My media magazine evaluation


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My media magazine evaluation

  1. 1. My Media Magazine Evaluation Marisa Ritson
  2. 2. 1.In what ways does my media productuse, develop and challenge forms andconventions of a real media product?
  3. 3. Here is a video of how two people from my target audience thought my contents page matched and rebelledagainst the codes and conventions of a music magazine front cover…
  4. 4. Front CoverI used Q’s title style as its eye catching and standsout on the page.I developed Q’s sticker advertising what is insidethe magazine, but instead of advertising an artist, Iwas announcing an improved weekly feature.I used the convention of Q’s and any othermagazine by adding a barcode, date, issue numberand further information based on the company.
  5. 5. Front Covermain style model so I I decided between NME and Q that I would use Q as my used Q’s colour scheme of black and red as well as it being a neutral colour for most audience types. I used and followed Q’s convention and added a quote from my main article to reveal some exciting content to the audience.I developed Q’s technique of listing content inside the magazine, however I changed thisslightly to featured artists and added borders to keep with house style and strengthen mycolour scheme.
  6. 6. Front CoverI used the conventions from the front page image of Q and replicated them inmy magazine. I used a close up/medium close up I used a facial expression of the artist reflecting the main article. I used eye contact No text overlapping the face of the image on either front covers.
  7. 7. Front CoverI used some of NME magazines conventions as Ineeded to get as many music magazineconventions into my own. The first thing I used and developed from NME to my magazine was a strapline. I changed the advertisement to focus on my magazine Vertigo. I also used the idea of text boxes from Q so my magazine didn’t look cluttered, I then advertised a current TV programme with new music featured to relate to the type of magazine I created.
  8. 8. Contents PageWhen researching for influence for my contents page I decidedthat I would purely use Q as my style model, continuing to usethe theme of white red and black. I used the strapline with the title ‘contents’, issue number and logo then I developed this and added the date and magazine website.I used the convention of large pagenumbers next too images to show thecontent they relate too.
  9. 9. Contents PageAs well as replicating and following the layout of Q contents page I then replicated anddeveloped there subheading for the contents page.I kept the title features and used it in my own magazineI also kept regulars and used it in my ownmagazine I then changed ‘Q Review’ and adapted it to fit in with my magazine as I liked the idea and reviews are often a key convention of music magazines.
  10. 10. Contents PageI have highlighted my subheadingin red like on Q magazine to tryand replicate their clear layout.I have used both bold and regulartext like Q as I found therecontents page easy to read and Iused there techniques in hope ofgetting the same effect.
  11. 11. Contents PageBoth Q Magazine and My MagazineVolume, have there main artist image onthe front cover, on there contents page ina similar style.
  12. 12. Double Page SpreadI followedanother I used theconvection musicof Q by magazinekeeping the conventionimage and from Q bytext on using aseparate drop capitalsides of the on mypage so the article.article iseasier toread andthe image House Style Colourdoesn’t Scheme of Blackbecome a White and Red.distraction.
  13. 13. I challengedthepositioning of Double Page Spreadthe title andput my title I used the quote boxeson the from Q as they are aopposite side regularly usedas I felt the convention of a DPSarticle was and they brake up thepretty self text creating an easierexplanatory readwhere as theimageneeded an I also challenged theintroduction typical style of articleand I feel that Q have, however inmoving the general musictitle to the magazines can have Q/image page A interviews and I feltmade the this would be an easierarticle look and more interestingmore read.balanced.
  14. 14. Double Page SpreadI followed theconventions of Qrelating to housestyle and kept my‘V’ logo on to mynext page whichwas my main I followed thearticle. conventions of most music magazines and Q by adding a caption to my main image explaining what its purpose is.
  15. 15. 2. How does my media productrepresent particular social groups?
  16. 16. First of all I took a short video of twopeople who I would class in my targetaudience talking about my DPS and its relevance to social groups
  17. 17. Front Cover - AgeNew Releases inMusic and New Holidays and FestivalsTrends. Targeted at a are also another thinglate teenage audience that often appeal toas that is the type of young people at theage that tend to be age where they aremost up to date and just leaving school.this is reflected in thenew music. Made In Chelsea is a fairly recent programme on the TV and the reality series attracts I chose a 17 year old attractive model for a lot of young viewers so my front cover which is within the age of having this featuring to the target audience I aimed for adding to support an upcoming band the list of references to youth on my front targets the 16-20 range very cover. well
  18. 18. Front Cover – Ethnic Minority Groups My magazine is aimed very generally and I have tried my best to include a variety of cultural minorities.On my lists of artists Firstly by reviewing aI have a wide variety Jamaican festival thisof artists from is interesting anddifferent ethnic including wide spanbackgrounds of ethnicitys asincluding Barbados, Jamaica is a countryAmerica and of a wide diversityEngland. With with English, Indian,diverse style changes Hispanic, Westfrom black American Indian, African, Latinorappers to British and Ladino .indie bands.
  19. 19. Front Cover - SexualityI tried to keep theattitude todifferentsexualitys mutual I featured programmes such as Made in Chelsea which feature bothI used artists that where homosexual andboth attractive to the male heterosexualand female and kept a mix characters to keep aof genres so my front wider audiencecover wasn’t biased. interested.
  20. 20. Front Cover – Class & Status The mention of Jamaica suggests some geographical knowledge and someone from a working class background with possible materials to go and visit and to show a realistic interest.In contrast this Finally the affordablegossip news price of £2.75 and thesuggest those wide variety of topicsfrom a student expressed suggest thatbackground as this magazine is open tothis type of thing people of a variety ofoften relates to classes as long as theythat group, as well show an interest toas this the upcoming artists andmagazine enjoy reading aboutfeaturing a classy music.talented artistwhich willencourage the Featuring a programme like Made in Chelsea filmed in someworking class to of the most wealthy areas of the country may attract workingbuy the magazine class audiences as they aspire to be from a similar background and can relate more.
  21. 21. Front Cover - Gender I chose the colourTrying to appeal to scheme of black, redboth genders and and white as theseattract both male and three colours are allfemale by featuring neutral and are notmale and female artists often used tomaking it as equal as connate a specificpossible. sex.
  22. 22. Contents - Age A variety of young people have been photographed on the contents page and they are all between 16-20, which is my aimed target audience, meaning they will be able to relate Down this colunm to the content. there is a lot of references to ‘fresh’ and ‘new music’ which fits in with the a young, modern audience. The mention of sites like Facebook and twitter are very much associated and dominated by young socialSome simple vocabulary and slang words such as people which are in the‘Lads’ are used and this suggests that the target audience for thismagazine has been written for a youthful magazine and incentives likeaudience as they are using new, current words that is what attract them tothat perhaps older generations or really young it.generations arent familiar with.
  23. 23. Contents – Ethnic Minority GroupsThe language used All images I tookin the regulars bar is where of whitecompletely neutral British models andand revolves around this may look like Ithe readers was trying toopinions and views exclude otherso this section of ethnic groups, thisthe contents page is was not doneopen to all ethnic deliberately.groups and doesn’texclude any of mytarget audience. The V View however introduces artists from different ethnic backgrounds such as black American Nicki Minaj, and festivals are advertised in countries like Jamaica half way across the world.
  24. 24. Contents - Sexuality I have not tried to aim this page at either a homosexual or heterosexual audience, so I have stuck to the content which is music based.Where as for thefemale models Ihave two typically I have made sure Ifemale heterosexual have distributed themodels which may male and femalenot appeal to a ratio as evenly ashomosexual female possible byaudience. displaying two male models and two female models and I have not mentioned Arguably the male artists fit in with sexuality when doing some of the stereotypes to a so, keeping the homosexual male in the way they magazine open to dress and present them selves and both audiences. may attract more of a homosexual male audience.
  25. 25. Contents – Class & StatusFeatures and Regulars give The main imageoff different suggestions to and the imageclass and status. Features on the bottomsuggests middle and working right both give ofclass where as Regulars connotations ofsuggests a more laid back high class withstudent audience and grand coloursperhaps an inexperienced un and civilisedindependent young photographyaudience, with basic with rich goldenvocabulary, entertaining colours and neatgossip news and puzzles in clothingcontrast to the complexvocabulary and strictlymusical content displayed inthe features section.
  26. 26. Contents - Gender The use of black and white and colour show diversity and This page has an equal accounting for the stereotypical number of male and liking of bright colours to a female artists female audience and the black accounting to both and white more grim genders keeping a large stereotype attached to a male audience and the audience. content balanced. The content reveals an equal amount of female and males displayed in theAgain the same colours images suggestingwhite red and black are used that the audience iswhich don’t add obvious unisex as theconnotations to either of the content relates togenders keeping the both genders.magazine looking neutraland appealing to bothgenders.
  27. 27. DPS - Age With the Q/A split up into small sections it is obvious that this wouldn’t appeal to an older generation with lots of brief exciting questions for a younger educated audience who are interested in both musical and personalMis-en-scene in this articles.image really relates to alate teenage audience The gossip element to thiswith props like alcohol article really appeals to atriggering interest. younger audience as it isn’t ‘boring’ and with large quotes breaking up the text this is ideal for a teenage audience.
  28. 28. DPS – Ethnic Minority GroupsMy DPS is based on one white American artist so not a lot of flexibilityand inclusion of different ethnic minorities is really possible with thefocus on one artist.
  29. 29. DPS – Class & Status Small quotes and language not relating to musical content suggest a lower or working class audience as the article isnt purely educational and cultural, tackling issues such as bad press and .unacceptable behaviour in public.This image insinuates alower and workingclass audience as taboosubjects are visible inthe image such assmoking and drinking. The introduction and conclusion however contain some complicated vocabulary and strictly musical information which may appeal to an upper class audience.
  30. 30. DPS - Gender I have kept the neutral colourThe image is of an scheme of red,attractive female artist white and black towhich may be appealing make sure theto male audience and magazine doesn’talso to a female look either feminineaudience to relate too as or masculine andI am trying to keep this sways one audiencemagazine as equally more than thebalanced to male and other.female as possible. Keeping the article with a mixture between gossip often favoured by a female audience, and then references to concerts, bad behaviour and music often more favoured by a male audience I have tried to create an article appealing to both genders.
  31. 31. 3. What kind of media institutionmight distribute my media product and why?
  32. 32. Marketing and AdvertisementLocal radio would be Online viral marketing My magazine Volume shouldideal to advertise my campaigns would be very have a slot in MTV hits breaks,magazine as it features effective for my magazine as this channel attracts peopleup and coming music as I have included twitter up for listening to new releaseseach week, so I feel my and Facebook links and this is the type of musicmagazine should be already in the magazine that is updated weekly inadvertised on national and with the sharing of Volume magazine and theradio, like radio 1 on pages more and more artists would probably be veryprogrammes like ‘artists people would start to similar.we trust’ to get new recognize my magazinenames recognized. and it would eventually become more well known and popular.
  33. 33. Distribution Volume Magazine revolves around the new and upcoming UK music industry, new and upcoming music is different in each country and it would be too ambitious to distribute my magazine internationallyI’d mainly distribute using although it doesmain music venues in the UK contain artists from outsuch as the 02 academys in of the UK.selected placed round the UKand various arenas such as themetro radio arena.
  34. 34. Who I would use to distribute my magazine“NME.COM brings you the latest music news and reviews, music videos andgossip, as well as providing the hottest concert tickets and band memorabilia.”Main features of my magazine are new music, reviews and gossip which are allincluded in NME. NME are compatible with the same things that are featured in my magazine and they have a radio station, TV station and a magazine to distribute my magazine. As well as being sponsors for numerous artists and supporting music venues round the UK like the 02 academys.
  35. 35. 4.Who would the audience be for my media product and Why?
  36. 36. Firstly here is a video of two people Iwould consider in the target audience, discussing my front cover and who they think the audience would be…
  37. 37. This is a stereotype of what they would look like… • Fashionable • Edgy • Female and Male • Heterosexual and Homosexual • Keep up with latest trends • Arty • Students • Older Teenagers
  38. 38. Defining my target audienceI would have my target age between 16 – 20 because…•Late stages of education, content consists of things to do for these age groups suchas gigs and festivals. This is the age group that often take years away and out ofeducation before work. Wither finishing, a degree, a levels or GCSE’S.•The models in my magazine are all in the target age group I have set meaning theaudience can relate to the images and see similarities in them as the artists are alsoyouth full and fresh.•Gossip and some off topic from music content is revealed which wouldn’t beenjoyed by an audience too young as they wouldn’t understand and an audienceolder than 20 would have lost interest and probably grown out of gossip interestmaking 16-20 the ideal age.
  39. 39. Defining my target audienceGender and Sexuality for my magazine is not biased it is aimed to be unisex and acomfortable read for both the heterosexual and the homosexual…•I have used both male and female models to ensure that my magazine has an evenbalance of both genders•The colour scheme of red, black and white doesn’t clearly reflect either the male or thefemale and is a very neutral and mutual colour to both sexes not causing my magazineto appear as biased towards a particular sex.•I have included a festival reviews and reality TV mentions to create contrast and fit inwith male and female stereotypes to make sure there are obvious appeals for eachgender
  40. 40. Defining my target audienceMy magazine mainly stoops towards students and working class rather thanupper class…•Taboo subjects are mentioned frequently, with swearing and slang usedthrough out•Rowdy festivals and Beach holidays are also mentioned appealing to thosewanting less exotic rare holidaysHowever Upper Class audience is still achievable..•Wide range of vocabulary is used with some strictly musical content•As well as luxurious colours being used on the content page in the bottom rightimage with educational content.
  41. 41. 5.How did I attract/address my audience?
  42. 42. Once I had I wrote out acollected questionnaire and askedenough many people in my mediainformation class and people aroundand research sixth form to get a widefrom my target variety of answers to myaudience I put questions to do with mymy results into magazine.charts andgraphs so Icould visuallysee what waspopular and Target Audiencethen decidehow I wasgoing to act Researchupon it. I then videoed and interviewed a few people from my target audience asking them for there opinions on music magazines to help inspire me when creating my own, you can see this video on my blog.
  43. 43. Personal st Information in an to a he mo article is most Lana Del Ray is s tion r or t preferred over Pete Que nswe es or r a popular Doherty p Q/A icula ticle ty t par ular ar Blocky p op contents is Included in my preferred over an image magazine name Vertigo was the most popular dominated Magazine contents page One image is the most popularLeeds Fest Tickets where Grey Scale Is the Less images are number of imagesthe most popular preferred colour style preferred to more for the front coverincentive for my magazine
  44. 44. Rough Cut Feedback Front CoverThe colour pink may be too feminine… So I changed the dominant colour to red… Got rid of the italics, added more bolds, Use different Fonts… regulars and different sizes…Some text cut off… Made sure all text was inside the margin…No strap Line… I added a strap line to the top of the page… No Consistency… Set exact font sizes, made sure everything was aligned… Looks too much like a fashion Got rid of page numbers, added more magazine…
  45. 45. Rough Cut Feed Back Contents Got rid of bullet points and plus box, tookBullet Points/ plus box Don’t fit it with another look at the style model and createdconsistency… THE V VIEW… Deleted the festival section and replaced itToo much festival Information… with REGULARS just like in Q… Added page numbers to images…No page numbers on images… Kept one black and white image then took two relating images to the content in colour to giveTo much black and white photography… the content page a balance of colour and greyscale…
  46. 46. Rough Cut Feed Back DPS Bold Larger Font Needed… Name Of Interviewer… Need a page number… Layout not conventional and drop capital looks out of proportion… Made the title larger and bold, made the quotes clearer by getting rid of italics, enlarging and making bold… Added name of interviewer to the caption on the image… Added a page number… Changed the layout to half and half so it was more balanced, and edited the shape of the drop capital as well as making 3 columns like the typical conventions suggests…
  47. 47. DPS ArticleHowever theIntroduction to thearticle and theconclusion bothuse a lot of musical The article is split upcontent and a wide into a number of Q/Arange of with gossip relatedvocabulary which I content and taboowould target at a subjects I would sayworking to upper this article hits studentclass audience so and lower classes atthis article has a lot some points.of variety, I havemade it so diverseso that it willattract morereaders.
  48. 48. Overall Message of My magazine You will keep up to date and in You won’t fall behind on the latest the know with celebrity, music new releases and trending chart gossip musicParticipate in all free quizzes and You’ll be in the know for uptrials the prizes are very rewarding coming gigs, ticket releases, re – releases of tickets.
  49. 49. 6. What have you learned abouttechnologies from the process of constructing this product?
  50. 50. Photography Should be another button located round the back of the camera with a flash Aperture and shutter speed are symbol to activate flash, if used by rotating a dial on the you want to turn off the camera left and right by making flash just press the light them faster or quicker to delay down. the time in taking the photo which makes the image softer and often blurred or by takingRotate button to the picture faster and makingselect the the image look sharper.appropriate settingfor example, manual,auto, sports orportrait. Lens rotated left and right to zoom and focus camera.
  51. 51. Framing ShotsRule of Thirds. Get Give image a sense of depththe most significant and layers by framing a shotpiece of the image and focusing on something inin the three middle the foregroundhorizontal squares.
  52. 52. Shot Distances Establishing shot to establish character(s) andUsed close up/mid close up to Two shot to show the stance the mis-en-scene aroundsee and understand the facial and expression of two people at them.expression. the same time.
  53. 53. LightingI often took photos outside meaningthe natural light was enough to take Then with indoor shots like this,the photo and I didn’t need added with rooms that don’t havelight or light reflectors to have the much light, I needed to bring inlight hit in the correct place. extra light on tripod and move the positioning of a light shield (an umbrella) to make sure the light hits in the right direction when taking the image.
  54. 54. Photo ShopBrightening and Contrasting a Photo
  55. 55. Creating A Blog To demonstrate how to make a blog I A Pop up will come up, make a will make a new one once I had title and a blogger address them signed onto and select the style of blog you want signed in using a Gmail account click ‘New Blog’ before pressing ‘create blog!’ Once It was created select ‘new post’ in the top left corner to add and create a post.Write a title for the blog in the Once you’ve finished thetitle section and then all the To add an image or a post click save and it willinformation in the big blank video select the image or appear on your video tab on the tool bar.
  56. 56. Making a PowerPointTo do my evaluation on power point I have beenusing animation, print screens, video clips,different colours and shapes to make the powerpoint effective.
  57. 57. 7.Looking back at my preliminary task, what do I feel I have learnt in progression from it to the full product?
  58. 58. Preliminary Task -Rough Cut - Final Task
  59. 59. How I’ve improvedI can see a massive difference in my work frommy prelim to my final draft of my musicmagazine.Skills I developed…•Consistency with text/font•Image sizes, proportion•Cutting images out•Navigating in design and Photoshop
  60. 60. How it helped me• The preliminary task allowed me to realize that time management was very important with media and that I needed to be organised and not leave things till deadline day.• It helped me use the SLR cameras and master which shots where appropriate for which pages and the settings to take these photo’s in.• It gave me practice on adobe soft wear so I was far quicker at it when I went back to try and use it in the future.