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Eye on the future

  1. 1. Eye on the Future Mark Briggs | The News Tribune Eye on the Future 1
  2. 2. Future Set It’s a mobile, global world ✦ Think globally; report, produce and edit locally ✦ Glimpse emerging interactive/digital trends ✦ Journalism / community / news / information ✦ Eye on the Future 2
  3. 3. Current Audience Trends - All Relationships mySpace.com youtube.com craigsList.com flickr.com Eye on the Future 3
  4. 4. Why is Digital Exploding? Global interconnectedness ✦ Global communication, conversation ✦ Participatory and user generated media ✦ Creating an ongoing conversation around a brand, an idea, a ✦ shared experience -- social capital Mobile reach and experience ✦ Eye on the Future 4
  5. 5. Global Interconnectedness Information/Data Everywhere ✦ Automation of Data Feeds ✦ Multiple Display Points ✦ Multiple Audience/Brand Interaction Points ✦ Eye on the Future 5
  6. 6. Global Communication Global Companies ✦ Global Audiences ✦ Speed of Diffusion ✦ Local Understanding ✦ Eye on the Future 6
  7. 7. User Generated Media “User-generated content (UGC) refers to various ✦ kinds of media content that is produced or primarily influenced by end-users; as opposed to traditional media producers, licensed broadcasters, and production companies” (Wikipedia) YouTube, Flickr, iTunes (podcasts) ✦ MySpace, Bebo, Facebook ✦ For kids: NeoPets, Club Penguin ✦ Eye on the Future 7
  8. 8. Participatory Media 1 10 Media is Everywhere ✦ 1-10-100 Rule* ✦ 100 1 Creator ✦ 10 Synthesizers ✦ 100 Consumers ✦ Fluid changes in media ✦ participation from Creator to Synthesizer to Consumer * via Bradley Horowitz, Yahoo Eye on the Future 8
  9. 9. Core resources If the Internet teaches us anything, it is that great value comes from leaving core resources in a commons, where they're free for people to build upon as they see fit. - Lawrence Lessig Eye on the Future 9
  10. 10. Social Capital “The advantage created by a person’s location ✦ in a structure of relationships” Becoming the “trusted center” and/or ✦ becoming allied to the “trusted center” through digital communication Leveraging networks to build the brand ✦ Trust guides - the importance of transparency ✦ Eye on the Future 10
  11. 11. Beyond Storytelling Explain Experience Inform Engage Episodic Encyclopedic Text Sound / image Read it Play it Column Creative design Eye on the Future 11
  12. 12. The Five Cs Communication ✦ Competition ✦ Collaboration ✦ Creativity ✦ We are all astronauts. - R. Buckminster Fuller Celebrity Operation Manual for Spaceship Earth ✦ Eye on the Future 12
  13. 13. ~1,000,000,000 phones sold ✦ in 2006 (USB-Warburg) 2.6 billion phone subscribers in ✦ 2006 (Portio Research) The Mobile World 233 million subscribers in US ✦ in 2006 (CTIA) Global Mobile Data 10.5% wireless-only ✦ ✦ households in US in 2006 (CTIA) Common Touch Point ✦ 158 billion messages sent in ✦ Utility of Applications ✦ US in 2006 (CTIA) Ongoing Conversation ✦ Copyright 2007, Apple, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Eye on the Future 13
  14. 14. Knowledge Survey A short survey to understand the overall group knowledge ✦ Please answer the questions (anonymously is fine) ✦ You have 5 minutes to complete the Knowledge Survey ✦ Don’t stress ✦ Eye on the Future 14
  15. 15. Knowledge Survey Answers Blog An online diary that can have text, pictures, video, etc. Engadget is one of the ✦ most popular technology blogs: 0.24% of global web users visit the site Eye on the Future 15
  16. 16. Knowledge Survey Answers Streaming media Media that is played as it is received (rather than downloaded); permits users to BBC Radio Player plays ✦ streaming audio Eye on the Future 16
  17. 17. Knowledge Survey Answers Flash Adobe’s program to create interactive media - websites, ads, games, video Flash is on 98.3% of desktops connected to the internet in the US, Canada, Japan, UK, France, and Germany Example of a website ✦ that uses Flash Eye on the Future 17
  18. 18. Knowledge Survey Answers RSS Really Simple Syndication - a standard for web syndication Eye on the Future 18
  19. 19. Knowledge Survey Answers Wiki A website where information can be collaboratively edited Wikipedia is the online ✦ encyclopedia where users create and edit the articles that comprise the encyclopedia Eye on the Future 19
  20. 20. Knowledge Survey Answers Podcast A media file distributed over the web using syndication feeds that is played on a user’s computer or digital media player (iPod) New podcasts are automatically downloaded to the user’s computer Eye on the Future 20
  21. 21. Knowledge Survey Answers Social networking Websites that grow based on the relationships between users (MySpace, etc.) Members are often able to establish a user profile page for themselves that Eye on the Future 21
  22. 22. Knowledge Survey Answers MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) The standard to send multimedia messages between phones Eye on the Future 22
  23. 23. Knowledge Survey Answers Viral Media that uses social networks to spread rapidly On Dec. 17, 2006 NBC posted ✦ the SNl video “A Special Christmas Box” on YouTube.com Since then it has been viewed ✦ Eye on the Future 23
  24. 24. Knowledge Survey Answers Avatar A virtual character that represents a person in a virtual world, IM, game, website Made popular in Second Life, World of Warcraft, IM programs, and the Wii An avatar from Second Life ✦ Eye on the Future 24
  25. 25. Integrated Thinking Is not “We need more blogs...” Your audience is data obese, but information starved: ✦ Providing digital execution without analyzing the overall strategy, rationale, ✦ and relevance to the brand, audience and relationship is short-sighted. Make solid recommendations by thinking like an entrepreneur -- what ✦ problem are you solving? Instead of seeking more audience, give your current one ✦ a kick-ass experience and they’ll do the marketing for you: Give Nordstrom-like customer service to your customers (audience) ✦ Existing engagements give traction to present integrated digital initiatives ✦ Eye on the Future 25
  26. 26. Revolution “Of course I know ‘revolution’ is a frighteningly strong word. Yet I also know (yes, know) that from warfare to commerce to education to health care, these are times of unprecedented change. Perhaps change of the once-a-millennium flavor. If you choke on the word revolution, I am fearful for your future. The future of your career. Your enterprise. Your children. Your nation. Our world.” - Tom Peters 26
  27. 27. The future is now. 27