Pearson Candidate Project 2013


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Pearson candidate project for P&C Sales Representative- Indianapolis

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Pearson Candidate Project 2013

  1. 1. Marissa Marler Pearson Professional & Career Candidate Project 2013
  2. 2. Initiat ive. Ambit ion. Passio n.
  3. 3. 200 5 201 3 201 2 200 9 THE pas s i on at e LEARNE R THE ef f i ci e nt MANAGER THE i nnovat i ve LEADER THE ambi t i ous TEAM MEMBER Concordia University- Nebraska High Honors Graduate Multiple Scholarship Recipient International Teaching Practicum Zion Lutheran School- Dallas Middle School ELA Teacher Curriculum Coordinator MSD- Wayne Township Gifted/ Honors Teacher Curriculum Committee Mentor Pearson Hopeful Candidate for P&C Sales Representative- Indianapolis Southern Methodist University- Dallas Honors Graduate Quick Timeline of Past Experiences
  4. 4. My strengths are…
  5. 5. Prioritizing Responsibilitie s…
  6. 6. Taking
  7. 7. Problem Solving…
  8. 8. Worki ng with a Team…
  9. 9. My skills are…
  10. 10. Proactive Communicator
  11. 11. Managing people &
  12. 12. Natural Leader
  13. 13. Affinity to Technology
  14. 14. The challenges that I anticipate as a new sales representative at Pearson are…
  15. 15. “Getting Acquainted” I anticipate one of the challenges will be becoming familiarwith the territory and the digital management systems. Although a Pearson representative’s territory is smallerthan a Cengage orMcGraw-Hill representative, I would want to provide the best customerservice that I could, especially to my high profit schools. Making myself visible to the professors and department leaders and becoming familiarwith the campuses will take time and work.
  16. 16. “Managing Time” Anotherchallenge that I anticipate is learning how to best manage my time. In orderto provide good customerservice, it takes time answering emails, visiting campuses, and working one-on-one with professors. Fora school to require the curriculum, it is vital that the professors and departments are comfortable using it; otherwise, the sale could lead to attrition. Also, depending on the time of year, the daily schedule can drastically change.
  17. 17. How I Will Be Successful despite these challenges Prioritize tasks based on numbers, urgency level, and management Plan agenda ahead of time fordaily and weekly tasks Asklots of questions and be an active listener Show customerservice skills and presentation skills
  18. 18. C Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at t end. It’s not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it’s a day you’ve had everything to do and yo done it. -Margaret Thatcher Although there are challenges for new sales representatives, my level of commitment, drive, and dedication will only help me learn to become a better team member for
  19. 19. I am constantly evaluating myself and my performance in order to become more successful. Here are three areas in which I have proactivelytaken steps in order to rise to more challenges and become a leader in my field:
  20. 20. • Accreditation Team2012 • Dallas/Fort Worth Area Professional Learning Committee (PLC) 2009- 2012 • PresenterforSMU Undergraduate Courses • Led Committee forCurriculum Development 2009-2012 • Presenterforparents & faculty 2011-2012 • Mentorto novice teachers 2013 • Honors TaskCommittee 2012-2013 • High Ability CurriculumCommittee 2012-2013 • Presenterat National Association of Gifted Conference 2013 • Memberof several education associations, including National Association of the Gifted Leadership Initiative Leadership Initiative
  21. 21. Balancing Time Balancing TimeSome days are just longer than others, and that is sometimes what needs to happen. But I have become more efficient with my time by prioritizing task importance, making goals for myself and creating a plan to reach those goals, and by managing communication. This allows me to successfully reach career goals, as well as personal goals.
  22. 22. Speaking Up Speaking Up • Confidence to vocalize questions or offer creative solutions • Asking questions to follow-up or clarify • Speaking out when observing a problem
  23. 23. Management Dashboard Document Analysis Represents sales through the end of July
  24. 24. Territory with the LARGEST base sales: 2AD at 4167.4
  25. 25. Territory with the smallest base sales: 2AGat 2095.5
  26. 26. School with largest base in the district… Represents sales through the end of July
  27. 27. at 1612.7
  28. 28. Territories with strong digital sales… Territories with strong digital sales… 2AG, 2AB, & 2AE have generated the highest revenue for digital sales Yet… 2AC has sold 3.7% more in digital revenue than the national average
  29. 29. Territories with strong digital sales earning potential… Territories with strong digital sales earning potential… 2AG, 2AB, & 2AE have generated the highest revenue for digital sales; however, the percentage of sales is currently lower than the national average, so potential earning is still strong amongst these territories
  30. 30. High performing schools… *Represents sales through the end of July 1.Indiana Wesleyan College of Adult & Professional Studies (1446.9) 2.Ivy Technical Community College- Terre Haute (825.7)
  31. 31. 3. Purdue University (636.4) 4. Indiana University Bloomington (483.7) 5. Miami University Oxford (322.6)
  32. 32. Underperforming schools… *Below schools have generated no earning potential in the past year • University of Cincinnati NSG/HLTH, COLL Evening & CC, Medical School, Claremont • University College Commonweath Schools • Vincennes University Jr. College • Indiana Vocational Tech College • KCTCS- Bowling Green- Glasglow • Indiana State University • College of MT St. Joseph
  33. 33. Underperforming schools… *Schools below have shown decreases in revenue from the previous year month end *Numbers show difference from previous year 1.Ivy Tech Community College- Terre Haute (-238) 2.Ball State University (-176.3)
  34. 34. 3. Franklin University (-154.6) 4. Purdue University (-119.3) 5. Cincinnati State Technical & Community College (-80.9)
  35. 35. My Plan: 1.Prioritize my accounts: • Important Accounts (Schools like Indidana Wesleyan CAPS, Ivy Technical Community College, & Purdue University • Spend the majority of my time visiting and calling on these accounts that generate the most of the revenue • Growth Accounts (Schools like Ivy Tech Community College-Fort Wayne, Sinclair Community College, & Miami University-Oxford) • Spend a routine amount of time with these schools, and especially concentrate on them during the peak sale times of year • Peripheral Accounts (Schools like Ivy Tech Community College- South Bend, Ivy Tech Community College Valparaiso, & Ivy Tech Community College- East) • Accounts that generate the lowest revenue of the territory, and would mostly call and email and go by only occassionaly