Struggle & Survival Readings Part 1
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Struggle & Survival Readings Part 1






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Struggle & Survival Readings Part 1 Struggle & Survival Readings Part 1 Presentation Transcript

  • Struggle & Survival in Colonial America
    Melissa Mariscal
  • Miguel Hernandez
    Francisco Baquero
    • He was born(1748-1810) in Buenos Aires in the 18th century
    • Opened a shop and struggled to get rich clients
    • Became member of the guilt because thought that the member were incompetent
    • Nonwhites were allowed to participate in the draft
    • He become an officer
    • Later left the public life
    • Its believed that he passed away in the year of 1810
    • Born in the 16th century in Mexico city to Pedro Hernandez and Ana Hernandez
    • He decided to leave Mexico city and move to Queretaro
    • When he arrived there he became a leading mulatto because of his good skills that he had
    • Miguel was also married and raised a family
    • He also owned a busy that made him get money to pay off his debts
    • Suddenly in 1604 died leaving his children and wife but full of love and respect towards others
  • Martin Ocelotl
    • He was born in (1496-1537)
    • Priest who was put on trial during New Spain’s inquisition
    • His last name Ocelotl means jaguar and Nahuatl
    • Born into a powerful family from the town of Chinanta located in Puebla, Mexico
    • Ocelotl was imprisoned and was ordered to be put to death
    • In 1519 he was one of the indigenous priest
    • Was put in trial for being a wizard, which is what people believed
  • Isabel Moctezuma
    • (1509-1550) Isabel was born and is the daughter of Teotlalco and Moctezuma
    • Became one of the Mexicans Indians granted an encomienda
    • She is a female
    • Moctezuma had nineteen children
    • She married four men that died and left her with three daughters and four sons.
    • Part of the new mixture of society
    • Because she was the daughter of Moctezuma she was considered important
  • Damiana da Cunha
    • Catechist and Sertanista
    • Was commissioned to form a group of armed men
    • She also undertook her expeditions
    • She also found herself trying to keep an inherited dream
    • Damiana accepted the arduous task of leading men
    • She was buried in the local church as a Brazilian heroine
    • Damiana wasn’t one of the heroic Indian re-sisters