Social Media Bootcamp - Day 2

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Social Media Bootcamp slides from day 2, reviewing goals, audience, and best practices for social media platforms. Presentation by Marissa Wasseluk, adapted from slides by Demetrio Maguigad and Bryan …

Social Media Bootcamp slides from day 2, reviewing goals, audience, and best practices for social media platforms. Presentation by Marissa Wasseluk, adapted from slides by Demetrio Maguigad and Bryan Breckinridge.

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  • A lot of you are wondering WHY
  • Tactics encompass the learning and use of tools and providing the time to reach the goals. A lot of people forget that social media is SOCIAL, so these are things that you should be doing
  • Twitter is the place where people pass along information. It is set up to share stories. If you post something interesting, it might get shared over and over and over. Or, as they say on Twitter, retweeted. Give your organization a voice – one that people want to hear.
  • From Twitter’s blog in March 2011 Avg. # of Twitter accounts each day for month of March 182% increase in # of mobiles users in past year
  • From Cook Memorial Library. It’s good to mix it up. Events, new tools, responses, questions.
  • And this could be applied to other social media tools as well.
  • Give your audiences a game to play. Social media is playful by nature.
  • And here – the light hearted post. Social media is playful by nature, and I like to see groups finding a unique voice on Facebook and Twitter.


  • 1. Social Media Bootcamp Day 2 – Tools and Tactics
  • 2. Let’s Review!
  • 3. online users: technographics & categories
    • creators
    • conversationalists
    • critics
    • collectors
    • joiners
    • spectators
    • In-actives
    } influencers organizers { } majority
  • 4. Social Media Planning
    • people: what are they ready for? where are they? what level of engagement are they at?
    • objectives: what do you want to do to achieve your goals? what will be accomplished?
    • strategies: what will change and how? how will it be measured?
    • technology, tools & tactics: what are the best tools to help you get there?
  • 5. Social Media Planning: Strategies
    • Identify the process (listening for research, conversing to create market buzz, rally key fans, nurture a community, include customers to improve products)
    • Identify what it is you want to change if you are successful with your objectives.
    • Identify how you will measure these changes.
    • Learn to adapt to changes in the process
  • 6. Let’s Look at the Homework! Tactics
    • Look for trends in your answers
    • Identify keywords
    • Identify key players
    • Find them on Twitter. Find them on Facebook. LISTEN TO THEM.
  • 7. listening and monitoring participating in conversations generating buzz creating and sharing multimedia content nurturing a community tools time
  • 8. Twitter RT @MWenergynews: GM breaks ground on solar project at Chevy Volt assembly plant outside Detroit #solar
  • 9. WHY Twitter Replacing RSS feeds for some 8% of adults on Twitter But who? Leaders, news watchers, trend setters Avg. 460,000 new Twitter accounts each day 182% increase in # of mobile users
  • 10. Twitter
  • 11. What you should be doing on Twitter
  • 12. 1. Create a personable avatar and profile 2. Use hashtags but make them short 3. Search, Listen & Follow 4. Retweet relevant tweets to your followers 5. Always reply to tweets directed to you 6. Create lists
  • 13. What you should be doing on Facebook
  • 14. Build a strategy that is social by design Create an authentic voice Make it interactive Nurture your relationships Keep learning Facebook Best Practice Guide
  • 15. Facebook
  • 16. 1. Allow more then one administrator 2. Open the space to your fans 3. Create unique experiences for your fans 4. Use Facebook Ads & other tools 5. Introduce and provide context to content you share 6. Communicate visually
  • 17. Facebook
  • 18. What you should be doing with Linkedin
  • 19. Build Your Brand
  • 20.
    • Share the causes you care about
    • Encourage your board members/donors/volunteers and employees to add the field to their profile
    Use the network to build your brand
  • 21. Grow Your Community
  • 22. Create a presence on Company Pages
  • 23. Send updates to your followers
  • 24. What you should be doing with your Blog
  • 25. 1. Read other blogs and link 2. Respond to other blogs or comment 3. Create conversations based on four basic goals 4. Be inclusive 5. Share your posts across platforms 6. Be timely and always appropriately tag and categorize your stories
  • 26.