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  • 1. The UnitedStates of AmericaЗахожій О.Ю
  • 2. The USA is a large country.It consists of 50 states.Its area is only a little smaller than the area of Europe.The population is about 205 million people.
  • 3. The flag of the United States iscalled “The Stars and Stripes”.The 50 white stars on the blue field represent the50 States and the 13 stripes represent the 13original English colonies.
  • 4. Washington is the capital ofthe USA.George Washingtonwas the firstAmerican Presidentand his name wasgiven to the capital ofthe young nation.
  • 5. The Washington Monument.The Washington Monument.It is a marble obelisk.Inside the Monumentthere are 898 steps tothe top. The Monumentwas erected to thememory of the firstPresident. It symbolizedthe Nation’s respect forG. Washington.
  • 6. The Lincoln Memorial.The Lincoln Memorial.Abraham Lincoln was bornin 1809 in the state ofKentucky.Life was not easyfor the Lincoln family.People made him thePresident of the USA.A.Lincoln waswounded in 1865.The Memorial was designed like a Greek temple with 36columns. They represent the states in the Union at that time.
  • 7. The White HouseThe White Houseis the home of the President.Here the President lives and works.The WhiteHouse is a large building. It has 132 rooms. Allpresidents except G.Washington live there.
  • 8. There are many parks, gardensThere are many parks, gardensand beautiful buildings, such asand beautiful buildings, such asthe White House the Capitolthe National Gallery of Art
  • 9. The United States CapitolThe United States Capitolis the seat of Congress.It stands on the Capitol Hill.It is interesting to know that theCapitol is the highest building inWashington. There is a law not tobuild houses higher than theCapitol.There are no sky-scrapes in Washington.
  • 10. PentagonPentagonHere are the headquarters of the Department of Defence,theArmy, the Navy and the Air Force.The Pentagon is themilitary centre of U.S.imperialism.The Pentagon is afive-sided buildingand five stories high.
  • 11. New YorkNew Yorkis the biggest city inthe USA.American touristcompanies call it“the wonder city ofthe world” butMaxim Gorky calledit “the city of theyellow devil”
  • 12. The Statue of Liberty.The Statue of Liberty.It stands on a small island atthe entrance to New Yorkharbour. It is nearly 100metres above the water level.The figure shows a youngwoman. She holds a tour in herright hand above her head and atable with the date “July 4th,1776” in her left hand.
  • 13. Empire State Building is one of the tallestbuilding. It has 102 floors and is 448 metreshigh.New York is thecity of sky-scrapes.
  • 14. Columbia University .It was founded in 1754 isone of the biggestuniversities of the USA.Brooklyn Bridge.It was completed in 1883.The bridge is over the EastRiver and connectManhattan with Brooklyn.
  • 15. There are a lot of other large cities in the USA.Chicago is one of the biggestindustrial cities.San Francisco is a bigport.Boston is one of the firsttown founded on theAtlantic coast of America.
  • 16. San Francisco City Hall.The building houses the PublicLibrary, the War Memorial OperaHouse and the ExpositionAuditorium. People are very proud ofCity Hall.The American call Boston, thecity of yesterday and tomorrow.It has a very interesting history.
  • 17. Do you know..?The Mississippi River in the United States of America is called“the father of waters”. The name Mississippi comes from theIndian tribes that lived along the famous river. TheMississippi touches all or part of 31 states, as well as 2Canadian provinces.
  • 18. Do you know..?Montana is the fourth largest state in area. The statewas once called ”the ice-box of the nation” beforeAlaska took away that distinction.
  • 19. The Rocky Mountain are in thewest of the USA. In the Rockiesthere are several peaks between4000 and 5000metres high.
  • 20. You can see many different animalsin this romantic land.Bear grizzlySkunkBlack bear
  • 21. The End.