Cleantech bg presentation Know_HowEvent - 28th Feb.2012


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The presentation explains the concept of Open Innovation and will present the opportunities for the Innovation Seekers (companies, organisations, communities) and Challenge Solvers (experts, entrepreneurs and Service Providers). The main focus is Cleantech – RES, Energy efficiency, Water and Waste Management and all connected industries – media, design, IT, advertising and PR etc.

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Cleantech bg presentation Know_HowEvent - 28th Feb.2012

  1. 1. Clean technologies and the creative industry Dynamic and fragmented market BClean&BCreativeInnovation andcreativity asked Global Trends, Values, Attitudes and Behaviors Management :: Networking :: Communication
  2. 2. How we face the global challenges? Cars Houses Business3 Management :: Networking :: Communication
  3. 3. The answer… Cleantech Bulgaria aims to leverage the power of the Internet to accelerate the next wave of Cleantech Innovation Sustainability Web 2.0 Open Innovation4 Management :: Networking :: Communication
  4. 4. A Cleantech Innovation Ecosystem Researchers Entrepreneurs Investors Policymakers Cleantech Bulgaria Executives Professionals Cleantech Service Providers Start-ups5 Management :: Networking :: Communication
  5. 5. Who uses Cleantech Bulgaria? Community (Talent Pools) Cleantech organizsations Cleantech Entrepreneurs Service Providers Academics / Researchers Business Cleantech Experts Media/Content providers Industry Executives Universities Cleantech Investors Advertisers Policymakers Developers6 Management :: Networking :: Communication
  6. 6. How is the Cleantech Ecosystem getting involved in the innovation process? An Open Innovation Challenge enables organisations to accelerate their innovation by tapping into a worldwide network of experts and innovators • Any scientific or business problem an organisation faces in the different stages of the innovation life-cycle: from idea generation to growth • An entrepreneurial competition, sponsored by organisations looking to foster clean tech innovation • Every challenge must be related to the fields of clean technology or climate change7 Management :: Networking :: Communication
  7. 7. Open Innovation Challenge Cleantech Innovation Challenge allows companies to solve the most challenging Cleantech tasks by tapping into the expertise of a global community of experts and innovators Web 2.0 Crowdsourcing Cleantech8 Management :: Networking :: Communication
  8. 8. Enabling Interaction – Open Innovation “Tap the wisdom of the crowds” Innovation Seekers Challenge Solvers • Formulation of the • Browse live challenges problem • Problem promoted to a • Join project room, set-up global network of experts team to solve challenge • Best solutions selected • Earn cash and reputation and cash award paid by solving challenges9 Management :: Networking :: Communication
  9. 9. Open Innovation Packages Idea Connect with experts and innovators around the world to get Challenge groundbreaking ideas for your cleantech business or product R&D Tap into a global network of experts that can help you crack the most Challenge complex technical challenges at a fraction of the cost RFP Find solutions or expertise by outsourcing to top suppliers or Challenge consultants within the network that will bid for your job HR Fill critical Cleantech job vacancies or find top advisory board Challenge professionals for your Cleantech start-up Start-up Sponsor or create entrepreneurial competitions to find next- Challenge generation cleantech entrepreneurs around the world10 Management :: Networking :: Communication
  10. 10. Case Study – Architectural Design Competition for Passive House in Bulgaria Organizers: Idea Design Challenge: Schematic design proposal R&D for an affordable, low energy, single-family houses RFP Eligibility: Open to architects, designers, students, individuals and teams HR Award: 1500 BGN Submission deadline - March 16, 2012 Start-up For more information and registration: Management :: Networking :: Communication
  11. 11. Case Study: Technology Scouting for Intesa Sanpaolo SEEKER ORGANIZATION THE CHALLENGE The European Cleantech Challenge is an annual business plan competition that aims to identify the top Cleantech startups in Europe PARTICIPATION Award • 750 qualified leads • 30 startups receive personalize mentoring and pitch to a group • 120 registrations of selected investors • 50 submissions • 12 startups attend First Arena Meeting with top investors • 15 countries12 Management :: Networking :: Communication
  12. 12. What are the Benefits? Open innovation challenges are the right solution for every private or public organisation that is looking to: • Overcome project roadblocks by tapping into the minds of top experts and thinkers • Quick innovation cycles • Creates a large pool of resources as it uses both internal and external idea sources • Offers problem solving that is cost-effective - Decrease R&D costs – only paying for solutions that work • Foster entrepreneurship or discover the most innovative ideas and products from cleantech innovators around the world • Gain brand awareness and visibility by sponsoring open clean tech innovation challenges13 Management :: Networking :: Communication
  13. 13. How is Cleantech Bulgaria actually working? License, Partner network and mission14 Management :: Networking :: Communication
  14. 14. Partner Network Ecosystem – 1st , 2nd , 3rd15 Management :: Networking :: Communication
  15. 15. Join Bulgarias Cleantech community To learn more about Cleantech Bulgaria please contact us at: Cleantech Bulgaria Team16 Management :: Networking :: Communication