mhealth in cancer supportive care - how eSMART can improve quality of life

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several mhealth apps already in cancer care but lots need still to be done-patients want safely accessible, transferable data everywhere-eSMART project using ASyMS promises to improve the quality of …

several mhealth apps already in cancer care but lots need still to be done-patients want safely accessible, transferable data everywhere-eSMART project using ASyMS promises to improve the quality of life of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy- mhealth conference at Bocconi University - Milan

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  • Is however mobility the solution to unite silos of information or will it create new?
  • What do patients want from information technology? safely accessible and transferrable health care data everywhere
  • We, at ECPC see the possibilities offered by eSMART as an information safety net that will help patients avoid painful falls due to adverse events of their treatment. If eSMART proves what it promises, it will offer great help and assistance to distressed patients. Chemotherapy adverse events need prompt attention and no other means has the flexibility and the possibilities of mobile telephone. Besides, the project will collect data on real life adverse events that will constitute a data base of symptoms and relief measures.
  • The Advanced Symptom Management System allows patients to record their symptoms on a mobile telephone user friendly interface which are received by nurse who either alerts a physician if symptoms are serious or directs patient to information enabling him/her to take care of self.
  • This slide explains how Asyms will work


  • 1. mHealth in cancer supportive care How eSMART can improve quality of life? Kathi Apostolidis-Vice President ECPC-European Cancer Patient Coalition Milano, 4.04.2014
  • 2. What is ECPC-European Cancer Patient Coalition Cancer patient experience of chemotherapy mhealth and cancer patients eSMART project in supportive cancer care Cancer patients’ expectations from the introduction of mhealth in cancer supportive care
  • 3. ECPC: "Nothing about us, without us • Representing 341 cancer patient groups in 45 countries • All cancers – common and rare • Run and governed by patients • Promoting timely access to appropriate prevention, screening, early diagnosis, treatment and care for all cancer patients • Reducing disparity and inequity across the EU • Encouraging the advance of cancer research & innovation • Increasing cancer patients' influence over European health and research policy • High visibility with EU Commission, EU Parliament (MEP MAC), EMA
  • 4. ECPC Advocacy : bridging diversity to support cancer survivors Coordination & Advocacy
  • 5. Planned & Current Activities Working Groups: •Rare Cancers, Paediatric Oncology, Melanoma– Personalised Medicine, Head & Neck Cancers, Biobanking, Social Benefits & Employment, Access to Medicines & Radiotherapy • Research Projects:
  • 6. The experience of chemotherapy in cancer • Fear of the unknown • Lack of information • Working while in therapy • Anorexia, cachexia, anaemia, pain, sleep disturbance, fatigue, chemobrain, hair loss • Lack understanding of patients needs & preferences about work & therapy
  • 7. Keys to Better Cancer Patient Experience • Compassion • Communication • Personal • Practical • Access to Patient Records • Cancer Patients often travel to seek for better or expert care Who holds the keys?  The physician  The nurses  The family  Other patients  The internet & social media
  • 8. Survivorship • Not one meaning for “survivor” • Transition from intensive care to health care follow-up • Difficulties of resuming normal life • Rehabilitation services • Return to work • Where to turn for health care after the initial follow-up period?
  • 9. THE POWER Of HIT Health Information Technology Art slide from presentation of Regina Holliday
  • 10. Patients and mHealth  Promotes patient engagement->self-management  Provides educational resources for health & cancer care  Improves doctor-patient relationship  Supports caregivers’ mission  Creates personalization of healthcare -> better following of instructions - better outcomes  Convergence of many technologies -> simplification, convenience  Connects patients to their physicians & other patients  Applications specific for the needs of cancer patients
  • 11. Mobile technologies in cancer: Enablers of patient empowerment
  • 12. Barriers to Adoption of mHealth • Nebulous regulatory guidance • Lack of reliability, security/privacy • Lack of mobile strategy by providers • Lack of smart phones by older patients • High cost of mobile internet • Low digital & health literacy in patients over 50years of age
  • 13. mHealth and silos of knowledge & information
  • 14. Mobility increases number of Silos Mobile App for health professionals Patient access App to a portal (appointments, reminders, access to results and records). Device specific cloud-based personal health management application Interoperability challenges in the deployment of mHealth Specific Healthcare IT system or device within a care delivery organization: EMR, PACS/RIS, etc. Portal of a specific Healthcare delivery organization: hospital, insurance, laboratory, etc. Personal health management app either stand-alone or connected
  • 15. Patients demand for Interoperability & Access to their information © DG INFSO
  • 16. eSMART tends an information safety net
  • 17. Advanced Symptom Management System ASyMS ASyMS eSMART project slide
  • 18. ASyMS: Home Chemotherapy Monitoring Self-care Respons e Acute care Patient completes ASyMS symptom questionnaire eSMART project slide
  • 19. What patients expect from mhealth Patients need open access toTHEIR DATA Use Standards for this if possible
  • 20. (change footnote using Menu "View > Change headline/footnote") Thank you for your attention Website : Twitter: @cancereu Facebook: European Cancer Patient Coalition YouTube: ecpcTV email: Artwork graciously borrowed from Art Cancer Advocate Regina Holliday #TheWalkingGallery CHAMPIONING THE INTERESTS OF EUROPEAN CANCER PATIENTS