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Extract pages of self-published tour Mural, Mural on these Walls.

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Sample Mural Mural

  1. 1. This exploration of the city centers on murals and their cousin, graffiti. Aslong as man has walked the earth he has communicated with wall drawings About Town Taste walking adventures……weave art,and scrawling’s. Murals we know today evolved from early graffiti dating architecture, history and food into walks of discovery in diverse localback to ancient times. Originally a means of basic communication and neighborhoods.storytelling graffiti takes many forms and murals are simply one form orstyle. The word graffiti tends to be unpopular today as it conjures thought Our vision is to be experts on our community and share our love of thisof decay and blight. city with locals and visitors alike. Each weekend our walking adventures tread into local neighborhoods that explore the art and architecture of the area woven with tales of our historic past.  We take you to the art, discussing various aspects of art and the community  We have exclusive interior access into historic buildings  We examine neighborhoods as they are and face its current conditions as well as what is in development.The word mural makes this art form an acceptable way of storytellingusually on a large scale, while graffiti has come to mean tagging. Taggingcauses fear and distrust since it is often used by gangs. Walking adventures step out every weekend:  1st wkds Downtown Art & Architecture  2nd wkds Art of GraffitiToday graffiti is part of many neighborhoods rebirth. It has since evolved  3rd wkds Art & Antiquesinto a pop culture….and at least in Fresno, seems to be strongly related to  4th wkds Tower Art Tastethe rebirth of neighborhoods. Broadway St, once a thriving city street slidinto decline and now, today, is renewing itself again as a vibrant mural art Each of our regular adventures include more art, architecture and tales ofdistrict’s pivotal point. our historic past along with food tastes along the way just $30pp. Be they artists, pioneers or restaurateurs; characters all, they make our cityCreative Fresno has the Mural Project, a vehicle for bringing together the unique!talent, organizations and financial resources needed to create artistic muralsthroughout downtown Fresno and the greater community at large. Since Adventures are Saturday morning @10a and May 1st to Sept 1st we addmurals create an awareness and appreciation for the visual arts while Friday evenings about 6p too. All walks last about 2hrs. and include tour,building a sense of pride they bring a connection within and throughout the tax and Public art in general and murals in particular can create anddefine a neighborhood, enhance the urban environment and feed thecultural soul of the city. Moreover, murals allow us to showcase the Advance reservations necessary viatremendous creative talent we have in Fresno. or 559.392.4471This exploration guides you to many murals throughout our diverse mention this Explore guide for $5 discount ppcity. It is by no means exhaustive! If you keep your eyes open you mayeven find more murals not mentioned. Meanwhile here we go on theExplore the City! mural tour. Now you can follow our blog Seen About Town on wordpress! web site coming soon until then see us on facebook
  2. 2. All directions and addresses appear in GREEN.Please obey all traffic laws and parking regulations. These sites arecombination drive by and many are stop and walk a short distance, likearound a building. You would then drive to the next location.
  3. 3. Begin the tour @ City Hall 2600 Fresno St. 93721The walls between the fabricated corals were ours to fill with extremelydetailed ocean life. Inside city hall floating above the multistoried lobby you will find aCarol and Richard Manuputy, an artist/designer team based in Los Osos on playful and fantastical muralthe Central Coast were commissioned for the 3yr. project. The joyful originally done as a chalk paintingcolors and varieties of so many different reef scenes and abundance of on the Fulton Mall, the cityunderwater life has been, and continues to be, a delight to all. commissioned a copy in oil for the new city hall. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mozart’s Magic Flute is a fairy tale and a philosophy; it is an adventure- rescue story and political commentary. It is, simply stated, an endlessly fascinating work of art! The Magic Flute has been described as an opera with its head high in theAlthough this is the end of this Explore the City!© adventure guide you clouds and its feet planted firmly on the earth. Designed to entertain themay enjoy others: decidedly unroyal audiences, the opera also had a profound moral purpose to improve, to inspire, and to enlighten. As a member of an audience today, Sacred Places you may treat the story as a charming and tasty entertainment, just as the Planes, Trains & Automobiles character Papageno accepts his simple pleasures - a good meal, lots to Soup to Nuts: a culinary adventure drink, and a loving wife. Or, you may find in The Magic Flute the message Farm to Fork that things are not as simple as they may seem…. that an internal struggle Yard Art is at work within us, and that faith, love, truth and wisdom will enable man to prevail in that internal struggle.There is even a children’s booklet called Seen Around Town, a special Visiting Mozarts enlightened world through his work we are invited to beversion of the regular tours offered by About Town Taste, free actors able to create our own destinies just as the characters in thebest described as a scavenger hunt for little eyes. opera are able to influence their own lives.All the guides are available at All Things Fresno in the historic Warnorsbuilding on Fulton St or by mail $10 each. Next stop is Fresh N Easy on Tulare St, southSend payment to 4666 N Glenn Ste D, Fresno CA 93704 side at R St. You may want to view it from acrossPlease allow 3 wks. return. the street and then up close. Once you park walk around to Tulare St to view the mural on the building. This mural was created by Stan Bitters a world renowned sculptor from Fresno. Bitters is noted for his thick, rich clay work that gives great texture to his works. The colors, texture, relief and the strength with his use of materials enables the viewer an excitement and visual experience rarely seen
  4. 4. fence/building… there’s so much more to see! More the traditional graffiti style, this free wall has been around for a few years now, decorated by writers throughout California. Local artist Chris Sorensen who started the wall said he was motivated by a need to provideDrive west on Tulare St to 1050 O St. CA State Building West Side space for artists to express themselves. The murals are complex works ofacross from Co library. Most likely the oldest remaining mural in the art, with precise line work, detailed landscape backgrounds, vibrant colorscity, this spectacular public artwork The Planting of the Cultures, by F. and even character illustrations.John Sierra and Ramiro Martinez, graces the wall of the state employment Drive north now on First St. to Shields, turn left going to Blackstone on O Street. Dive west again on Turn right heading north. Just north of Dakota on Blackstone is the Great American Car Wash on theTulare St, ½ block right, 3854 N. Blackstone Ave.2309 Tulare St. Building is onthe north side of the street. Along the south facing wall is the largest military mural in Fresno. OwnerInside the US Post Office and A.J. Rassamni, a refuge from Lebanon, said he had the three-story highadministration building for the mural painted as a tribute to the United States. Rassamni plans to paint school board, is a terra cotta pictures of the 40 Valley military vets who have lost their lives since themural Grape Harvest by three 911 attacks on that scene.sisters. Helen originally wanted to be a sculptor but turned instead towoodblock printing and engraving. She later became known for hermosaic murals. Esther is best known as a skilled muralist, and for herability to work with wood and paint. Margaret- known for herlandscapes, figures, graphics and murals. This painted, glazedceramic tile mural was made for the interior of the post office .Theirwork for the Public Works of Art (WPA) government project,including these mosaic panels date to the 40’s depression era.The next mural work is a very different style. Continue west on Tulare Stto Van Ness turn left (south) into the warehouse district near 2223 SVan Ness outside the Sorenson Gallery. It is some distance into the Next up are the Murals of the Jellyfish Café at Children’s Hospital of thewarehouse area. 3 Stop signs and a couple railroad tracks, right to the very Central Valley. Drive north on Blackstone Ave to Ashlan Ave, turn right.end of Van Ness. The building is on the left when you reach the famous Take Fwy 41 north. After crossing the river past Woodward Park, exitWelcome to Fresno sign. Park there on the gravel area on Van Ness. Once Children’s Blvd. Turn left following the signs to the take in this side, be sure to walk toward the tracks and along the
  5. 5. The undersea life murals were commissioned by Childrens Hospital of theCentral Valley formerly known as Valley Childrens Hospital. The designof the hospital is consciously geared to provide as complete a healingenvironment for children as possible many of whom suffer from terminalillnesses.The arts are a very prominent component of the hospitals design concept.For example, the three main floors each have a distinct theme. The firstfloor has an ocean/under water theme, the second floor has an earth themewhile the third floor represent the universe. The Grape Jellyfish Cafe onthe ground floor was designed to look like an underwater ocean reef.Fabricated coral pillars protrude from the walls. The ceilings are steppedand curved with fiber optic lighting changing colors constantly to simulatethe ocean waves breaking overhead. Drive north again on Van Ness back to Tulare St. Turn west on Tulare St, across the railroad tracks to 1041 Tulare St- Louie Kee Market Over the span of five months, young people in Fresno came together to design, sketch and paint a massive mural for Louie Kee Market a family-owned business with more than 87 years of history and service to the residents ofTurn and look north to see Amazing Grace. West Fresno. Under the creative guidance of artist Josue Rojas, the youth designed a mural depicting pride of the local community and its youth.Warnors Theatre Director, Rose Marie Caglia was responsible for the Youth groups, along with many community members, worked together tosponsoring and development of two major arts projects. The first we saw, create the new mural:the Cultural Arts District Mural was developed and designed to representthe arts and entertainment of the area. The mural was the second largest of  The Know Youth Media ,The Muralistics, Youth forits kind, second only to John Sierras mural on the O Street State Building. ChristA second mural, Amazing Grace was commissioned by Caglia and painted  Youth Engagement Team of Building Healthyin 1993, signifying the commitment to music as a driving force within the Communitiesarea. The mural, Amazing Grace was probably a determining factor in theemergence of several religious organizations to the neighborhood. The mural is part of a long-term project to promote healthy and positiveMany shops and business continue to open within the Cultural Arts youth participation in the community, and is made possible by a grant fromDistrict. Artisans who were in awe of the projects have since moved into Building Healthy Communities, an initiative of the California Endowment.the area, creating a name for themselves, painting airbrush images ofpsychedelic images of figures and images, reminiscent of the 60s and 70s Drive east on Tulare St to Broadway St, turn south to 648 Broadway.era. Artwork continues to be a major contributing factor in the presence Yoshi Now! is always worth a stop, both for the murals and the vintageand continued growth seen in the area. items in the store. Several murals run across all sides of the building, but the masterpiece is out back. Be warned, to really see it, you may beDrive north on Broadway to Calaveras street, turn right onto Van Ness tempted to jump a chain link fence; which we dont condone.heading north. Keep your eyes open for a few minor murals. Walk across the street to the north to Fulton St for the mural on the facade of Mecca Billiards, a pool table outlet and service center at 732 Fulton St. The distinction of the work is the brilliance of its colors and simplicity, based upon a game of nine-ball. "It has a lot of elements," Vargas says.
  6. 6. "Its larger than life, as if somebody was sitting at the rail watching thebreak-out. Hed be focusing on the hand and the stick and seeing the ballsexplode around the table.” Walk to 746 Broadway St next to Pep Boys, south of the Grizzly Stadium, Welcome to FRESNO also by Vargas….