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Art. My favourite film

Art. My favourite film



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Art. sherlock.kravchenko Art. sherlock.kravchenko Presentation Transcript

  • Sherlock Form 11 Onykiyeve school Oksana Kravchenko
  • “Sherlock” it's a British mini-series of " Hartsvud Films ", filmed for TV BBC One. The plot of the series revolves around Sherlock Holmes, the famous hero of the works of Arthur Conan Doyle and his friend Dr. Watson .
  • Network : BBC One, Public Broadcasting Service, BBC HD, BBC Scenario authors : Mark Hatiss , Steven Moffat Program authors: Steven Moffat , Mark Hatiss Genres: whodunit , Action , Crime , Drama, Mystery, Adventure film Cast Benedict Cumberbatch ( Sherlock Holmes ) Mark Hatiss ( Maykroft Holmes ) Martin Freeman (Dr. Watson ) Una Stubbs ( Mrs Hudson ) Andrew Scott ( Professor Moriarty )
  • The plot of the series revolves around Sherlock Holmes , who is considered a genius deductive method, and Dr. Watson . But it 's not like we used to think of reading books about Sherlock Holmes. Now this is not just a genius solve puzzles , but does so in the XXI century and even in 2010. Now note change in mobile phones , memoirs of Dr. Watson on the online blog online as favorite Holmes pipe for nicotine patches . But there is something that has changed. Sherlock reveals crimes, solve puzzles, and most importantly - Holmes tries to open and catch the evil Professor Moriarty, who is also featured in a very unpredictable manner.
  • First was to remove the " Pilot " episode , which have finished working as far back in 2009 . The series liked the customer, but have asked " to change the format ." So the series has been corrected and part of it included in the series, although the episode didn't show . In Ukraine the first two seasons of the series were broadcast channel 1 +1. The first season of the series (three series) was shot in winter 2009-2010 in London and Cardiff and shown on the channel BBC One in summer 2010 . Second season was aired in January 2012. The first film of the third season was aired on the channel BBC One and BBC One HD 1 January 2014 .
  • Season I
  • Series 1 « A Study in Pink » July 25, 2010
  • ________ ______ ___ _____ _ _______ __ ___ ___ __ __________ _______ __ _____ _____ __ ___ ____ ___ ___ ______ ___ __________ _____ __ _______ _____ _ _____ ___________ _______ _____ _______ __ _______ ___ _________ _______ ____ ___ __ _______ ___ _____ __ ___ _____ ______ _____ _______ _____ _____ __ _______ ___ _______ _________ ____ ___ ___ _________ __ _ ______ ______ ________ __ ________ _____ ___ ___ ___ ______ ______ _____ ___ ______ ________ __ _____ _________ ___ ________ __ _______ _ _______ ___ ___ ____ ___ __ ___ _____ __ ___ ____ ______ A military doctor John Watson , a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, returns to London , where he mets with his old friend , which introduces Watson of Sherlock Holmes . Holmes immediately affects their ability to analyze and deduction. Together they try to unravel the cause of the three deaths. Police believe these cases of suicide, but Sherlock confident that met the handiwork of a serial killer , although no evidence there. When are the fourth victim , Holmes has enough evidence to catch criminals , but suddenly he becomes a suspect and may even die at the hands of the true killer.
  • Series 2 « The Blind Banker » August 1, 2010
  • This time, friend banker asks Holmes to take on a strange story , which resulted in a locked room of the bank were strange symbols . Everything seems simple. But when Sherlock finds killed one of the employees, he understands that for all this hidden smuggling of ancient relics from China to London. And having known that famous journalist who frequently visited China is dead, Holmes is simply sure that everything solved . But who is the killer ?
  • Series 3 « The Great Game » August 8, 2010
  • Opposite the apartments Holmes and Watson occurs explosion . And after some time an unknown terrorist begins awful game with Sherlock . At this time in order to save people the detective needed to solve puzzles. Who killed 20 years ago a teenager during the competition and how? Who killed the famous TV presenter ? How to prove that a picture, which worth 30 million is fake? After all, if Holmes and Watson can not cope , explosions will continue. Finally Sherlock will see his enemy, Jim Moriarty , but will he rescue ?
  • Season II
  • Series 1 « A Scandal in Belgravia » January 1, 2012
  • Holmes and Dr. Watson investigates a event of blackmail that threatens the most famous family in England. They finds communication with international terrorists, which exiled from CIA agents and a conspiracy with British Government . Sherlock enters to mental fight with Irene Adler, a woman just as ruthless, brilliant and sexy as he is.
  • Series 2 « The Hounds of Baskerville » January 8, 2012
  • To Sherlock and John Henry calls Henry Knight, a person who suffers from memories of the death of his father, who killed the monster " Hound " twenty years ago. Exploring the valley Diuur, where often saw the beast, and mysterious Baskerville center research, laboratory in Daltmor , Holmes and Watson reveal a conspiracy. Dr. Frankland is one of the scientists from Baskerville, who continued to work on the canceled American project H.A.U.N.D.
  • Series 3 « The Reichenbach Fall » January 15, 2012
  • A longtime opponent of Holmes , Jim Moriarty enters the Tower of London, where the British crown jewels on display , protection and neutralizes breaks mart. Police found him sitting on a throne in the royal crown. At the same time, Holmes receives Moriarty message : " Get out - let's play ." Over a criminal trial is to take place , where Holmes will act as a witness. During their final meeting Moriarty kills himself , and Sherlock has no choice as to commit suicide to save friends ...
  • Season III
  • Production was initially begin in January 2013, but due to other work actors , filming the third season was postponed to March 2013. Filming began on March 18. Hatiss confirmed that he would write the first episode of the third season , and that he would be " remotely based " to " empty house " where Conan Doyle has shown that Holmes faked his own death . Moffat and Hatiss announced three words that describe the third season. These words were: " Rat , weddings, worship “. Speaking at the Edinburgh International Festival in August 2012, Moffat said that the words "may be misleading, only tease , or perhaps it hints, but might be said intentionally.“ March 18 Hatiss said that the first episode of the third season will be called " empty hearse ". Later, the creators of the show have announced the title of the second episode of the third season « The Sign of Three » . The premiere of the third season on 1 January 2014 - exactly two years after the start of the second season .
  • Among fans of the series spread the idea that "real" recording mixed with " false ". After the shooting appeared stuffed with a portrait of Benedict , Andrew Scott (though the creators of the show promised that Moriarty did not survive ). Benedict also tied with laces and lowered with an umbrella (including photos of fans got an ironic name Sherlock Poppins).
  • Series 1 « The Empty Hearse » January 1, 2014
  • Series 2 « The Sign of Three » January 5, 2014
  • Series 3 « His Last Vow » January 12, 2014
  • Season IV
  • The main actors Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch confirmed a fourth season on demand BBC.
  • Interesting facts  Especially for this series were created by the Internet " Blog Dr. Watson " and "Science deduction ", which is several times mentioned in the series  In the second series of the first season among a handful of books to see romance writer Dan Brown's " The Lost Symbol ".  In the third series of the same season, the logo appears automotive company «Janus Cars», with the first letters of the two words shown particularly clearly where to go initials «JC» - «Jesus Christ».  Sherlock Holmes calls himself a " counselor " detective , not private.