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Bye letters

  1. 1. Mario VargasC/ Fuente de los molinos 2904009 AlmeríaVitorGuadalupe schoolVerdizelaPortugalMonday 10thJune 2013Dear Vitor,How are you ? Im very happy but Im nervousbecause the exams. We are finishing the school onJune 21st. When are you finishing the school ? Iwill go to a state in Retamar, It is very big it has aswimming pool, a tennis court and two padelcourts. Where are you going in holidays ? We allmiss you.Im looking forward to hearing from youBest regardsMario
  2. 2. Adrian Rosa Garcia, AlmeriaComenius PatnerMonday,10thJune 2013Hello,Im Adrian. I didnt receive any children butI went to Oasis because my father workthere. I did a lot of new friends of otherscountries especially with the boys from TheNetherlands. The best activity for my wasthe Ping Pong History, because we make ahistory with children of Europe and when theComenius Patner came Almeria we playedthis history.I love this experience.Bests regardsAdrián
  3. 3. Alex FernándezC/ Antonio Cano 2904009 AlmeríaVitorGuadalupe schoolVerdizelaMonday 10thJune 2013Dear Vitor,How are you ? I am very well,but I have a lot ofexams. This school year seemed me a short time.We are finishing the school on June 21st. Who areyou finishing your school ? Last weekend, I wentto the beach, the water was freezing. In thesummer I will go to a football school.What aboutyou and your holidays?Im looking forward to hearing from youALEX
  4. 4. Alicia LópezC/ costa de Almería , 2904009 ALMERIAInés PissarraGuadalupe schoolLisboaTuesday 6thjune 2013Dear Inés ,I loved your present and my father saysthanks for the wine, it was delicius.I vebeen on the beach ,I love beach ,it is fun andfantastic, On the beach I play voleyball andfootball.My classes are finishing on June 21st.What are you doing in your holiday?HAPPY HOLIDAYS KISSES
  5. 5. Carlos Ortega CastroC/Costa de La Luz04009 AlmeriaInés pissarraGuadalupe School11/6/2013Dear Inés:How are you? I´m well. The last days myclass and I went to the beach! But, theproject Comenius is finishing. I liked it, Iliked going to the alcazaba with your friendsand my class, I am sure you like Spain.What is your number of phone? Is for line, afree application for your phone.My e-mail is: polinueve99@gmail.comI´m looking forward to hearing from you.Best regardsCarlos
  6. 6. Elga Muñoz MorenoC/ Costa de la Luz Nº 86 4ª-D04009 AlmeríaRembrant schoolLisseHolandaTuesday, 11thJune 2013Hello Johise,I am friend of María. How are you? We arevery good. The twenty first we will havefinished the school. And you?I am happy because the school is finishingDid you like my school? Did you learnedSpanish? In Almeria is very hot.What about The Netherlands?Best regardsKisses,Elga.
  7. 7. Comenius PartnerFrancisco Milán CabreraWednesday, 10th,June 2013Dear Comenius Partners:Hello, I´m Francisco, but you can call meFran and Im 12 years old. Im from Almería(Spain).Do you like Spain? I think is fantastic to visitit. And, what about the Comenius Project? Ithink it is very interesting. What about you?Where do you live? Whats your favouritething in the Comenius Project?I think is theComenius week.Looking forward to hearing from you.Best regards.Fran:
  8. 8. Juan Alejandro LópezGasparSunday, 9thJune 2013Dear Gaspar,How are you? I ask you because you dontconnect to Facebook. You update your plankbut you dont chat with me! Also, I want toask you: Did you like the Comenius Proyect?I think it was fantastic, because we learn alot about knights, but I want to know whatdo you think about this. Too, I need to knowif you were funny in my house when youcame in March? This is all. Bye byeHappy holidays.Juan Alejandro López
  9. 9. AntonioMonday, 10 June 2013Dear Comenius partners,Hello, I think all we really liked the projectbecause we learned a lot about knights,castles… And we met boys, girls and teachersfrom other countries. Did you travel for anycountry? Me no because the primary boysand girls in Spain can’t travel with the schoolto other countries. But I would like to goabroad. Anyway, the project was fantastic.And now we have friends in others countriesby the project. This is all.Best RegardsAntonio
  10. 10. AntonioI send this letter because, we are finishingthe Comenius Project, and next year, we willgo to the secondary school. I want to sendyou some emails, but I dont have your email,but I send you this card. I can learn someportuguesse, and maybe, you can learn someSpanish too!See you!Javier Galdeano RodríguezJavier GaldeanoManuel Mendizabal Villalba, 8.AlmeríaTuesday, 11thJune 2013Dear Antonio,
  11. 11. Name:Laura Llorca ZapataC/Costa de la luz 13704009 AlmeríaGuadalupe schoolMonday 10thJune 2013Hello children from Portugal,I am Laura Llorca of 5thof primary. Nowfinishing school on June21st.The summer iscoming. We are finishing the ComeniusProject and the schoolHow are you? Im very good,I had a goodtime with you. I want to see you again.Bye byeKiss for youBy Laura Llorca Zapata.
  12. 12. Mari Cruz Velasco Amate,C/ San Miguel04007 AlmeríaBeatriz Helena Anunciaçao,Guadalupe schoolLisboa PortugalThursday, 6thJune 2013Dear Beatriz,How are you? Im very good. The school isfinishing and Summer is starting. I go often tothe beach and Im getting brown because I like tohave sunbathing. I had my hair cut.In my birthday, my family bought me a guitar. Itwas my favourite present. I want to go to guitarclasses because I want to learn how to play myguitar. Iam very sad because the ComeniusProject has finished. Im looking forward tovisiting you.Im looking forward to hearing from you.Kisses from your friendMari Cruz.
  13. 13. MARÍA MILANC/ Sierra de GrazalemaHuércal de Almería Nº 56EliseRembrard schoolLisse, The NetherlandsThursday, 6thJune 2013Dear Elise,We are finishing school and the sets of theComenius project are being removed fromthe walls. Im sad because they were verybeautiful.Did you have a good time when you werehere? Did you learned something in Spain? Ihave passed all my exams. What about you?We are finishing school on Jun 21st. Whatabout you?Looking forward to hearing from you.Best RegardsMaría
  14. 14. Ana Parra GarcíaC/Mirlo 59 2º-cAlmeríaRebecca LaiInstituto compresivoSaint AntiocoTuesday 11stJune 2013Dear Rebecca,I want to say you hello. How are you? Myschool is finishing and the summer isstarting. Our final day in our school is the21stof June. When do you finish your school?I love the weekend when you are here.Im looking forward hearing from you.Best regardsAna.
  15. 15. Juan LuísC/Manuel Mendízabal VillalbaAlmeríaSpainVitorColegio GuadalupeVerdizelaMonday, 10th June 2013Dear Vitor,Hello! Do you remember me? – because I wroteyou on the Facebook and you did not answer... Didyou feel comfortable when you stayed in myhouse?. Anyway... How are you? I Hope you arewell (Im very happy, in my school, in my house.The Comenius project has seedmed very good,because the activities, The journey of thechildren from other countries participating in theproject, etc )I wanted to ask you... How about the Comeniusproject? - The truth is Im very happy!Looking forward to hearing from you.Happy HolidaysJuan Luís del Castillo Martín
  16. 16. From: Marina García Camacho.To: My friends from Poland.Sunday, 9thJune 2013Dear Ania and Kasia,I want to ask you if you liked the ComeniusProject, and if you enjoyed staying in my home. Ireally enjoyed meeting you.Here, in Almería, the things have changed a lotsince you were here, specially the weather: lastTuesday was really hot: 32º Degrees! Lots ofpeople went to the beach. I think we are insummer!!!In my class, we’re finishing school, but there arelots of exams to complete! After summer, inSeptember, I’m going to the secondary school.Last Friday, 7thJune, was my birthday. Weorganized a party in my home, and then, we had abath in the swimming-pool. But the water wasn’tgreen, like when you were here: it was really clean.Looking forward to hearing from you.Regards from Almería.Marina.