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Friendship circle volunteers
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Friendship circle volunteers


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Introduction to teens about how to be a friend to a child with a disability

Introduction to teens about how to be a friend to a child with a disability

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  • A friend would tell another friend their outfit does not fit well (too small, out of fashion) their behavior is not appropriate (picking nose, whining) Their comment was hurtful
  • Transcript

    • 1. Friendship Circle What it means to be a friend
    • 2. Agenda What is a disability What is life like for a kid with a disability What it means to be a friend What you may get out of this Dos and Don’ts and tips for success from a mother’s point of view
    • 3. What is a disability a disorder that interferes with a person’s physical, social, or emotional ability to do what we naturally could do not a disease, not contagious The largest minority group  About 20% of the population have some type of disability Discrimination usually effects the whole family
    • 4. What is it like to be a kid with a disability 24 hours a day Energy to overcoming challenges Labeled Lonely Low expectations Awareness Acceptance
    • 5. What it means to be a friend “I have 23 friends and none of them like me” A friend is not the same as a  Classmate, neighbor, soccer team mate  Friendly person, visitor, caregiver Shared interests Mutual respect Trust Pleasure
    • 6. What you may get out of this Community service???  What is community Learn to walk in someone else’s shoes Respect for diversity Discover your true self Discover skills and interests
    • 7. What a friend discovered patience and understanding behavior is genuine, comes from a good place  what you see is what you get gratifying to see my impact  receptive tough love is good, learning process
    • 8. What parents what you to know1. My child is not a community service project2. Friendship is not just for 1 hour a week3. Be a mentor, share what you know4. Recognize that my child has something to offer you5. Just because my child can’t talk does not mean she has nothing to say
    • 9. What parents what you to know1. Don’t be put off by his odd behaviors2. Start from the interest and perspective of your friend, then expand; Learn to redirect3. Set the bar high4. Be creative, come prepared with an idea, but be flexible5. Introduce your interests6. Don’t be afraid to say “no”
    • 10. Quotes Model good behavior. My son is looking at you to see what he should do to be a friend. Dont just let him ramble about his favorite topics, try to engage in real conversations. Have fun with him. Learn about his funny, quirky nature and appreciate him as a person, not a project You can learn, benefit and grow from a friendship with my daughter just as much as my daughter can learn, benefit and grow from a friendship with you
    • 11. Service is one-way,relationships are two way Friendship works 2 ways – teach your friend HOW to be a friend What is expected of friendship Establish regular communication even if parent needs to be an intermediary Expect reciprocity, and responsibility
    • 12. Rules Communicate with parent Be on time, consistent (schedules are particularly helpful for people with autism) If not able to come, make alternative arrangements  Opportunity for “plan b” Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have others do to you Don’t look down on your friend: we are all created in God’s image Have fun