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Remote Geo-steering Geological Services

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  • This plot shows the correlation of the volume of fluid pumped versus the average 30 day max month rate following completion. This relationship of more stages frac’d and larger fluid volumes shows that well performance can be increased by optimizing completions. The 2009 budget was based on 8 stages per well, however with the results of the b-C76-K well this fall, the plan has shifted to 10 stages per well and we are working on the justification to realize up to 14 stages per well. As part of their Q3 results, EOG released information that 3 wells in their Horn River program had IPs of 6 to 19 MMcf/d. One well has been identified to have 14 stages frac’d resulting in a 30 day IP of 10.8 MMcf/d. Relating frac stages to spacing, a 10 stage per well program would equate to 12 acres per interval while a 14 stage per well program would equate to 8 acres. As a comparison, the Barnett in the Fort Worth Basin is being spaced typically to 6 acres with downspacing pilots testing 3 acres.
  • Remote geosteering presentation

    1. 1. Remote Geosteering and Reservoir Navigation
    2. 2. Objective:To provide consistent, high qualitysupervision, in a more effective, efficientand safer manner than the conventionalapproach EnCana Corporation
    3. 3. Remote Geosteering - WHY- Safety- Costs- Data Flow- Communication- Real Time Decision Making- 24/7 Supervision
    4. 4. Remote Geosteering - Where• Horizontal wells with no need for real-time sampledescription. (Steering based on LWD/MWD data and drillingparameters)• Drilling close to the roof of the reservoir• Night supervision for one man Hz jobs• Follow optimum reservoir zones• Drilling a set distance above the water contact• Avoid unproductive zones in the reservoir• Optimal wellpath placement• Combining two or several of these objectives in one well EnCana Corporation
    5. 5. Remote Geosteering - How Continuous supervision Real time assessment of stratigraphic location  Relation to markers  Position within porosity windows  Critical evaluation of wellpath shape Optimal landing using TVD logs Timeline estimates  Critical Formation tops  Casing points  Entering reservoir  Reaching TD Exhaustive daily and final reports Wireline Logging Supervision
    6. 6. Remote Geosteering - HowReal Time Monitoring - 24 hour supervision
    7. 7. Petrographer: Detailed DescriptionsHigh Quality Digital Photography
    8. 8. PetrographerStandardized and comparable sample descriptions Calgary Alberta | April 22nd, 2009 F.N.B.U.
    9. 9. Field Rover:Gas detectionSample CollectionDigital Photography
    10. 10. Field Digital Pictures - Clastics Trained Rover / Mudlogger EnCana Corporation
    11. 11. Monitor current rig operations, paying particularattention to nature of bottom hole assembly in thehole (slick, stiff, pendulum, directional, etc.).Although this is a drilling matter, the remotegeologist must understand all operations, andrecognize any deviations from the drilling program.If any deviations are observed, Client’s personnelare notified as per protocol.
    12. 12. Horizontal Path (Gamma, DH Pressure) EnCana Corporation
    13. 13. Directional Drilling Supervision Synergetic communication Collision AvoidancePlot wellpath into Petrel, and proactively evaluatewellpath position in relation to existing and plannedwellbores (provides an additional line of defense inthe avoidance wellbore collisions) EnCana Corporation
    14. 14. Additional Benefits Knowledge and resources shared in all compartments. Standardized internal and government reporting. Detailed daily reports, to be distributed within the company and to partners as needed. Everything stored on client’s dedicated data base, using consistent file naming protocol. Further reduction in cost is realized by reducing the required number of accommodations, Pason terminals and trailer transportation costs on the lease. EnCana Corporation
    15. 15. Petrel Completion - Daily Reporting EnCana Corporation
    16. 16. SteerRight™ In-House Software EnCana Corporation
    17. 17. Accurate Detail EnCana Corporation
    18. 18. Remote Geosteering Chinook Consulting EnCana Corporation