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Social Media Overview - Local Reporting Initiative
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Social Media Overview - Local Reporting Initiative


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  • Further resources:

    Measuring Facebook Engagement video -

    Google Analytics Overview video -

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  • Who I am, who the workshop isVoice to the voicelessWhat I love about social mediaLet’s talk about the impact it’s had on communication
  • Today we’re going to talk about social media planning; in front of you you have a worksheet that also covers social media policy
  • Web 1.0, static web pages where people just read information.
  • Dynamic websites allowed content creators to broadcast and share across multiple platforms. Users can also participate, add comments to content, generate discussions and host other people’s content on their own websites or preferred platforms.
  • How many of you have a facebook profile? How many of you have a brand page? How many are thinking of creating a page?Still #1 because it’s the best at engaging audienceLet’s look at the facebook Interface Timeline navigation (buttons up top when you scroll & along the side)
  • Facebook groups are for a small group of individuals to interact, like a list serv
  • Profile IdentifierCover PhotoAvatar PhotoBasic Info BoxTabs – shortcuts to other pages within your facebook pageAbout Page ShortcutStatus Update box – where you tell everyone what’s up with pictures, videos, & text!Timeline Shortcut – find any post you made during the time you were on facebook just by remembering the datePosted StatusRecommendations – “recommending” is an option for end users when they visit your facebook page. They will see an open box when they visit your page where they can fill in a positive or negative review. TIP - Monitor this section & reach out to bad reviews!Wall Comments – what people are saying on your facebook wallAdmin Panel
  • Your admin panel is the control center of your page, and as Facebook page admin, your best friend.Here you can see what your audience is saying, what they’re saying to you specifically, who the new members of your audience are, and how effective your posts are
  • Manage permissions – watch out for trolls! You can block them here!Assign Roles – Facebook explains how you, as admin, can control how other people post on your page (content providers you specify, not end users).More on insights later…Live view of CMW’s Admin features – explore these
  • This is an estimate. You can accurately measure by how many people clicked through your post. Check the Insights section of the admin or visit the ‘insights’ page for a more elaborate view.
  • The difference between reach & engagement – measuring click throughsTake a look at the workshop’s insightsVisit & view video at
  • A GOOD EXAMPLE OF AN OPTIMIZED PAGE - In spite of recent events, LIVESTRONG foundation still has an awesome facebookfanpage, and even uses it to state their opinion of recent events in the news & help offset the controversy by informing the public of their stance on what happened with Lance and his ‘roid abuse. view of Community Media Workshop PageHOW TO: Pin PostHOW TO: Highlight postsHOW TO: Create custom Tabs
  • Example – of buttons – 111x74
  • WHY? Actually an important part of advocacyFind people who wouldn’t otherwise know your organization get to know those peopleFind new conversations based on topicTwitter updates happen in REAL-Time – pros & cons of that
  • A tool that connects users through short, real-time updatesThrough twitter site, but also text messaging, smart phone apps, browser add-ons and other softwareUpdates in 140 characters or lessReferrer to your site
  • Tweets are the new press release A well-maintained Twitter presence can help frame your organization and its leaders as major players Watch video from New News
  • Listening to conversations on public transitLet’s take a look at the Twitter interface on npcommunicatorDECONSTRUCT A lot of conversation happening – twitter is built for that. Don’t get confused by knowing what to listen for & how to listen
  • Hashtags are keywords that become hotlinksActually helps track the ROI of your tweets
  • Green things you find in Google AnalyticsStandard Reporting> Traffic Sources > Social > Conversions2. Social Sources – which can be found in Standard Reporting (Traffic Sources > Social > ources), tracks which social networks are referring you the most traffic.   3. Social Sharing – which can be found in Standard Reporting (Traffic Sources > Social > ources and clicking the Activity Stream tab), tracks your content as it is shared off of your site and on other networks. 
  • Every one of these platforms can some how host a video.
  • we are all visual creatures, creating a video is a good way to connect to your audience – to appeal to their emotionsBig players - Youtube vs. Vimeo Tag your videos – even post transcripts in the description.All big 5 can host video
  • we are all visual creatures, creating a video is a good way to connect to your audience – to appeal to their emotionsBig players - Youtube vs. Vimeo Tag your videos – even post transcripts in the description.All big 5 can host video
  • Now that we have our content, let’s talk about FORM
  • Phase 2
  • What’s a key word?BoilerplatePhase 2 Keyword exercise
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 2 Metadata is essentially Data about data
  • Once you’ve made the correct selections, you can then copy your script into your site. The script should go at the top of the page right before the </head> tag – some content management systems give you a special place to enter tracking scripts. Be familiar with what you have to make sure you’re installing the script correctly.You can also choose to email the instructions to your webmaster just below the box that contains the code.Voila! Basic tracking is set up and installed on your site. There is usually a delay in reporting under the “Standard Reporting” section of Google Analytics, sometimes a few hours, sometimes a few minutes. To see traffic to your site immediately, check out the “Real Time” tracking available within analytics.
  • Transcript

    • 1. SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGY+TACTICS+TOLSPresented by Marissa Wasseluk
    • 2. GOALSWhat we will be covering: Strategies and overview of the Social Web Tools: Which ones? How do we best use them? Tactics: Things for the day-to-day How to measure your efforts
    • 3. Traditional publicSocial media V S. relations Converse & and Inform an audience engage with an to grab its attention audience TIME SENSITIVE REAL TIME, IMMEDIATE
    • 4. HAVE A PLAN―Think Strategically, Act Tactically…‖
    • 5. FORMULATING YOUR SOCIAL MEDIAPLAN What platforms will be most effective for your use? Who will speak for you?  Organizational voice or Individuals? How will you deal with audience responses or negative feedback?  How can you rally your online support system?
    • 8. CHOOSING YOUR TOOLSIdentifythe problem or issue first Establish a plan and define your goals Identify the tools to help you reach your goals
    • 9. FACEBOOKcommunity platform push & pull
    • 10. FACEBOOKIndividual Profile Vs. Organization Page Interact with other  Restrictions on profiles on a personal interactions with level individual profiles Cannot measure (one-sided friendship) audience response  Can measure Limit to the number audience of friends  No limit to the number of fans  Indexed for SEO
    • 12. Cover Admin Photo Panel Avata r Photo Basic Tabs Info BoxStatusUpdate TimelineBox shortcut WallPosted commentStatus s Recommendatio ns
    • 13. ANATOMY OF A FAN PAGE The admin panel is your best friend!
    • 14. ANATOMY OF A FAN PAGE Use the admin panel to:  Edit the page information & look  Manage Permissions  Control who sees your page, who sees what on your page, unpublish or delete your page  Assign ―roles‖ to content providers  View your ―insights‖
    • 18. WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING ONFACEBOOK Optimize your page  Make sure your brand is represented through visuals  Cover photo, avatar, button images  Create custom tabs  Make it scannable  Pin posts  Highlight posts in your timeline
    • 19. OPTIMIZING TIMELINEBranding  Custom cover and tabs (ie. Livestrong)FavoritingBookmarking
    • 20. 1. Allow more than one administrator 2. Open the space to your fans 3. Create unique experiences for your fans 4. Use Facebook Ads & other tools5. Introduce and provide context to content you share 6. Communicate visually
    • 21. TWITTER Listen & monitorTweet speaks to all Follow & shareImmediate & wide
    • 22. WHAT IS TWITTER? Micro-blogging platform  Links to items on the internet  Collects comments in real time  Answers the question, ??? ―What are you doing right now?‖
    • 23. WHY TWITTER?• Reach out to influencers & build relationships• Creates online interactions around real world events• A well-maintained Twitter presence can frame your organization and its leaders as major players
    • 24. TWITTER IS LIKE…
    • 25. Retweet/ ScreenModified tweet names Hashtags Shortened URL
    • 26. WHAT’S A HASHTAG?How does it work?
    • 27. #LRI2013
    • 29. WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING ONTWITTER Listeningand monitoring Use the SEARCH function Find conversations Engage in conversations already happening Hashtag& Mention
    • 30. MEASURING YOUR EFFORTS ONTWITTER Followers Retweets Mentions Conversion Report Social Sources Social Sharing
    • 31. ADDINGVIDEOEvery one of the “top 5” social media platformscan somehow host a video.
    • 32. WHY VIDEO  Video is a good way to connect to your audience – to appeal to their emotions  Big players - Youtube vs. Vimeo
    • 33. MEASURING VIDEO  Views  Favorites  Interactions  Dashboard graph  Social media metrics of where the video was posted/ embedded
    • 34. SEO
    • 35. SEO: THE NITTY GRITTY STUFFMATTERSKeyword-rich headlinesInternal/external linksTags
    • 36. ANATOMY OF AN OPTIMIZED POST Title / Header Lead Share Button s
    • 37. KEYWORDS Always use appropriate and relevant tags and keywords to a post or page.  Find your keywords!
    • 38. KEYWORDS Add alternative titles, tags and descriptions to photos and other multimedia content embedded on a page.  Cat, kitten, lolcat, icanha zcheesburger cat, funny cat picture, cat cheeseburger meme
    • 39. SEO BEST PRACTICES Create content consistently and often Use keywords, tags and metadata Keep your site and content organized Be social and share your content
    • 40. GOOGLE ANALYTICS Sign up & follow directions Get tracking code Paste tracking code in CSS before </head> or in post before </body>
    • 42. BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHERThink Strategically—Have a planUnderstand tactics to manage your time and make themost from your online communicatingDefine what needs to be done first, then choose yourtoolsIdentify how you’ve made an impact by using metrics
    • 43. Q+A