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Pd 4 without the video

  1. 1. L E T ’ S L E A R N A B O U T F R E Q U E N T L E A R N I N G D I S A B I L I T I E S A N D H O W T O H E L P O U R S T U D E N T S A T P L A S E N C I A E S ! Special Education PD #4 1
  2. 2. Let’s review!  Last time we learned about … 1. Common Learning Disabilities (LD) at our school 2. Age appropriate skills and red flags to watch out for 3. Service providers 4. Name/contact e-mail of service providers 5. Resources or where to find resources 2
  3. 3. Thank you! I am so glad that this is helping the Plasencia ES Staff  ! 3
  4. 4. Also, I listened to your concerns!! 4
  5. 5. Also…. 5 I placed the Occupational Therapist (OT) and Speech therapy resources in Kinder and 1st grade boxes  (IF OTHERS ASK FOR THE RESOURCES PLEASE KINDLY SHARE YOUR COPY OR ASK THEM TO GO TO RM 5 AND I WILL UPLOAD THE DOCUMENTS IN THEIR COMPUTERS AS A PDF)
  6. 6. Agenda This is an interactive (I placed all the best practices of teaching: vision, auditory, kinesthetic, and working with partners) PD so let’s… 1. Let’s find 5 partners: movie date, SLD, Autism, ID, OHI, and ED 2. Enjoy the movie prepared by Special Education Dept. 3. Work together 4. Let’s move around some more & find our other dates  5. Debrief  6. Thank you! 6
  7. 7. You will have 2 minute to locate 6 dates from different tables  1. Movie date 2. SLD 3. Autism 4. ID 5. OHI 6. ED 7
  8. 8. 2 minutes to find a partner from different tables! Enjoy some music and wake up! 8
  9. 9. Why are we doing this PD? 9  The purpose of this PD is to inform teachers about various disabilities and how to help these students (as you requested in the survey)  More importantly, because of INCLUSION, INCLUSION, INCLUSION, INCLUSION, INCLUSION, and INCLUSION!  Student with disabilities are in our classrooms or will be, due to mainstreaming, by FEDERAL LAW, students with disabilities have the right to be with and/or spend time with their general education peers!  So please, remember, that this presentation is for you and for your current & future student(s) with disabilities 
  10. 10. More importantly because we care and it is the right thing to do for OUR kids! 10
  11. 11. A few tips  1. When you hear the guitar (we are about to talk about a new disability) and when you hear Happy we are still on that same topic 2. Do not PANIC! If it seems like we are talking too fast, don’t worry there will be captions at the end or along with the presentation & remember you have a partner  3. Also look for symbols: for guidance! 11
  12. 12. This was a team effort!!! 12 Thank you again special education staff for your input, staying after school, conducting your research, patience/understanding, sharing your treats, and many more!!!!
  13. 13. Let’s quickly find our dates  You will have 1 minute to have a dialogue with your dates regarding your findings on 1. SLD 2. Autism 3. ID 4. OHI 5. ED 13
  14. 14. Thank you again for taking the time to listen to our presentation! 14