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GRI for Communication Professionals
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GRI for Communication Professionals


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NYC Forum Group 16 May 2012

NYC Forum Group 16 May 2012

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  • As part of the reporting journey, many organizations experience these benefits. Sustainability reporting also demonstrates organizational commitment to sustainable development and compare organizational performance over time.What is your company’s contribution for the future?Do you know how to measure it? Are your managers ready to face what is coming?Who is asking: Carbon traders, financial risk managers, insurance companies, buyers, clients…your children
  • I’d like to get your perspective here on who’s asking for your sustainability information; you can give the investor perspective here (if you want) but also highlight other types of stakeholders that are asking for sustainability info.
  • Added a few more in Jan 2011
  • Transcript

    • 1. Reporting and benchmarking corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts Marjella Alma - Manager External Relations – GRI USAVenue, Date +1 917 690 0909 Global Communications Forum, 16 May 2012
    • 2. Vision of the Global Reporting Initiative A sustainable global economy where organizations manage their economic, environmental, social and governance performance and impacts responsibly and report transparently. Question: what essential information did we forget to account for in the past?
    • 3. GRI is not just about reporting, it’s about the process
    • 4. The GRI reporting process is• About identifying your main sustainability impacts together with your stakeholders• About understanding the link between your business’ everyday activities and the world around it• About measuring the activities’ impacts and setting targets for improvements over time• About publicly disclosing these impacts and your performance over time.
    • 5. A shift in corporate reporting ESG ESG ESG disclosures ESG disclosures disclosures disclosures Environ- mentalFinancial report report Sustainability report
    • 6. Drivers• Leading companies – supply chain management – efficiency & innovation• Financial crisis – shift to longer-term thinking• Investors & rating agencies – demand for ESG factors• Regulatory environment
    • 7. How do you measure sustainability impacts? Who defines the metrics to measure them?
    • 8. GRI - network organization
    • 9. What does GRI offer?GRI MissionTo make sustainability reporting standard practice byproviding guidance and support to organizations.
    • 10. GRI creates a.. Sustainability Reporting Framework to measure social, environmental & economic (ESG) performance of organizations• Global collaborating non-profit• Credible, multi-stakeholder approach• Global de facto standard• Offices in Amsterdam, Beijing, Delhi, Sao Paulo, New York and Melbourne.
    • 11. Focus on those topics that matter most GRI key principle = materiality
    • 12. The GRI Guidelines Free downloads: • G3.1 Guidelines • Sector Supplements (financial services, electric utilities, airports, mining and metals, oil and gas, events, media etc) st-guidelines/g3-1-guidelines/Pages/default.aspx
    • 13. The GRI Guidelines GRI Principles: These guide the content and quality of your reporting. Materiality, boundary-setting, inclusiveness, stakeholder engagement etc. GRI reporting elements: 1. Profile Disclosures Strategy, About, Governance. 2. Disclosures on Management Approach EC, EN, LA, HR, SO, PR 3. Performance Indicators EC, EN, LA, HR, SO, PR
    • 14. Recent research shows that.. sustainability reporting is de factoThe largest and most law for businesscomprehensive surveyof CR reporting trendspublished sustainability reporting enhances financial valueVast coverage of 3,400+companies combined reporting leads to IRMost comprehensive data integrity is essentialstudy since the firstreport in 1993 leaders choose external assuranceKPMG International Corporate Responsibility Reporting Survey 2011
    • 15. Business case for reporting Competitive Opportunities advantage Innovation Attract Improved investment reputation Improved business and trust models StakeholderInternal Attract talent External dialogue Waste, CO2 and water reduction Governmental and stock exchange regulation Risks
    • 16. Identified benefitsInternal1. Develop a vision & strategy on sustainability2. Improve management systems and cut costs3. Identify strengths & weaknesses4. Attract & motivate the staff5. Connect departments & promote innovationExternal1. Enhances reputation, trust and respect2. Improves transparency and dialogue with stakeholders3. Demonstrates commitment to sustainability4. Enables comparability and benchmarking5. Attract investors6. Source of competitive advantage & become a “market leader”
    • 17. Supporters of the business case• Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) [2006] – Currently represents over $22 Trillion in investment capital – Close to 1000 signatories• Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR) [2003] – Currently represents over $9 Trillion in investment capital – 90+ members• Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) [2002] – Currently represents over $71 Trillion in investment capital – act on behalf of 551 institutional investors• Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) [2001] – Currently represents $6 Trillion in investment capital – 70 members• Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) [1972] – Currently represents over $100 Billion – 300 members
    • 18. Mainstream involvement
    • 19. Reporting trends Sustainability Reports in the USA GRI G3 + G3.1 GRI reference Non-GRI sustainability reportUS GRI data partner 47 23 46% growth in GRI reports 2010 vs 2011 273 187 141 119 71 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
    • 20. Data integrity 100% 90% 80% 21 112 415 41 70% 170 60% 167 50% Not assured 40% Externally assured 30% 23 125 446 35 20% 87 10% 40 0% Africa Asia Europe Latin America Northern Oceania America* Data from the Sustainability Disclosure Database as of 12 April 2012
    • 21. American GRI reportersGRI’s Sector Leaders:
    • 22. A GRI report..makes use of theG3 or G3.1Guidelinesincludes aGRI Content Indexand preferablydeclares anApplication Level
    • 23. Display data with a GRI content indexAs it:• gives you flexibility to reach different stakeholders in different ways.• gives you flexibility to reference already existing content.• enhances ease of access for your stakeholders.• communicates your Application Level.
    • 24. Sustainability disclosure database
    • 25. The GRI benchmarking toolreportedon and to what extent. Sector: Financial Services
    • 26. GRI info sharingThe Get Started Video Publications Webinars OS – international OS - USA
    • 27. GRI Certified Training CoursesUSA Training PartnersCurrentBrownFlynn and Isos GroupTo be certifiedBoston College, Deloitte and ERM
    • 28. GRI EventsMonthly Organizational Stakeholder WebinarsUS Organizational Stakeholder WebinarsGeneral webinars Friday 20 April – How to create your first GRI report? GRI Focal Point USA featuring US Sector Leader Bloomberg
    • 29. ChallengesMainstreaming sustainability reporting – continuous development – G4 – integrated reporting - IIRCTechnology developments –from report to reporting – stakeholder engagement – multimedia reporting formats – XBRL/tagging
    • 30. More involvement with GRI?• Join the Organizational Stakeholder Program• Become a US Sector Leader• Participate in Working Groups• Participate in Governance Structures
    • 31. Thank you! More information: http://database.globalreporting.orgVenue, Date