Boston College Corporate Citizenship Conference


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Boston College Corporate Citizenship Conference

  1. 1. GRI Master Class Reporting & Communications Featuring GRI’s US Sector Leader Dell Marjella Alma - Manager External Relations - GRI +1 917 690 0909 Bruno Sarda – Director Global Sustainability - Dell bruno_sarda@dell.comVenue, Date Boston College Corporate Citizenship Conference, 25-27 March 2012
  2. 2. Before we get started• Boston College New CTP• Dell US Sector Leader• US Organizational Stakeholders• US GRI reporters
  3. 3. “Population must increase rapidly – more rapidly thanin former times – and ere long the most valuable of allarts, will be the art of deriving a comfortablesubsistence from the smallest area of soil.”Abraham Lincoln, August 1859 Wisconsin Agricultural Society
  4. 4. Vision of the Global Reporting Initiative A sustainable global economy where organizations manage their economic, environmental, social and governance performance and impacts responsibly and report transparently. Question: what essential information did we forget to account for in the past?
  5. 5. OutlineWhat is sustainability reportingHow does GRI help?TrendsWhich GRI resources can I use?Looking into the future..
  6. 6. What is sustainability reporting
  7. 7. Range of terminology• CSR - Corporate [Social] Responsibility• CC - Corporate Citizenship• SD - Sustainable Development• ES - Environmental Sustainability• BE - Business Ethics• CE - Corporate Ethics• CG - Corporate Governance• ESG - Environmental, Social & Governance• IR - Integrated reporting What is your “Footprint”?
  8. 8. What does it mean to Dell?1. Assess, Prioritize and Engage with broad stakeholder activities in Sustainability Topics2. Use Business Materiality & Metrics to define key areas of opportunity and risk mitigation3. Leverage/Collaborate with resources “embedded” across Dell business functions to own, drive and measure Dell goals4. Maintain Executive alignment and accountability of BU strategy and goals5. Integrate a core set of “Sustainability” values into every employee’s role
  9. 9. Recent research shows that.. sustainability reporting is de factoThe largest and most law for businesscomprehensive surveyof CR reporting trendspublished sustainability reporting enhances financial valueVast coverage of 3,400+companies combined reporting leads to IRMost comprehensive data integrity is essentialstudy since the firstreport in 1993 leaders choose external assuranceKPMG International Corporate Responsibility Reporting Survey 2011
  10. 10. Business case for reporting Competitive Opportunities advantage Innovation Attract Improved investment reputation Improved business and trust models StakeholderInternal Attract talent External dialogue Waste, CO2 and water reduction Governmental and stock exchange regulation Risks
  11. 11. Supporters of the business case• Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) [2006] – Currently represents over $22 Trillion in investment capital – Close to 1000 signatories• Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR) [2003] – Currently represents over $9 Trillion in investment capital – 90+ members• Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) [2002] – Currently represents over $71 Trillion in investment capital – act on behalf of 551 institutional investors• Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) [2001] – Currently represents $6 Trillion in investment capital – 70 members• Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) [1972] – Currently represents over $100 Billion – 300 members
  12. 12. How is this data used?
  13. 13. Mainstream involvement
  14. 14. Can any of this really be measured? How would you do this?
  15. 15. How does GRI help?GRI MissionTo make sustainability reporting standard practice byproviding guidance and support to organizations.
  16. 16. The GRI Guidelines GRI Principles: These guide the content and quality of your reporting. Materiality, boundary-setting, inclusiveness, stakeholder engagement etc. GRI reporting elements: 1. Profile Disclosures Strategy, About, Governance. 2. Disclosures on Management Approach EC, EN, LA, HR, SO, PR 3. Performance Indicators EC, EN, LA, HR, SO, PR
  17. 17. The GRI Guidelines Environmental • EN 3 - Direct energy consumption by primary energy source Labor • LA 7 - Rates of injury, occupational diseases, lost days and absenteeism, and number of work related fatalities by region. Human Rights • HR 4 - Total number of incidents of discrimination and actions taken Product Responsibility • PR 6 - Programs for adherence to laws, standards, and voluntary codes related to marketing communications, including advertising, promotion, ad sponsorship. Economic • EC 4 – Significant financial assistance received from government.
  18. 18. Dell’s Stakeholder EngagementUrgency Environment Society GovernanceHigh Recycling/Hazardous materials Supply chain labor standards Transparency Energy efficiency Conflict metals Board-level involvementMedium Production footprint Surveillance/digital discourse Targets/Metrics Technology for sustainability Digital divide Stakeholder engagement Obsolescence Privacy/security Exec. compensation Social innovationLow Water scarcity Workforce diversity Cross-functional council Packaging CR in performance reviewsDifferent stakeholders have different needs –what type of reporting materials does Dell useto get the message across?
  19. 19. Dell’s 2011 CR report  CR report produced annually  Full archive available going back to 1998  Full GRI index & report publicly available  Much more detail published at
  20. 20. Dell’s 2011 CR reportTaken from above:• GRI Content Index• G3.1 & Application Level A• GRI Application Level Check• Application Level Check Statement• Application Level Table• Extent of reporting: fully/partially/not
  21. 21. Snapshot Dell GRI Content Index References to: • 10 K form • CSR report • Other documents
  22. 22. Display it with a GRI content index As it: • gives you flexibility to reach different stakeholders in different ways. • gives you flexibility to reference already existing content. • enhances ease of access for your stakeholders. • communicates your Application Level.
  23. 23. A GRI report..makes use of theG3 or G3.1Guidelinesincludes aGRI Content Indexand preferablydeclares anApplication Level
  24. 24. GRI Application Levels
  25. 25. Rationale - Application LevelsObjective classification system for G3/G3.1 reports • Signifies to what extent the G3/G3.1 Guidelines have been used in a report. • Meaning: Tells which set & how many disclosures have been addressed in the reporting.A pathway for GRI reporters for incrementallyimproving GRI reporting
  26. 26. Dell’s experience with Application Levels2007 – C level report2008 – B level report2009 – B level report2010 – B level report2011 – A level reportAll reports were GRI-checked
  27. 27. Application Level CFor entry-level, SMEs, new reporters:• A set of Profile Disclosures.• No Disclosures on Management Approach• 10 core or additional Performance Indicators – fully * At least 1 from each Indicator dimension: EC, EN and Social
  28. 28. Application Level BFor medium-level reporters:• All Profile Disclosures.• All 6 Disclosures on Management Approach• 20 core or additional Performance Indicators – fully At least 1 from each Indicator category: EC, EN, LA, HR, SO & PR.
  29. 29. Application Level AFor advanced reporters:“tell the complete story”• All Profile Disclosures.• All 6 Disclosures on Management Approach (DMAs).• All core Performance Indicators – addressed (= fully/partial/not).
  30. 30. Index and Application LevelsThe GRI Content Index is the specification of an Application Leveland the gateway to your reporting: 1. it has a communication function for reporters to support their Application Level declaration (report or explain). 2. it has a navigation function for report users, enabling them to effectively find the ESG data of interest.NB: The GRI Application Level Check ensures the proper functioning of 1 & 2.
  31. 31. GRI Application Level Check
  32. 32. Status external assurance More than 70 percent of the G250 and 64 percent of N100 engage major accountancy firms.Reinforce credibility among stakeholdersImprove quality of reported information Improve reporting processes Primarily responding to legal requirements Drive performance 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% Source: KPMG International Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2011
  33. 33. External assuranceReports that seek external assurance can be recognizedby the “+” – A+, B+ C+GRI recommends external assurance, but does notendorse particular providers nor approaches.External assurance should enhance the quality of thedata and the process underlying the data collection.
  34. 34. Trends
  35. 35. GRI reporting in the USA200180160140120100 USA80604020 0 yr99 yr00 yr01 yr02 yr03 yr04 yr05 yr06 yr07 yr08 yr09 yr10
  36. 36. 2000 GRI reporting - worldwide18001600 November 2011: The GRI Guidelines are used by 80 percent of the G250140012001000 Rest of Worl USA800600400200 0 yr99 yr00 yr01 yr02 yr03 yr04 yr05 yr06 yr07 yr08 yr09 yr10
  37. 37. American GRI reportersGRI’s Sector Leaders:
  38. 38. Market evolution300,000+ subscribersglobally4,000+ companies andclimbingESG Aspects•Emissions•Energy Consumption•Human Rights•Policies•Board Make-UpBuilt around GRI
  39. 39. Environmental criteria Company Environmental Total Energy Total GHG Emission Water Consumption Total Waste Names Disclosure Consumption (Th Tonnes) (Thousands of cubic (Thousands of metric Score (Mwh) meters) tons) 2010 2009 2010 2009 2010 2009 2010 2009 2010 2009BMW --- 50.39 --- 3635.76 --- 1139.06 --- 3222.35 --- 450.51Daimler 55.81 54.26 10327.00 8631.00 3699.00 3036.00 14050.00 11960.00 1022.00 787.00Fiat --- 60.47 --- 8580.99 --- 2571.81 --- 34518.00 --- 1252.02Toyota 37.98 37.98 --- --- n/a n/a 27411.00 29323.00 102.00 105.00Peugeot --- 61.24 --- 6725.60 --- 920.27 --- 13850.03 --- 1029.60Renault --- 37.21 --- 4704.57 --- 1238.36 --- 10681.60 --- 848.14Ford --- 39.53 --- 15141.00 --- n/a --- 24100.00 --- 108.50Honda 38.76 36.43 111111.11 108333.34 3980.00 3590.00 30000.00 27000.00 --- ---Nissan 34.88 34.88 6525.28 6480.28 n/a n/a 15629.00 20902.00 869.00 888.00Hyundai --- 38.76 --- n/a --- 1986.00 --- 16980.00 490.63
  40. 40. Financial market playersMay 2010 January 2011
  41. 41. GovernmentsMore governments are making sustainability reporting mandatory.142 regulatory instruments inover 30 countriesUSA: WH CEQ - EO 13514 USPS, US Army, etc GSA Department of State SEC
  42. 42. MNE’s and their supply chains Customer Training Suppliers GRI Stakeholders
  43. 43. GRI resourcesLearning• Free materials/publications/videos• GRI certified training courses• Webinars/eventsProfiling• GRI Featured Reports• GRI Sustainability Disclosure Database
  44. 44. Learning
  45. 45. The GRI Guidelines Free downloads: • G3.1 Guidelines • Sector Supplements (financial services, electric utilities, airports, mining and metals, oil and gas, events, media etc) st-guidelines/g3-1-guidelines/Pages/default.aspx
  46. 46. The GRI Content Index and ChecklistsFree downloads:• GRI Content Index templates• GRI ChecklistsGRI recommends organizations to publish the GRIIndex template, but any format is acceptable.
  47. 47. GRI videos and publicationsThe Get Started Video Publications
  48. 48. GRI Certified Training CoursesUSA Training PartnersCurrentBrownFlynn and Isos GroupTo be certifiedBoston College, Deloitte and ERM
  49. 49. GRI WebinarsMonthly Organizational Stakeholder WebinarsUS Organizational Stakeholder WebinarsGeneral webinars Friday 20 April – How to create your first GRI report? GRI Focal Point USA featuring US Sector Leader Bloomberg
  50. 50. GRI EventsMonthly Organizational Stakeholder WebinarsUS Organizational Stakeholder WebinarsGeneral webinars Friday 20 April – How to create your first GRI report? GRI Focal Point USA featuring US Sector Leader Bloomberg
  51. 51. Profiling
  52. 52. GRI featured reports
  53. 53. GRI featured reports• An individual Profile Page spotlighting your logo and report information. All Profile Pages are RSS enabled;• Your organizations name and report front cover on the homepage and Featured Reports page• Announcement of your organizations report publication in the GRI online Newsletter – read by over 17,000 people• A profiled entry on the Sustainability Disclosure Database• Social Media activity by GRI Focal Point USA
  54. 54. Sustainability disclosure database
  55. 55. Sustainability disclosure database
  56. 56. Unique features1. Free access2. PDF and HTML reports and GRI content indics3. Disclosure benchmarking4. Advanced searches on data points5. Graph generator6. Upload of videos/pictures7. Available in English and Spanish8. Social media, QR coding, embedding functionality9.Rating functionality
  57. 57. Sustainability disclosure database
  58. 58. An organization-focused applicationEach organization that includes a report will have its own profile page Organizations Reports The organization’s profile page will include the Reports will also have their own profile pages following background information about the linked to the organization: organization: • Disclosure level for each GRI indicator • Company logo • Integrated reporting • Description of the organization • GRI application level • Basic characteristics • Assurance, AA1000 • Sector • Country • Turnover • Number of employees Reporting practices • Size of organization Reporting practices will have their own page • Sustainability risk and opportunities with special features • A carousel with its sustainability reports • Responses to GRI indicators • Contact information • Description • Link to webpage • Photos • RSS feed from the company • Videos • Link to company’s Twitter account • External links
  59. 59. The GRI benchmarking toolreportedon and to what extent. Sector: Financial Services
  60. 60. What different stakeholders can do:• Reporters: how does our sustainability reporting compare with others?• Academics: how is the sustainability field developing?• Investors/analysts: how is GRI looking at ESG data/performance?• Assurance providers: which GRI disclosures are being reported by companies (materiality)?• Civil society: who is reporting and who is not reporting?• Regulators/governments/stock exchanges: is sustainability reporting becoming an established practice?• GRI: is sustainability reporting increasing and becoming mainstream?
  61. 61. Looking ahead
  62. 62. Towards the 4th generation of GRIG4 - fourth generationG4 aims to improve on content in the currentGuidelines – G3 and G3.1 – with strengthenedtechnical definitions and improved clarity.
  63. 63. G4 Developments - Timeline
  64. 64. G4 as a stepping stone Sustainability Reporting Sustainability Disclosure Mainstreaming G4 Integrated Reporting Other paths to mainstreaming
  65. 65. Other projects
  66. 66. When you want more…
  67. 67. … involvement with GRIIn addition to getting started with GRI reporting,you can:• Join the Organizational Stakeholder Program• Become a US Sector Leader• Participate in Working Groups• Participate in Governance Structures
  68. 68. Thank you! More information: Marjella Alma Bruno Sarda bruno_sarda@dell.comVenue, Date