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Leveraging Linkedin for Nonprofits emphasizes the importance of using the Linkedin platform to garner support, rally new advocates, and create discussion using Linkedin Groups.

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  • Why your nonprofit needs to stop ignoring linkedin
  • Follow and share the way you would on Facebook
  • Follow the prompts
  • Follow the prompts
  • Quick tour of your profile page Follow and share the way you would on Facebook - status updates and links
  • What’s great about Linkedin Groups
  • Live demo
  • Pump yourselfthat way
  • Leveraging linkedin

    1. 1. LeveragingLinkedinfor your NonprofitMarissa WasselukNew Media AssociateCommunity Media Workshophttp://www.linkedin.com/in/mpwasseluk
    2. 2. Today’s Goals• Understand new ways to reach out to advocates• Learn how to create and optimize your organization’s company page• Understand the creation and use of Linkedingroups and effective audience engagement through Linkedin
    3. 3. The Importance of Linkedin
    4. 4. The Importance of Linkedin• Puts your nonprofit in front of new donors• Connects corporate donors to your cause• A new and different social channel that provides new opportunities of exposure!
    5. 5. Linkedin Best Practice:• Build your presence – Create and claim your organization’s page – Have all employees, board members, and volunteers link to it in their individual profiles • Follow and share your company page
    6. 6. Your Organizational Page• Creating your page – What you’ll need • A Linkedin Account • An company-owned e-mail domain • Your organization logo • A 4-line organization overview / mission statement (preferably containing an “ask”)
    7. 7. Your Organizational Page• Creating your page
    8. 8. Your Organizational Page
    9. 9. Your Organizational Page
    10. 10. Your Organizational Page
    11. 11. Your Organizational Page• Optimizing your page – Take advantage of all social features • (edit your settings to connect) • Show your blog posts – Keep it as professional and complete as possible • Logo, description, website link, put your org in the correct category
    12. 12. Adding Updates to Your Organizational Page• You can only update your organization’s status if you are admin of your organization’s page!
    13. 13. Adding Updates to Your Organizational PageTo add administrators to your page, find theadmin toolsbutton on the right-hand side of your organizational page and click edit.
    14. 14. Adding Updates to Your Organizational Page The first thing you will see is the heading Company Pages Admins Click the option that says designated users onlyA box will appear wherein you can type the names of people you are connected to in your organization.
    15. 15. Adding Updates toYour Organizational Page The people you chose will be admins of your organizational page and will see the status box (as seen below) any time they view the organization’s Linkedin page from their personal account page. They now wield the power to update the organization’s status on Linkedin.
    16. 16. It All Comes Back to You!• Create an InMap to view where your connections are – http://inmaps.linkedinlabs.com/• Make sure your connections see how you’re connected to your org and other orgs. – Add volunteer work & causes!
    17. 17. Linkedin Best Practice:• Treat Linkedin like Facebook (but you know, with that air of professionalism)• Have a clear heading and succinct summary
    18. 18. Reaching Out to Advocates• Connect connect connect!• Ask! Ask! Ask! – Mobilize your ambassadors!
    19. 19. Reaching Out to Advocates• Encourage your staff to complete their profiles and connect
    20. 20. Reaching Out to Advocates• Using a group – Connect people interested in the same subjects – Make announcements and updates to like-minded people – Connect people in the same geographic region – Relate to a professional organization – Position you and/or your organization as a Thought Leader
    21. 21. How to Create aLinkedin Group
    22. 22. How to Find & Use a Linkedin Group• Groups allow you to connect with like-minded people – Same passions! – Same hobbies! – Professional associations!
    23. 23. Q&A