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Create a social_media_plan1

  1. 1. Navigating the Online WorldCreate a Social Media Plan for your Non-Profit or Business
  2. 2. What to ExpectWhat you need to do to get started.How to create a social media plan.Hands-on practice.Tips on making it happen.
  3. 3. Social Media is not for SissiesSocial Media done right involves hard workand:StrategyThoughtPlanningConsistencyFollow up-ResponseAnalysis-Adjustment Investment of time and/or money
  4. 4. GettingStarted
  5. 5. What Do I Say Now?
  6. 6. Voice & BrandDetermine your PersonnaWhat is your brand Archetype?What is your messaging?What is ok and what is not?Will you be provacative? Funny? Formal?What are limits for photos? (showpatrons/clients/donors?) Do you need permissions?
  7. 7. Know Your AudiencePrimary TargetAge/Income/Gender/Interests/GeographyMight be Multiple TargetsExisting AudienceSame CriteriaWhat does your audience want fromyou?InformationEntertainmentServicesFeel EngagedFeel Good/Be Recognized
  8. 8. Plan for the MonthSet Aside 4-8 Hours to create a plan and develop contentWrite down engagement goals for the monthDo you want to gain newdonors/sponsors/clients/visitors/audience?Engage current users moreBuild your listBring people through your doors?
  9. 9. Develop ContentProducts & ServicesEventsCreate Categories of PostsAssign Categories to daysSource ContentBuild CalendarAssign Content to a specific dayDevelop Specific PostSource photosPlan for Engagement
  10. 10. Products & Services Focus Seasonality/Programming/Fundrai sing What was happening last year at this time? What delivers the best results? Develop overarching theme or focus for the month
  11. 11. List Events for the Month Specific to your organization A Specific Performance Specific to your cause/area of concern The x Anniversary of your organization Specific to your audience The Academy Awards Specific to your geography Christmas lights in Straub Park
  12. 12. Create categories of PostsCreate 5 to 7 broadcategories. FridayMatch a category to aday of the week Monday Thursday Tuesday Wednesday
  13. 13. Example-mUSEUMGoal: Connect "fans" to an exhibition-promote engagementMonday- ExhibitionTuesday- BiosWednesday-Art HistoryThursday-QuestionFriday- Weekend Events
  14. 14. Content Source Ideas?
  15. 15. Where to Source ContentGoogle Alerts Brainstorm SessionsTrade Publications CustomersPeople or Groups on Twitter Your Photo LibraryWhite Papers Your ExperienceYour Event Calendar Your Teams ExperienceIndustry Experts ExpertsTestimonials Blogs by OthersYour Blog Other ideas?Your E-mailsStaff
  16. 16. GetEngaged
  17. 17. Engagement Means Getting Reaction
  18. 18. generate responseGet people talking about your organization.Can you turn an idea into a question?What will start a conversation?Will it make people to pay attention?Will it shock/amuse/provoke comment?Get them to take action.TELL THEM WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO! (Share/Like/Comment)
  19. 19. increase your valueProvide Information that makes you important orinteresting.Grocer-RecipeTheater- Story Behind the story--special opportunitiesfor fans (video interview with an artist)Museum-Art HistoryShelters-Tips and Tools
  20. 20. Finish This Sentence...Share your thoughts and finish this sentence.When I hear Jazz I feel ...When I volunteer I feel... Ask A Question... What was the first concert you ever attended? Why do you donate to a cause?
  21. 21. Get Personal RecipesStaff, Donors, Attendees Where to go. What to do
  22. 22. Build the Social Media CalendarList your categories across each day of the week.Craft a different post for each category/day.Keep it short – 170 characters or less.
  23. 23. Your TurnGive it A Try!
  24. 24. Set up your daily posts Set a time of day to load your posts on your social media platforms Follow your calendar Post Photos (or videos) Schedule posts in advance to make life even easier.
  25. 25. ReviewDetermine GoalsSet CategoriesSource ContentDevelop CalendarPost ConsistentlyMeasure, Monitor, Tweak
  26. 26. Getting What You WantCommunicate regularly with person postingMonitor your pageGive inputThink and plan aheadCheck your facts and spellingManage and engage with the professional who is handling yoursocial media.Measure your results.Know what is working and do more of it.
  27. 27. TIPSLibrary of STUNNING imagesThe time of day is importantConsistencyDont simply re-post stories-use anew photo"Like" other businesses andconnect in.Create Social Media alliesGo offline to create partnerships
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