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Daves moodle 2 file adventures - Part 2






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    Daves moodle 2 file adventures - Part 2 Daves moodle 2 file adventures - Part 2 Presentation Transcript

    • Dave’s Moodle 2.0 Files AdventurePart 2.0
      Mark Drechsler
    • Yo Moodle!
    • Morning Dave.
    • Lets talk files again. Impress me.
    • Well, my first Release Candidate version came out a while ago. I must have missed your congratulatory card.
    • Uh huh, great, now back your files area…
    • You know it was kind of a big deal for me hitting Release Candidate status.
    • Perhaps if you were less fixated on files and took more of an interest in other things about me we might get along better.
    • Can we just get back to files please? I really need this sorted.
    • Fine.
    • So have you got yourself sorted yet and given me back my old Course Files area?
    • I’m not the one that needs ‘sorting’ Dave. The Course Files area was a bad idea and you know it.
    • Just answer the question – have I got it back or not?
    • *sigh*
    • Yes Dave – see http://docs.moodle.org/en/Course_files
    • Woohoo! Good old days, here I come!
    • But Dave, it will introduce most of the old problems we had with doing things this way.
    • I don’t care.
    • It will mean your course backups could balloon in size.
    • I don’t care.
    • If you delete a file then all the links to it will break.
    • I don’t care.
    • It won’t be secure – anyone enrolled in the course will be able to access the files.
    • I don’t care.
    • It might cause a whole bunch of other problems I haven’t even thought of yet.
    • Moodle why are you being so difficult about this?
    • Because it’s a bad practice to manage files like this in the LMS, end of story. You should be using a LCMS instead to manage content.
    • But I’ve always done it this way – why should I be the one forced to change?
    • Dave, remember when we first met back in 2000, when I was but a few lines of pre-alpha code?
    • That was a beautiful summer wasn’t it…
    • Focus Dave.
      Remember how you used to use the CD tray on your old Pentium III desktop as a cup holder?
    • Ah yes, they were dang near unbreakable those trays – hold a full cup of coffee no troubles.
    • And can you remember what happened when you upgraded to a newer, less sturdy unit a few years later?
    • I’d rather not talk about it Moodle.
    • You kept doing it, and the tray broke, didn’t it Dave.
    • Well yes, but that was my fault because I was using it for something I shouldn’t have been…
    • … oh.
    • Just switch the damn thing on.
    • Fine.
    • There – its on. Do your worst.
      God, I feel so dirty…
    • Alrighty then! Now this is getting back towards what I’m used to!
    • Love the fact that once again I have a place where I can upload my files before I use them.
    • Love the fact that I can browse from the HTML editor and either copy or link to the file.
    • Love the fact that if I link to the file then I can update it once and have that reflected in many places – much easier.
    • But there’s one small problem:
    • If I browse to ‘Legacy Course Files’ when linking from the HTML editor I can either link or copy…
    • …but if I use ‘File’ from the ‘Add a resource’ drop down list then I can’t ‘link external’ – what gives?
    • Correct Dave. This is how it has been implemented. Right now that’s how its supposed to work.
    • So the Legacy Course Files repository behaves differently depending on where I access it from.
    • Yes Dave.
    • And the only way I can ‘update once, change everywhere’ is by linking through the HTML editor.
    • Yes Dave.
    • What in the hell were you thinking when you made it work like that Moodle?
    • I’m an inanimate object Dave – I’m not capable of thought, feeling or writing my own code.
    • If I was you I’d say a far more pressing question is why I was arguing with an inanimate piece of software.
    • I could so slap you right now Moodle.
    • How about you treat this as a step in the right direction Dave, rather than giving me so much grief?
    • Not long ago I didn’t have this feature at all.
    • And if you care to read the discussions at http://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-23306then you’ll see that there’s more to come.
    • And don’t forget that you can still hook me up to an external content repository and solve all the problems we’ve been talking about.
    • So how about just a teensy bit of gratitude for getting at least an interim solution in for my big release happening soon – hint hint.
    • I didn’t think inanimate objects had feelings?
    • You’re not helping Dave.
    • Ok ok, I was just messing with you.
      Go on then, dazzle me with new features.
    • Well, my rebuilt Workshop activity is going to provide an awesome tool for self and peer assessment.
    • My improved integration with Mahara is going to make student eportfolio creation and management even easier.
    • My new Course Completion report is going to be great for identifying students at risk as well as student
    • And my Site-wide Groups (called Cohorts) will make bulk enrolments way easier.
    • And that’s just a few – I’ve got plenty more if you’ve got the time to listen...
    • Ok, you’ve made your point – there’s an awful lot to like, and I know we’ll sort this files thing out somehow.
    • Yes we will Dave.
    • I’ll always remember that summer of 2000 Moodle.
    • So will I Dave.