Social Networking sites for Marketing


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Social Networking sites for Marketing

  1. 1. Presentation on Different Social Networking sites
  2. 2. Introduction to FACEBOOK Business account A guide for Facebook business account
  3. 3. How to create…• FB Business Account (For Wall)• FB Post Promotions (Paid/Unpaid)• FB Ad Campaigns• FB Apps Feature• FB Group Feature• FB Company Page• FB Survey/Poll• FB Poke• FB Insights
  4. 4. FB Business Account (For Wall)• You may create a corporate account if you don’t already have a standard Facebook account. (• You will not be able add any other applications to your business account.
  5. 5. FB Post Promotions (Paid/Unpaid)• Highlighting post is unpaid post promotion on Facebook page.• Promoting a post will create a sponsored story or ad that enables the post to reach more of the Page’s fans.
  6. 6. FB Ad Campaigns• Create an Ad (• Pick Your Budget• Make your bid• PPC or PPI As you can see, Facebook gives you plenty of ways to customize your campaign.
  7. 7. FB Apps Feature• You can find Facebook features and Platform applications in the left navigation menu on the home page.
  8. 8. Applications Developed by Facebook• Photos application• Video application• Groups application• Events application
  9. 9. FB Apps FeatureIf you want to develop any application on Facebook… Go to the Facebook developer application, by clicking create new app icon, you will get started to new application. (
  10. 10. FB Group FeatureGroup is for limited audience, when you want to share information with small groupand not with everybody on fan page. Example: SMIT Group ( present Facebook is giving open, secret and close categories for groups.After giving name of the group and adding members, you have to select icon from thegiven list for your group and its done.
  11. 11. FB Company PageCreating a page on Facebook for particular company is called Company Page. ( have to select from given 6 broad categories.• Provide the basic information and customize your page.
  12. 12. FB Survey/PollPost update option gives option to create poll.• You can add your questions and options.• Publish your question.
  13. 13. FB PokeA poke is basically someone trying to get your attention.It is more like to display the need feed from the person whom you have poked.
  14. 14. FB Insights
  15. 15. How Facebook is effective for marketing?With 901 million users Facebook can –• Build Awareness• Distribute Information• Create Community• Offer Additional Customer Service• Boost Sales
  16. 16. Case The flower company used Facebook ads to give fans 15% their purchase and 50 Facebook Credits to be used on Facebook Games.
  17. 17. Facebook Glossary (for Page)• Admin• Applications• Cause• Community Pages• Facebook Ads• Fan• Insights• Limited Profile• Page• Network• Notifications• Poke• Event• Like• Message• News Feed• Notes• Profile• Share (Post)• Status• Tag• Wall
  18. 18. Facebook Glossary• Network• Notifications• Poke• Event• Like• Message• News Feed• Notes• Profile• Share (Post)• Status• Tag• Wall
  19. 19. Introduction to Google+ Business account A guide for Google+ Business account
  20. 20. How to create business page on Google• You can create Google plus account from your Google account. Or• You can create one (• Customize your Public Profile.• Promote your page.• Example: Nissan (
  21. 21. How Google plus is effective for marketing?With 250+ million users Google Plus can –• Advertise your new product.• Divide one image into five parts.• Showcase your entire team.• Offer promotional codes.• Showcase testimonials from others.
  22. 22. Case StudyNick Strocchi Photography 522/posts
  23. 23. Google+ Glossary• Circles• Following• Hangout• Huddle• Incoming• Lightbox• Posts• Sparks• Stream
  24. 24. Introduction to LINKEDIN Business account A guide for LINKEDIN Business account
  25. 25. • LI Network Building• LI Survey/Poll• LI Answers• LI Company Page
  26. 26. • Create and complete your LinkedIn profile. ( )• Schedule regular updates for your profile.• Connect to as many peers as possible.• Join all of the groups that relate to your profession.
  27. 27. LinkedIn has its own add-on application called"LinkedIn Polls". (
  28. 28. • Answer is forum in LinkedIn that allows you to ask question and will get fast, accurate answers from your network and other experts worldwide.• You can also ask question privately that will not appear on the site, and is instead delivered as a message to the specific connections you chose.
  29. 29. • The company page can be used to build business connections, to post jobs, and as a research tool to find out about someone before you do business with them / employ them / start work for them.• To Create company page, go to the profile and click on companies. On the right hand side navigation you will find create/add a company option.
  30. 30. LinkedIn is world’s largest professional network.150 million users worldwide.• To Build business connections• Can Create Group• Group Discussion• Answer• LinkedIn makes it much FASTER, CHEAPER and EASIER to find and communicate with exactly the right people.
  31. 31. Cathy Pacific Airways
  32. 32. • Connection• Experience• First Degree Connection• Professional Network• Profile• Recommendation• Second Degree Connection• Specialties• Summary
  33. 33. Introduction to TWITTER Business account A guide for TWITTER Business account
  34. 34. How to do…• Tweet Promotions• Building Follower Network• Handle• Expandable Tweets
  35. 35. How to use Twitter account for Business?• Visit and click on click the big “Sign Up” button (• Tweet Promotions• Building Follower Network
  36. 36. What is Tweet Promotion on Twitter?• Promoted Tweets is ad platform on twitter.• You can start advertising on twitter with this link… (• Promoted Tweets are priced on a Cost-per- Engagement (CPE)
  37. 37. How to Build Follower Network on Twitter?You find your friends and colleagues, you findpeople who are interested in what you have tosay, and after a while, you eventually build anetwork of people who are truly interested inwhat you do.
  38. 38. What is Handle on Twitter?• Twitter handle is username and displayed in the profile url.
  39. 39. What is Expandable tweets on Twitter?Giving more than 140 characters Expandable tweets on twitter will enable users to see previews depending on the typeof content in a tweet.
  40. 40. Twitter Applications• Tweet Deck• Future Tweets• Twitter Search
  41. 41. How Twitter is effective for marketing?With 500 Million users Twitter can –• Build brand awareness• Spread the latest news about the company• Have new blog post to tell others• Know who are talking about your company
  42. 42. Case StudyFaaso’sThey are accepting orders through twitters andconfirm on twitter.
  43. 43. Twitter GlossaryDirect Message (DM)FollowerFollowingHashtag (#)ListMentionRetweetTimelineTweetTwitpic
  44. 44. Introduction to YOUTUBE Business account A guide for YOUTUBE Business account
  45. 45. How to do…• YT Video Posting & Promotions• YT Channel Development
  46. 46. How to create YouTube account?• With Google account you can access YouTube account.• After signing you can create channel from the right navigation menu option.
  47. 47. How to develop Channel on YouTube? From your profile page you can create channel in YouTube.• Update your Profile• Have channel information setup• Customize your channel• Channel title and tags• Themes and Colors• Modules• Latest video
  48. 48. YouTube Video Posting & Promotions• Posting on YouTube is uploading video.• YouTube have option to auto share on Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader, even you can add your blog on it.• Placing videos on social network site is the best way to promote them virtually.
  49. 49. How YouTube is effective for marketing?• Great way for SEO.• Portable videos- you can carry your videos anywhere.
  50. 50. Case StudyThe Hero Moto Corp Hum Mein Hai Hero .
  51. 51. YouTube Glossary• Channel• Modules• Playlist• Recommendation• Spotlight• Subscriber• Subscription• Trends
  52. 52. Introduction to Pinterest Business account A guide for Pinterest Business account
  53. 53. How to create Pinterest Account for business• Pinterest does have a lot of potential for marketing a business.• With Facebook or Twitter’s account you can login to Pinterest account.• Launch a pin theme and make pin boards.
  54. 54. How Pinterest is effective for marketing?• Show visuals like info graphics and data charts.• Ebook, ecovers.
  55. 55. Case StudyWhole Foods Market
  56. 56. Pinterest Glossary• Pins• Boards• Repin• Like• Pinner• Follow a pinner• Mention a pinner
  57. 57. Introduction to Flickr Business account A guide for Flickr Business account
  58. 58. How to Flickr account?• You can sign in to Flickr account from your yahoo maid ID.• You can also sign in to Flickr from Facebook or Google account.
  59. 59. How Flickr is effective for marketing? With 131 million users, Flickr can –• Advertise your company, products, services, etc.• Find and join appropriate groups and share your photos in those groups.• Link prominently from your web site to your Flickr photo stream.• You can also upload videos.
  60. 60. Flickr Glossary• Favorites• Archives• Explore Analog• Flickr Clock• Gallery• Group• Map• Photo stream• Set• Stats• Tag• The Commons
  61. 61. Introduction to SlideShare Business account A guide for SlideShare Business account
  62. 62. How to create SlideShare for business account?Sign up for SlideShare to start with(
  63. 63. SlideShare platform for Document Sharing/MarketingWith SlideShare you can make connections, increasethe reach of your presentations, view presentationsyou didn’t have the opportunity to attend, andmarket your work on the Internet utilizing inventive,interactive solutions.
  64. 64. How SlideShare is effective for Marketing?With 74 million users SlideShare can organize -• Webinars• Online Presentations
  65. 65. Case StudyNASA
  66. 66. SlideShare Glossary• Channel• Favorites• Featured• Follower• Following• Upload• Zip cast