Content Marketing 101 for Nonprofits


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  • We’re going to talk about the what’s and the why’s
  • Content Marketing isn’t new. & it’s not new to nonprofits. Raise your hand if you do any of these things…See?CM’s just getting more attention with the advent of social media, it’s become a more prevalent tactic.You’ll notice that not all these types of content are electronic, therefore content marketing DOES NOT EQUAL SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGSocial media is actually ranked the 3rd most effective content marketing tactic, under in-person events & enewsletters according to a 2013 study by blackbaud
  • DO NOT SELL too much! You’ll turn off your audienceNow that we know the What’s of CM, let’s move on to the WHYS
  • Creating content will help humanize your brand
  • A goal of content marketing is to humanize your brand – creating your own content gives you a chance to speakWe have a worksheet on voice!
  • Your “only” is a lot like your missionIt might be one thing, or it might be several things.If not, you’ve found your “only”But if what you wrote down can apply to another nonprofit, then you need to do some more soul searching. And it might be a painful process—no one wants to have their organization’s whole reason for existence called into question.But if YOU don’t know why your organization is special, your potential donors sure don’t5minutes – hold onto the results, we’ll talk more about it later
  • Cat videos? Recipes? Don’t know what your cheese is? Look at your analytics to see what people are clicking on most!
  • Our broccoli – come to our anti-violence panelOur cheese – pictures & media “inside the Workshop”, Studs, connections to big namesToday’s FB Feed – what makes it broccoli? What makes it cheese?
  • Once you’ve found your “only,” think about how your organization is perceived by your donors and the public. Do THEY understand why you’re unique? Or do they think of you as just one of many indistinguishable groups working on the same issue?Then, it’s time to plan how to better show your “only” to your donors. Show them why a donation to you will accomplish things that just can’t happen anywhere else. Show them what the world would look like if you didn’t exist. Not a pretty picture, right?FOR EXAMPLE
  • Created a web series called Start Something to show the impact of their workPlay!
  • Created an infographic to illustrate the impact of their workAND REPURPOSED IT into a videoPlay!
  • You all remember Batkid, yes?And why? Because Make A Wish used a multi-dimensional approach to highlight one success story AS IT WAS HAPPENING.In addition to this, theyShare all their video wishes on youtube & publish every wish they grant on their website with TONS of multimedia
  • Fill in the blank worksheet20 BREAK
  • Let’s walk through that example on the worksheet
  • 12 remember that this may not all be on your website. Likes, shares, tweets, forwardss34If yes, repeat. If not, re-strategize with new goals
  • I like to create one for every platform
  • Show them your content calendars
  • 10-1 approachFor every 1 main idea, rework your content 10 different waysWe do this to make the end user’s experience with the content more unique, so they’re more likely to share. It’s some kinda psychology I think.
  • Things to think about
  • Content Marketing 101 for Nonprofits

    1. 1. how to develop & use Content Marketing Marissa Wasseluk New Media Producer Community Media Workshop
    2. 2. today’s goals • Define “content marketing” • Understand why & how nonprofits use content marketing • Begin your own content marketing strategy • Take away content marketing do’s & don’ts
    3. 3. CONTENT is… • annual reports • custom magazines • print or online newsletters • blog posts • articles • success stories • whitepapers • video • in-person events • research reports • email “WE ALREADY MAKE THOSE THINGS!” said the nonprofit communicator.
    4. 4. content marketing is… • Creating & distributing content to attract, acquire & engage a target audience with the objective of changing or enhancing their behavior • Showing the world you’re awesome (rather than just telling them) • Info-tainment!
    5. 5. content marketing is NOT… • Strictly social media • Haphazard • Strictly promotional • BORING.
    6. 6. Great content is the key to being more easily found in Internet searches
    7. 7. Great content helps you reach people & make connections
    8. 8. Typical Goals of the Nonprofit Content Marketer • Brand Awareness/ Reinforcement • Conversion / Nurturing • Loyalty & Retention • Push out Passion Projects
    9. 9. Content Components • Your voice! • Your “only”
    10. 10. ONLY exercise 1. Write down what you think makes your organization unique 2. Does what you wrote also apply to any of your peer organizations? 3. If it does, dig deeper. WHAT makes your organization unique?
    11. 11. Now that I’ve got a voice… What’ll I say?
    12. 12. Kivi Leroux Miller likens content marketing to broccoli & cheese
    13. 13. Broccoli – what you want people to know; what’s good for them
    14. 14. Cheese – what people want
    15. 15. Find a balance.
    16. 16. Content Components • Find Ways to be helpful – Everyday tips (lifehacks) – Link to advice or current events DEVELOPING YOUR CONTENT
    17. 17. Content Components • Your Story – How did your organization begin? – What problem do you solve? – What bonds you to your supporters? – Your “only” • Show supporters what makes you unique • Show them a world without you • Leveraging stories from the community
    18. 18. Big Brothers Big Sisters
    19. 19. Charity: Water
    20. 20. Make a Wish Read more about how this story “went viral” -
    21. 21. STRATEGY
    23. 23. basic elements of your content marketing strategy • State your goals. And not too many of them — maybe five, tops. • Figure out a way to track those goals. • Set a timeline for measurement. • Check in: did you meet the goals? See more at:
    24. 24. example content calendar
    25. 25. elements of a content calendar • Dates in the future • Brief description of content (type) and/or post written out • Links / short links • Audience reaction (numbers associated to post) / notes on lessons learned – Helps you find your “cheese”
    26. 26. Content Marketing DOs • Target specific audiences • Communicate in a consistent voice • Align your content with specific goals • Optimize your content for keyword searches • Repurpose your content
    27. 27. Content Atomization Turn each content piece into lots of different related pieces • Slideshares • Infographics • Webinars • Email Series • Blog Post Main Content Piece Blog Posts Pod- casts Info- graphics Video s Guest Posts
    28. 28. “Atomizing” • How will you get your community involved in the content? • How will you share the content? • What can the base content offering become? – Ebook? Video? Infographic?
    29. 29. Content Marketing DOs • Create magnetic headlines • Engage your readers – Incorporate a call to action • Show, don’t tell • Create quality over quantity content • Measure results
    30. 30. Questions?