Techniques to help caregivers with Stress Related Issues


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strategies to decrease unwanted behaviors in children with autism.

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Techniques to help caregivers with Stress Related Issues

  1. 1. Strategies to decrease unwanted behaviors in children with autism
  2. 2. Romans 3:23 For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
  3. 3. There are tons of things out there to help decrease unwanted behaviors in children with autism.  PECS SYSTEM  IPAD  MEDICATIONS  ABA THERAPY
  4. 4. A PECS system is a set of pictures that can help the child with autism be able to communicate with pictures. To create PECS from home you must purchase:  A small binder  Regular construction paper  Laminate the construction paper sections  Whole punch them  Go on line and purchase some pictures or take and print your own  Place Velcro strips on back of pictures and on laminated construction pages
  5. 5. Some children with autism do better with electronic devices. Some apps that are helpful on the IPAD are:         Autism Tracker Autism apps Bugs and buttons Good night moon Magic Piano PBS app Toca Boca apps Wheels on the Bus
  6. 6. Some children with autism may display some aggressive behaviors or hyperactivity which cannot be controlled at home or school. There are some medications if a child displays hyperactivity or aggression and you can talk to the child’s psychiatrist about the options available. Some of the medications work and some don’t work you just have to unfortunately keep trying different ones to see what works best for the child. A few for aggression are:  Risperdal or several other antipsychotics  Zoloft or Prozac and other anti depressants  Depakote which is a mood stabilizer but has been said to have several side effects
  7. 7. A few medications prescribed for hyperactivity are:  Focalin  Adderal  Ritalin For sleep issues you can give your child melatonin you can go to or and get liquid melatonin for a younger child and depending on their weight your doctor will be able to let you know how much to give them.
  8. 8.     In the 1960’s Dr. Ivar Lovaas Pioneered Applied Behavior Analysis interventions to decreased severe challenging behaviors and establish communicative language. He sought to improve outcomes for early intervention for children with autism provided in their homes with parent participation. (2011, Smith). ABA Therapy is also known as behavior modification ABA Therapy teaches children with autism how to respond appropriately, how to make requests and to behave as a typical child would
  9. 9. Some other methods of help would be to read up on some material to help you with your child with autism.  A Treasure chest for behavioral strategies for individuals with autism  Let me Hear Your Voice by Catherine Maurice  Signing times DVD’s  Chewy tubes for PICA  Sensory toys or
  10. 10. I have included some information in the downloadable materials tab on how to create some safe spots in your home. Please check this out!
  11. 11. If you have any questions or comments you can email me or get a hold of me on Udemy. Thanks!