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Planning Institute of Australia NSW Keynote Presentation

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Collaborating with the Crowd: Online Planning & Consultation ...

Collaborating with the Crowd: Online Planning & Consultation
Dr Mark Elliott, Director, Collabforge

“Social media”, “online collaboration and consultation”, “government 2.0” - these disruptive trends are changing and challenging the landscape of business as usual consultation and planning practice. What’s all the noise about and what are the opportunities? New online tools and approaches are introducing a new reality, one where complex tasks such as writing an encyclopaedia or engaging an entire metropolis in public policy development can be “crowd-sourced” through online participation.

These new approaches not only afford for broader engagement and extended audience reach, but they also lead to better outcomes through tapping collective intelligence and increasing shared ownership and buy-in. This session will showcase a range of successful Gov 2.0 initiatives such as the City of Melbourne’s Future Melbourne (‘The city plan anyone can edit’) and wePlan Parks Victoria (‘Help guide the future of Victoria’s Parks’), with a focus on introducing you to the key opportunities and considerations.

Keynote presentation delivered at: Planning Institute of Australia NSW State Conference 2011, September 2011, Wollongong

More in: Technology , Education
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  • 1. Collaborating with the Crowd Online Planning & Consultation @MarkElliott
  • 2. F or ent ernm G ovCollaboration strategyOnline community buildingSocial media & Web 2.0
  • 3. collabforge
  • 4. What is social media? User-generated content A two-way conversation An ongoing relationship Collabforge
  • 5. Your very own audience
  • 6. Momentum
  • 7. What 10 years of Appledid to its main product
  • 8. Smaller, faster, cheaper...and doubling every 18 months
  • 9. We need to do something in this space but we’re not sure what!
  • 10. Collabforge Gov 2.0Government Social Technologies
  • 11. THEME: bo rat io n Co lla
  • 12. The city plan e can e d it .. that a nyon Collabforge
  • 13.
  • 14. World’s 1st collaborative city plan Public add, edit, delete content 24/7 City planners collaborating with the Not a single instance of spam, or offensive contribution
  • 15. A Wiki is a webpage anyone can edit
  • 16. Simply type and save!
  • 17. Easily track each edit 19
  • 18. Contributions from around the world
  • 19. Extraordinary detail
  • 20. Positive Sentiment “Could this be the beginning of participatory governance?”“Kudos City of Melbourne! ... be sure to have your say on this excellent site!““Its not hard to imagine why Melbourne has a reputation as a vibrant and progressive city”
  • 21. Post-implementation Review ...available at 4. Conclusion The following points represent the final conclusions reached not be taken as a final guideline as to what should or should regarding the implementation of the Future Melbourne wiki. not be adopted. Was the City of Melbourne successful in the implementation of a wiki platform for public 1. City of Melbourne Guide To Collaborative consultation? Consultation (Internal & External Recommendation) Yes, in the opinion of the reviewers it was. That is not to say Such a guide should provide an organisation-wide approach it was without challenges. These challenges centred primarily and understanding of online consultation, helping to unify its on the collaborative process (as opposed to the conceptualisation, approach, process, practices and technology), indicating a need for further development of evaluation. The guide should aim to integrate key learnings support processes, as well as collaborative capacity building from the Future Melbourne initiative and draw on the within the organisation. The recommendations of greatest experience and knowledge of those who were involved. This importance in this regard are: guide would provide the opportunity to determine ahead of • City of Melbourne Guide to Collaborative Consultation time many of the challenges that are faced during initiatives such as Future Melbourne, as well as managing and informing • An Organisation-wide Mandate for Collaboration the expectations and understandings of those considering • Explore Opportunities for Further Implementation of participation (i.e. public participants as well as external Collaborative Online Consultation stakeholders). Are wikis a viable platform for public consultation that should be further explored? 2. An Organisation-wide Mandate for Collaboration (Internal Recommendation) Yes, in the opinion of the reviewers they are. The great majority of those interviewed (internal and public Develop a mandate and associated action plan that outlines participants) agree on this point, while the local and the collaborative values, skills and outcomes desired by the international interest and participation confirm many City of Melbourne, independent of process, technology or benefits. The recommendations of greatest importance in work area. Work towards the implementation of such a plan this regard are: across the organisation, customised for the specific needs, orientations, and outcomes of individual departments and • Explore Opportunities for Further Implementation of initiatives. Collaborative Online Consultation • Explore the Opportunities for Development of a City of 3. Innovative & Integrated ICT Change Melbourne Community Engagement Platform Management (Internal Recommendation) • Maintain Visibility of & Promote the Future Melbourne Experience Develop and implement an innovative change management program that supports the ongoing and sustainable adoption and integration of new technologies and process Summary of Recommendations The following is a summary of recommendations so far 4. Explore Opportunities for Further referred to within this post-implementation review. They Implementation of Collaborative Online have been ordered by their perceived importance for: Consultation (External Recommendation) a) The ongoing success of the City of Melbournes online Explore and implement future initiatives that employ public consultation. collaborative ICT (increasingly called web 2.0 or social b) The internal integration of collaborative technologies. media) as a means to engage the local and global public, as However, as the recommendations have been developed in well as sourcing ideas and information from the global order to support and synergise with one another (especially problem and solution domain. Collaborative ICT and social across the internal/external boundaries) the ordering should media-oriented channels can also be employed to engage the Collabforge
  • 22. Policy Development: Help
  • 23.   Guide
  • 24.   the
  • 25.   Future
  • 26.   of
  • 27.   Victoria’s
  • 28.   Parks
  • 29.
  • 30. Organisation-wide approach Challenging the tyranny of Preserves online community between projects
  • 31. SpotlightedPeopleplanningparks DPC/100605Authorised by the Victorian Government, MelbourneIf you would like to receive this publication in an accessibleformat, such as large print or audio, please telephone9651 5814 (TTY), 9651 5135 or email document is also available in an accessible format onthe Internet at 978-1-921697-92-0
  • 32. The bicycle plan nyon e
  • 33.   can
  • 34.   edit! ..t hat
  • 35.   a
  • 36. Collaborative bicycle & pedestrian planning Entire Southern California Region 20 million residents Next stage: California Transport
  • 37. THEME: Consultation & Communications
  • 38. 
  • 39.   emergenc y
  • 40.   services
  • 41.    volunteersH elp
  • 42.   thank Collabforge
  • 43. Over 15,000 Facebook
  • 44. User content driving community awareness toshop when I got“I took this during the Black Saturday campaign & edited it in pho ever strike team.”home, the young man in question is from my Reg ion & on his second
  • 45. “Seymour SE S Units PrimaryRescue Ve hicle - RESCUE 1”
  • 46. Collabforge
  • 47. CommunityGovernance Collabforge
  • 48. THEME: Disruptive Innovation
  • 49. Online community forWorld Heritage in the Pacific
  • 50. Applications! Collabforge
  • 51. FireReady For
  • 52. ScopingProgram Collabforge
  • 53. Rathdowne St, Carlton03 9663 7310