How to Create a Fierce Facebook Fan Page


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My pop culture reference-heavy presentation on Facebook tactics to build your audience and brand.

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  • Facebook is now the 2nd most visited site in the world after Google time spent on Facebook is higher than on any other site in most countries. It is clear that Facebook is an important component of any social media marketing plan, if not the most important.
  • How do you define “social” in your every day life?
  • People often forget that social media is SOCIAL, So if you find that your social media efforts are NOT working, change your approach to the platforms.Get to know your audience.Talk TO your audience, not AT them. MORE ON THAT LATER
  • RANDOM TIP!If you have worked out your social media communications policy, share it with your audience. Always good to be transparent.The rules and regulations of conduct (both yours & theirs) should be easily found from your social media platformsSome orgs put their social media policy in the about section of their fb page
  • Much like The Humane Society did.That way you are clear about expectations and moderation – state the rights you reserve as owner of the pageSome of you may be wondering where to find the “ABOUT” page and how to fill it in. WELL…Source: Inbound Marketing Zombie
  • Profile IdentifierCover PhotoAvatar PhotoBasic Info BoxTabs – shortcuts to other pages within your facebook pageAbout Page ShortcutStatus Update box – where you tell everyone what’s up with pictures, videos, & text!Timeline Shortcut – find any post you made during the time you were on facebook just by remembering the datePosted StatusRecommendations – “recommending” is an option for end users when they visit your facebook page. They will see an open box when they visit your page where they can fill in a positive or negative review. TIP - Monitor this section & reach out to bad reviews!Wall Comments – what people are saying on your facebook wallAdmin Panel
  • Your admin panel is the control center of your page, and as Facebook page admin, your best friend.Here you can see what your audience is saying, what they’re saying to you specifically, who the new members of your audience are, and how effective your posts are
  • Manage permissions – watch out for trolls! You can block them here!Assign Roles – Facebook explains how you, as admin, can control how other people post on your page (content providers you specify, not end users).More on insights later…Live view of CMW’s Admin features – explore these
  • A GOOD EXAMPLE OF AN OPTIMIZED PAGE - In spite of recent events, LIVESTRONG foundation still has an awesome facebookfanpage, and even uses it to state their opinion of recent events in the news & help offset the controversy by informing the public of their stance on what happened with Lance and his ‘roid abuse. view of Community Media Workshop PageHOW TO: Pin PostHOW TO: Highlight postsHOW TO: Create custom Tabs
  • Show them how to search in FB for FBMLDo it all live.
  • Pass out sales6 handout
  • People scan Facebook; they don’t read it. The shorter the better! Longer posts are less engaging.The proof - Buddy Media research shows that Facebook posts with 80 characters or less receive 66 percent higher fan engagement, and posts that are less than 40 characters in length receive 86 percent higher engagement.Pictures – we are innately visual creatures; people scanning their feed are more likely to stop for an eye-catching image
  • Interesting content can be added to wall posts in the form of links, photos and videos. The two most effective types of brand posts contain a single photo or use only words. According to Buddy Media, status-only posts receive 94 percent higher than average engagement.If you are asking your audience to do something, just ask them to do ONE THING. Because they’re scanning and attention spans are short, getting overly complicated will produce little results. Your fans will follow your instructions; the simpler the instruction, the better.
  • ACTIVITY!!!And then break.
  • Ask the group after the ACTIVITY!!There’s something about them that attracts you to them, keeps you coming back for more
  • ENGAGING your audience & getting folks to ‘like’ you
  • What motivates people to ‘like’ your page?Other could mean an ask, they could like the content you post across platforms…
  • Your fans want to interact with you.Think of a movie star or sports star – you like them because they are somehow relatable – you’d love it if they actually interacted with you– I follow Jessica Alba because I feel like I can relate to her. Maybe you like Sally Field.
  • How do you engage your audience?
  • Links - No need to use URL shorteners in FB, in fact that decreases engagement – I suppose ppl don’t trust indirect links.Images – we are visual creatures, and an image inatelyillicits responseAsk your fans to put you on their interest list. Interest lists are kind of like Twitter Lists – they filter noise by highlighting what is interesting to the fan and makes it more prominent in their feed. This increases your exposure to the fan and their friends – other ppl can describe to the list.Respond to your users! Social media is SOCIAL, and interaction is key! if someone asked for a photo, give it to them! Say something like “you asked for it, so here it is!” Acknowledgement is really important. It’s not only polite to acknowledge people’s interest, but it can take things to a new level if you continue to interact about a particular topic. You never know what you might learn or what good might come from it.
  • You can do what Old Navy did - Celebrate a milestone with an incentive
  • But sometimes even though you’re pushing out great content, and incentivizing, you feel like you’ve plateau-ed with the amount of new fans.You might want to try Facebook ads.
  • You might want to consider purchasing a facebook ad1) The Perfect HeadlineAsk a question •Identify your users specifically by their interests, location, etc.2) The Perfect Picture•Grab their attention •Use bright colors & easily recognizable images3) The Perfect Copy •Make a promise * Give a Call to Action - Tell your users what action to take
  • GOOD - Short, Direct Headline •Attention-Grabbing Pictures •Concise Text With A Clear Call to ActionBAD - Confusing Headline •Unclear Picture •Too Much Text & No Call to ActionMight want to talk about budgets & pay per click.
  • FB started this new thing called “offers” – like a coupon. To create an offer you need a budget, an optional redemption code, an expiration date and set terms and conditions. Like ads, it’s Pay-per-clickPromoted Posts are ads slipped into your target audience’s feeds. You’ve probably seen this in your feed, they are posts marked ‘sponsored’.Whenever you Timing – They say the best time to post is early in the week, in the afternoon – Monday at 2 p.m.Depends on your audience. Take a look at your personal insights for the times when you’ve seen the most engagement
  • Let’s talk about insights. Take a look at that update you created earlier.
  • This is an estimate. You can accurately measure by how many people clicked through your post. Check the Insights section of the admin or visit the ‘insights’ page for a more elaborate view.
  • The difference between reach & engagement – measuring click throughsTake a look at the workshop’s insightsVisit & view video at
  • Now you’re equipped to start your page & engage!
  • How to Create a Fierce Facebook Fan Page

    1. 1. Creating a FierceFacebook Fan Page Marissa Wasseluk New Media Associate
    2. 2. Why Facebook?
    3. 3. Today’s Goals!• Basic Facebook management and tools• How to create an appealing Facebookpage• Tips and tricks of engaging your Facebookfans• How to analyze and adapt to Facebookinsights
    4. 4. Defining Social
    5. 5. Defining Social• Connecting• Collaborating•Interacting• Engaging
    6. 6. Here’s a TIP! Add your rules of conduct on facebook –what you expect from your users – to your “About” section
    7. 7. Here’s a TIP!
    8. 8. Anatomy of aFacebook Fan Page
    9. 9. Cover Admin Photo Panel Avatar Photo Basic Tabs Info BoxStatusUpdate TimelineBox shortcut WallPosted commentsStatus Recommendations
    10. 10. Anatomy of a Fan Page• The admin panel is your best friend!
    11. 11. Anatomy of a Fan Page• Use the admin panel to: – Edit the page information & look – Manage Permissions • Control who sees your page, who sees what on your page, unpublish or delete your page – Assign “roles” to content providers – View your “insights”
    12. 12. What you should be doing on Facebook• Optimize your page – Make sure your brand is represented through visuals • Cover photo, avatar, button images • Create custom tabs – Make it scannable • Pin posts • Highlight posts in your timeline
    13. 13. HOW TO: Create a Custom Tab• You will need: – A picture that visually represents the page your tab links to, sized at 111 x 74 px – To download the Static FBML application – A little HTML knowledge
    14. 14. HOW TO: Create a Custom Tab• Search for FBML app• Install it• “Allow” it• Follow the Prompts
    15. 15. PostingBest Practices
    16. 16. Keep it short.• People don’t read, they scan. Use Pictures!• People don’t read! They scan!
    17. 17. Here’s a TIP!Highlighting a photo in your fan page’s timeline will make your page more scannable and engaging!
    18. 18. Avoid complicated wall posts.• DO just ONE thing per post• Ask your audience to do just ONE thing
    19. 19. An Effective Post
    20. 20. Let’s post an update!
    21. 21. Tell me why you like your real friends
    22. 22. Here’s a TIP!Build trust with your audience through engaging content
    23. 23. Snippet from an Infographic based on research from Lab 42’smarket research on brand engagement through social media in 2013
    24. 24. Snippet from an Infographic based on research from Lab 42’smarket research on brand engagement through social media in 2013
    25. 25. Tactics for Engagement
    26. 26. Tactics for Engagement• Text Posts – Ask questions – Fill in the Blank• Links• Images• Interest Lists -• Respond!
    27. 27. Tactics for Engagement• Offer incentives
    28. 28. Here’s a TIP!Your “Virality” factor depends on your friends & how you treat them
    29. 29. Comic by
    30. 30. Creating a Facebook Ad Source:
    31. 31. Facebook Ad ExamplesGOOD! BAD.
    32. 32. More Options!•Facebook Offers•Promoted Posts• Time your posts
    33. 33. What about that update?
    34. 34. Measuring your engagement
    35. 35. Measuring your engagement
    36. 36. THANK YOU!
    37. 37. Q&ADon’t forget to LIKE us on facebook!