Social Media Bootcamp 2013 - Session 3


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Engagement & Measurement on social media platforms

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  • IntroductionDemetrio Maguigad
  • How do you get people to like you? HAVE A PLAN!
  • We didn’t talk about the 4 basic goals of communications, but they were covered in your worksheets and these 4 goals are a great framework for your day-to-day messaging online
  • How do you know people to like you?
  • This is an estimate. You can accurately measure by how many people clicked through your post. Check the Insights section of the admin or visit the ‘insights’ page for a more elaborate view.
  • The difference between reach & engagement – measuring click throughsTake a look at the workshop’s insightsVisit & view video at
  • Let’s check your KLOUT!
  • Creating an online communications strategy by developing a social media policy and plan of actionExample of problem and developing strategy:Strategy Center LA
  • Social Media Bootcamp 2013 - Session 3

    1. 1. social media bootcamp session 3 – engagement & measurementAdriana Diaz & Marissa WasselukCommunity Media -- marissa@newstips.orgFollow on Twitter @npcommunicator
    2. 2. *OH SNAP!*A QUIZ!!!
    3. 3. social media plan review
    4. 4. Social Media Planning• audience: what are they ready for? where are they? what level of engagement are they at?• objectives: what do you want to do to achieve your goals? what will be accomplished?• strategies: what is your approach? what is the process?• technology, tools & tactics: what are the best tools to help you get there?• outcomes & analysis: what will be measured? what are the indicators of change or success?
    5. 5. MYTH•If you build it (website, blog, facebook page), they will come…People will not visit you online unless you first have astrategy to invite them there.
    6. 6. DEFINE YOUR GOALSFOUR BASIC GOALS OFCOMMUNICATION: – Inform – Educate – Persuade – Entertain
    7. 7. GOALSYou should be able to quantify or qualify real measurable resultsYour goals should always support your organization’smissionAcquire the appropriate tools to measure your success
    8. 8. UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE•What do you like about your friends?•Give the people what they want.•Where is your audience?
    9. 9. HAVE A PLAN•―Think Strategically, Act Tactically…‖• Consider the tools you need so you don’texhaust your resources
    10. 10. Measuring your engagement: Facebook
    11. 11. Measuring your engagement: Facebook
    12. 12. Other Tools for management and measuring analytics• Klout• SproutSocial• Hootsuite
    13. 13. Dashboards Manage social accountsStreamline your communications
    14. 14. What you should bedoing on Dashboards
    15. 15. 1. Import Facebook profile and pages,Twitter, Linkedin and other social profiles2. Launch statuses across platforms3. Search and save streams4. Coordinate with other staff 5. Manage your time 6. Add other admins
    16. 16. :: break ::
    17. 17. Hello,
    18. 18. MYTHSocial Media is FREE!Although most online social media tools are FREE ofcost, BUT to be successful you need to invest your time to besuccessful.
    19. 19. BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHERThink Strategically—Have a planUnderstand tactics to manage your time and make the mostfrom your online communicatingDefine what needs to be done first, then choose your toolsIdentify how you’ve made an impact by using metrics
    20. 20. BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER It’s time to reflect.
    21. 21. Q+Adiscussion