  10. 10. Let’s go over! She went to the movies with Mario yesterday. She didn’t go to the theater. Did she go there with Peter too? They played soccer yesterday. They didn’t play basketball. When did the play? Did they play all afternoon?
  11. 11. Let’s go over! He was with my sister in the park. He wasn’t with your brother. Was he with Laura too? Why was he with my sister?
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