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Twitter for Small Business
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Twitter for Small Business


Some ideas I shared with a friend who asked me what I thought of using Twitter to support small business marketing.

Some ideas I shared with a friend who asked me what I thought of using Twitter to support small business marketing.

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Twitter for small business Mark Drechsler@markdrechsler www.markdrechsler.com
  • 2. I‟ve got a friend called Greg. Greg runs a small business.@markdrechsler www.markdrechsler.com
  • 3. The business already has:  Good products & services  A clearly articulated target market  Good existing customer base  Lots of work from word-of-mouth referrals@markdrechsler www.markdrechsler.com
  • 4. But can social media tools like Twitter help Greg‟s business go from good to great?@markdrechsler www.markdrechsler.com
  • 5. Greg‟s coming over in 15…@markdrechsler www.markdrechsler.com
  • 6. Quick – what are the five most valuable Twitter tips I can give him from my experience?@markdrechsler www.markdrechsler.com
  • 7. Note:  I am a  Regular Twitter user  Learning technology guy  Former mathematician  I am not a  Marketing expert  Social media expert  Social media marketing expert  (in fact, hearing that last term tends to make me go a little stabby…)@markdrechsler www.markdrechsler.com
  • 8. So…  Here are my six,  Unprofessional,  Gut feel only,  Not in any way guaranteed,  Tips on how I‟d use Twitter to help market a small business.@markdrechsler www.markdrechsler.com
  • 9. Tip 1: Search. Follow.  Think about your target market (location, industry, interest, whatever).  Search (using hashtags or just regular words) for people who might meet those criteria, and follow them, then listen to what they have to say.  Don‟t worry if people don‟t follow you back – this isn‟t a race.  Find your existing clients on Twitter. Follow them. Mention them. Share the love.@markdrechsler www.markdrechsler.com
  • 10. Tip 2: Share.  Share samples of your product or service, with pictures, in your tweets. You might only have a few followers, but it only takes a few “retweets” of something impressive to get the message out.  Share where you‟re going to be (including your clients‟ Twitter usernames if appropriate), what promotions are coming up, what new things you‟re working on.  Be yourself. Don‟t write like a marketing bot, just tell people what you‟re up to.@markdrechsler www.markdrechsler.com
  • 11. Tip 3: Ask.  Want to float an idea about a new product or service? Ask the Twitterverse.  Want to find out what your clients think of your existing products or services? Ask the Twitterverse.  Want to find out something completely non-work related? Ask the Twitterverse – you might be surprised at the responses you‟ll get.@markdrechsler www.markdrechsler.com
  • 12. Tip 4: Watch.  Watch for mentions of your business name.  Respond quickly and openly to questions, comments or criticism.  Like in real life, negative feedback should be seen as a chance to improve. Twitter lets people complain far quicker and louder than in „traditional‟ methods. It also lets you solve their problem far quicker – or at least tell them (and your other followers) that you‟re working on it.@markdrechsler www.markdrechsler.com
  • 13. Tip 5: Don‟t spam. Ever.  Randomly bombarding potential clients with information is about as effective as every other kind of spam – and just as popular.  Don‟t “hijack” a hashtag if it bears no relation to the product or service you‟re trying to market.  Remember: Twitter has a “block” feature, and people will use it.@markdrechsler www.markdrechsler.com
  • 14. Tip 6: Be patient  Like most forms of marketing, this will take time.  Trying to force the issue won‟t help (see Tip 5).  Ask first what you can contribute to the community, the rest will take care of itself.@markdrechsler www.markdrechsler.com
  • 15. One final thought…  Twitter is a community of people. Real people. Not sales opportunities. Treat them as you would treat your neighbours. You‟ll be amazed, over time, at the people you‟ll meet.@markdrechsler www.markdrechsler.com
  • 16. PS…  If all this sounded like complete jargon, then presentations like this one (by Ahuvah Berger, or @ahoova on Twitter) might help to get you started: http://www.slideshare.net/israluv/twitter-for-beginners-1990810@markdrechsler www.markdrechsler.com