Automated parking system EITO & Global and Mark 2 2010


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Automatic Car Parking. See more on: or .
With a concept of "making an environment, scenery, and human friendly parking system", Eito & Global Inc. has been internationally distributing the next generation parking system, "Round Automated Parking System", which features good land efficiency and low cost compared with conventional underground parking systems where drivers park by themselves. Eito & Global Inc. succeeded in making "Under Ground Round-Automated Parking" by prefabricated caisson method for the first time in the world and we, Mark 2, are their contracted partner. Regards from Mario Bozikovic, the owner of Mark 2.

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Automated parking system EITO & Global and Mark 2 2010

  1. 1. <ul><li>Round Type </li></ul><ul><li>Automated Parking System </li></ul>Presentation of the, Presentation 2008,Feb : English ver. 28p “ Revolution System”
  2. 2. Proposal of very profitable business ★ This parking business is a very profitable business with high investment efficiency with low running cost ! ★ Would you become an owner of a Round Type Mechanical Parking System ? < For owner of idle land this business is a growth business to utilize it most efficiently. > The parking business tends to be regarded as an simple way of land use, but our system has many merits of differentiate from other ordinal ones. It gives customers better service by “manned operation” and minimizes the period of vacancy “by high efficient management. Round type mechanical parking system of Eito & Global Co.,Ltd holds down the initial investment and realizes the “low risk but high return business” by upgrading the management efficiency. To those who have idle lands, we would like to recommend truly for your consideration to introduce our parking system business. < Four big merits of the round type mechanical parking system > 1. You can start the business with small land space ! 250 square meter land space at minimum is enough to construct the parking lot. Small idle land or existing parking lot with no roof can be utilized very effectively. Turn over of initial investment is expected in a short term. 2. This round type mechanical Parking business can be a high efficiency investment project ! We had satisfactory cases in which owner recovered the initial investment in about three years. In addition, cash income relieve you from risk of bad debt. 3. Running cost is low ! Running cost is kept low as this system needs only a few part-time workers to operate. Of course, we are ready to do a practical instruction about employees‘ know-how and experience of the management as well as teaching those workers. 4. Only three months is needed after signing of a contract to build ! In most cases, you can start the parking management as this parking system can be built in about three months after signing a contract. So, you can recover the investment amount in early stage of the business.
  3. 3. System Outline <ul><li>This device is an elevator machine that automatically stores the car. </li></ul><ul><li>To use narrow land effectively, the number of storage of the car is increased. </li></ul><ul><li>It can accommodate 10 vehicles in the circle of each floor. </li></ul>
  4. 4. System Outline <ul><li>It can accommodate 40 vehicles if becoming the 4th floor. </li></ul><ul><li>80 vehicles can be stored if becoming the 8th floor. </li></ul><ul><li>The area that is necessary is about 250 square meters. (It is an area of the circle of 18 meters in the diameter.) </li></ul>40 vehicles 80 vehicles 18m
  5. 5. TITLE : Proposal for CAR DEALER, in SUDAN (u/n: under negotiations) MACHINE SPEC : Circle type Mechanical Parking System : GPCK1-60 PROPERTY OF EITO&Global, Fukui JAPAN
  6. 6. TITLE : Proposal for FUKUI city Municipality in FUKUI,JAPAN (u/n: under negotiations) MACHINE SPEC : Under Ground Type : GPCK1-60 PROPERTY OF EITO&Global, Fukui JAPAN
  7. 7. TITLE : Proposal for Municipality /In the Observation Building/ in RUSSIA (u/n: under negotiations) MACHINE SPEC : Circle type Mechanical Parking System : GPCK1-70 PROPERTY OF EITO&Global, Fukui JAPAN
  8. 8. TITLE : Proposal for CASE of “Aluminum Fence” version. MACHINE SPEC : Circle type Mechanical Parking System : GPCK1-60 PROPERTY OF EITO&Global, Fukui JAPAN
  9. 9. TITLE : Proposal for Academy in SAITAMA,JAPAN (u/n: under negotiations) MACHINE SPEC : Circle type Mechanical Parking System : GPCK1-40 PROPERTY OF EITO&Global, Fukui JAPAN
  10. 10. PROPERTY OF EITO&Global, Fukui JAPAN Total Capacity: (60-4)×2=112cars
  11. 11. PROPERTY OF EITO&Global, Fukui JAPAN Total Capacity: (80-4)×10=760cars 100m 48m
  12. 12. PROPERTY OF EITO&Global, Fukui JAPAN Total Capacity: (80-4)×10=760cars 100m 48m < The outline of the capacity > ・ As per one round parking equipment, about 40 cars can be parked per hour provided that the loading time is 1.5-minute (90seconds)  on average. ・ In case of setting 10 equipments, the total capacity will be 400cars per hour. ・ Accommodation capacity of 400 cars per hour means it takes only 9 seconds for a car to load in.  (calculating formula : 3600seconds ÷ 400cars = 9seconds.) ・ It can be expressed that this system “swallows” cars at a speed of 9 seconds per car . There may be some other or even better equipment in terms of only cycle time, but our parking system features as follows: ・ The location of entrance and exit is flexibly determined taking the car flow line into the consideration. ・ Repeated production of the same kind of elevator saves the cost. (* It is very important thing when the parking maker to save the cost to construct of this kind project !) ・ Round type is excellent in design and has wide range of application for conspicuous media advertisements.
  13. 13. PROPERTY OF EITO&Global, Fukui JAPAN 12000 Total Capacity: 6×8Floor=48cars 18000
  14. 14. PROPERTY OF EITO&Global, Fukui JAPAN 8000 Total Capacity: 4×12Floor=48cars 装置レイアウト自由度の優位性: ・間口が約 8 M あれば4間口タイプ にて設置が可能。 (*1階において真正面からの入庫(出庫)も可能です。) ・この間口が日本では一般的なタワータイプと同様になります。(奥行きはそれに比べ長くなりますが) ・入庫口、出庫口のレイアウトが自由に設定できる。 ・この場合でも中心部エレベーター装置(輸出部分)は規格タイプで対応可であり、余分な開発コストがかからない。 18000
  15. 15. The structure in the underground is made a base. The office building of a small-scale type can be constructed.
  16. 16. It uses between the side walk and the vehicle road. The underpass road is unnecessary. Therefore, the cost can be constructed in the minimum. < Central urban area parking plan > ・ In the center of a city where buildings have already been built, it is impossible to construct an underground parking lot under such buildings. ・ Compared with the conventional construction method of the underground parking lot where drivers park their cars by themselves carrying cars through underpass, to construct our system causes no traffic disruption around the construction site. ・ Our parking system enables you to utilize a space between already-built buildings (which cannot be demolished) and roads. ・ This system keeps drivers away from danger caused by entering (dangerous) underground parking site. Building a parking lot close to the destination at such low cost will be realized, with ease like you build a prefabricated building.
  17. 17. Anchor hole grinding : アンカー孔削孔作業全景
  18. 18. Sink inside(the third ring) : 沈設中( 3 リング目)
  19. 19. Iron frame pillar Built : 鉄骨柱の建込
  20. 20. Installation of palette : 駐車パレットの設置
  21. 21. Strage the Palette : パレット引込中
  22. 22. Finished parking (30Accommodations):  駐車完了( 30 台駐車可能)
  23. 23. Elevator Slide Mechanical Parking Palette less type
  24. 24. Turn Table Two-Three Layered Mechanical Parking
  25. 25. 2 Steps Parking
  26. 26. Graveyard Automation Machine
  27. 27. Roll Stocker System