How To Be Twitter Literate


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  • A tool that connects users through short, real-time updatesThrough twitter site, but also text messaging, smart phone apps, browser add-ons and other softwareUpdates in 140 characters or lessReferrer to your site
  • Listening to conversations on public transitLet’s take a look at the Twitter interface on npcommunicatorDECONSTRUCT A lot of conversation happening – twitter is built for that. Don’t get confused by knowing what to listen for & how to listen
  • Actually an important part of advocacyFind people who wouldn’t otherwise know your organization get to know those peopleTwitter updates happen in REAL-Time – pros & cons of that
  • Tweets are the new press release A well-maintained Twitter presence can help frame your organization and its leaders as major players Watch video from New News
  • Your pic & your bio are what make you seem crediblePics are 73 px squareDon’t be afraid to Tweet!
  • Profile photos
  • We call these people influencersIf you want to become an influencer, align yourself with already established influencers.Perform a search and save it
  • Hashtags are keywords that become hotlinks
  • The key things to remember are to keep it to the point, outline your absolute key interests/hobbies and try to add in some personality too. Make it sound a bit fun or different instead of using a lot of boring key words like #SEO #socialmedia #websites etc.
  • These are what make you seem credible to your audience – first impressions are key to collecting followers
  • Social media is SOCIALScroll through your timeline – what are people buzzing about? How can you join that conversation?- Live view of Trending topics
  • It is OK to do both these things, but NOT OK to do too much of it.
  • Engage your audience
  • 1. Their staff will be notified you’re talking about them2. Makes searches easier3. URLs & embeds make them Easier to share
  • Play telephone
  • Lists help monitor your audience & filter out the noise
  • Real-time examples – 1. check your settings in both accounts. They will ask you if you want to link2. hootsuite, sprout social3. Worksheet
  • Hashtags will help you follow conversationsLists will help you listen to key conversationalists *** EXERCISE *** Find a conversationalist with a hashtagWhat topics are important to your cause? Do a search in Twitter for that topic
  • Red Cross mix up anecdote
  • How To Be Twitter Literate

    1. 1. How to BecomeTwitter Literate Marissa Wasseluk New Media Associate @marissapaige
    2. 2. Today’s GOALS• Understand the anatomy of a Tweet and basic functions of Twitter• How to create Twitter lists that are useful and focused• Crafting effective messages with twitter• How to easily add twitter to your daily workflow• Tips to help you listen and monitor online conversations about your organization, program or issue.
    3. 3. What is Twitter?• Micro-blogging platform – Links to items on the internet – Collects comments in real time ??? – Answers the question, “What are you doing right now?”
    4. 4. Twitter is like…
    5. 5. WHY Twitter?• Tweet speaks to all• Immediate, wide reach• Listen & monitor audience• Find new conversations
    6. 6. WHY Twitter?• Reach out to influencers & build relationships• Creates online interactions around real world events• A well-maintained Twitter presence can frame your organization and its leaders as major players
    7. 7. Getting Started• SIGN UP!• Add an avatar picture• Add your bio• TWEET!
    8. 8. Getting Started• SIGN UP!• Add an avatar picture
    9. 9. Getting Started• Search• Save a search• Follow people who have conversations you want to listen to
    10. 10. Retweet/ Screen namesModified tweet Hashtags Shortened URL
    11. 11. What’s a HASHTAG? How does it work?
    12. 12. Twitter To Do’s• Choose a memorable, screen name – Choose your name if you can! – Use as few characters as possible• Have an interesting bio – Make sure it accurately represents your brand or what you’re currently doing.
    13. 13. Twitter To Do’s• Have a good profile picture• Add your location
    14. 14. Twitter To Do’s• Talk to people!• Add commentary to shares• Retweet + respond
    15. 15. Twitter To Don’ts• Don’t Sell too much• Don’t Be too repetitive• Don’t mass-follow looking for follow-backs indiscriminately
    16. 16. An Effective Tweet• Spell things correctly• Be grammatically correct!
    17. 17. An Effective Tweet• Link to updates & resources from your blog or website• Call to action• Open questions
    18. 18. An Effective Tweet• Find the screen names of people & places you mention in your tweets• Spell out important items• Every tweet you send has its own URL & embed code
    19. 19. The Magic & Power of RT
    20. 20. The Magic & Power of RT• A “RT” expands your reach!• Don’t be afraid to ask for a RT• MT = modified tweet
    21. 21. HOW TO: Make a List
    22. 22. HOW TO: Make Tweeting Easier• Link your Facebook&Linkedin Accounts• Use a third-party client to streamline your workflow• Make Tweeting a part of your daily routine!
    23. 23. RECAPWhat you should be doing on Twitter
    24. 24. 1. Create a personable avatar and profile 2. Use hashtags but make them short 3. Search, Listen & Follow4. Retweet relevant tweets to your followers 5. Always reply to tweets directed to you 6. Create lists
    25. 25. Think Before You Tweet!• Are you posting from the right screen name?• Is everything spelled correctly?• What’s the main idea of this tweet?• Ask yourself, “Is this useful? Would I click on it?”
    26. 26. Q&AMarissa WasselukNew Media Associate @marissapaige