Chef’s Table Lean Startup Conference


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Presentation to the Lean Startup Conference by Mark Abramson, winner of the Lean Startup Machine SF competition. See how we generated $4,500 in 90 minutes after 5 pivots using lean startup methods we learned during LSM.

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Chef’s Table Lean Startup Conference

  1. Chef’s TableA year of unforgettable food experiences Mark Abramson @mark_ _a
  2. @mark_ _a Restaurant Owners > 20 employees 10 Experiments SF Health tax calc is hard 5 PivotsOwners Restaurant will CalculationcalculateHSFGM / 48 hours is hard pay to ease No existing calculation solutions inOwner marketavailable Pain is widespread
  4. RestoTax.com0 of 7 experience pain send to accountant PIVOT (4 hours)
  5. RestoTax.comReached 3 of 40 accountants called 0 out of 3 calculate HSF tax Inconclusive / Unsexy PIVOT (3 hours)
  6. Happy Happy Hour Hour
  7. Happy Happy Hour Hour0 of 6 want more HH patrons No pain PIVOT (2 hours)
  8. PatronCalc
  9. PatronCalc 0 of 8HEAD SHAKING PIVOT(20 minutes)
  10. FoodRightNow
  11. FoodRightNow Awesome idea!Groupon + $MM VC’s doing it PIVOT (30 minutes)
  12. WE ARE LEAN WE ARE FASTOUR IDEAS SUCK (late Saturday night)
  13. Chef’s Table6 bi-monthly events in 2013 SF’s top restaurants Exclusive seasonal menu Personal time w/ chef Signed menu + prep notes
  14. Chef’s Table Can we getfrom foodies?
  15. “Thanks for posting that chefstable on Facebook. Getting it for my gf for Xmas…”
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