Axess1 pr powerpoint with vawt video 6 9-13


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Axess1 pr powerpoint with vawt video 6 9-13

  1. 1. Who we areWhat we doAxess1 is a multifaceted technology firm providing turnkey sustainabilitysolutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applicationsEnergy ConservationSmart GridIntegrationSecuritySolutionsEnergyProduction
  2. 2. LED LightingPower ConditioningHVAC EfficiencyMagnetizerBuilding AutomationEnergy ReductionOur DeviceLevelTechnology providesup to 30-50% costreductionPhase I
  3. 3. LED LightingUp to 100,000 hour lifespanUp to 80% costreduction
  4. 4. PowerConditioning
  5. 5. PowerConditioningReduce kWdemand andkWhconsumption
  6. 6. HVAC EfficiencyTowerMate’s proprietaryelectrodes andmagnetizers removescale and harmful bacteriafrom the chiller system.The outcome is reducedblow-down and costlymaintenanceTowerMate is a non-chemical systemfor Cooling Towers
  7. 7. HVAC EfficiencyEvaporMate is our Misting Systemfor AC Condenser UnitsThe system works by cooling the air around the ACunit with a super fine mist. This mist evaporatesinstantly, significantly cooling the ambient airtemperature around the unit (up to 30ºF). Thisallows the condenser and AC coils to transfer heatmuch more efficiently:- Head pressure and amperage draw are reduced- Output temperature is reduced-“Time-on” cycles are reduced- Energy consumption is reduced-Coefficient of performance (COP)is increased- Life of condenser is extended
  8. 8. MagnetizerNaturally softenswaterEliminates corrosionExcites the electrons inthe fuel, increasing theoxygen bonding andultimately createsgreater combustiblegas. Also works toimprove refrigerantperformance.Reduces Emmissionsand can increasevehicle fuel mileage byup to 2 MPG.
  9. 9. Building Automation allows forcomplete facility control andanalysis
  10. 10. Energy ProductionVertical Axis Wind TurbinesPhotovoltaic Solar PanelsPhase IIDistributed Generation canproduce from 30 to 100% ofyour electrical needs
  11. 11. Vertical Axis Wind TurbinesCan generateup to 10,000watts
  12. 12. Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
  13. 13. Vertical Axis Wind TurbinesCan powerStreet Lightingtogether withSolar Modules
  14. 14. Vertical Axis Wind TurbinesVideo
  15. 15. Photovoltaic Solar PanelsWarrantyup to 30yearsPrecision made high quality hardwaredesigned to withstand Puerto Rico’sclimate
  16. 16. Photovoltaic Solar PanelsWarrantyup to 30yearsPrecision made high quality hardwaredesigned to withstand Puerto Rico’sclimate
  17. 17. Smart Grid TechnologyPower Line CommunicationSecurity CamerasSmart MetersWater, ElectricityMunicipal Wi-Fi
  18. 18. Power Line CommunicationRemotelycontrolandmonitor avariety ofapplicationsSmart Grid Technologya communication technology thatenables sending data over existingpower cables
  19. 19. Smart Grid TechnologyPower Line Communication
  20. 20. Smart Grid TechnologyPower Line Communication
  21. 21. Smart Grid TechnologyPower Line CommunicationSecurity Cameras
  22. 22. Municipal Wi-FiEnable thecommunity toconnect toprepaid Wi-FiSmart Grid Technology
  23. 23. SMART METERSARE HERE…Smart Grid TechnologySmart Meters
  24. 24. Smart Grid TechnologySmart MetersResidential
  25. 25. Smart Grid TechnologySmart MeterSoftware Apps.
  26. 26. Smart Grid TechnologySmart MetersIndustrial & Commercial
  27. 27. Smart Grid TechnologySmartMetersWater
  28. 28. SmartMetersSmart MetersElectricitySmart Grid Technology
  29. 29. Step IConsultation• Performs initial site overview• Discusses your needs and requirements• Issues an Audit Inspection form to review andsign• Receive utility bills and depositSales Representative
  30. 30. Step IIComplete Facility Audit•Utility bills• Kilowatt Consumption• Fuel Charge Adjustment• Kilowatt Demand• Power Factor Penalty• Historical energy usageAxess1’s Leed certified engineers analyze yourfacility’s:•Equipment• Lighting• HVAC• Motors/pumps• Boilers• Coolers
  31. 31. Step IIIProject Install• Our engineers will be on-site throughoutthe entire installation process• We comply with all building code andsafety standards• Will train your staff on the equipment• Provide total assistance for the life of theproduct