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Script amy mario kiaran

  1. 1. ! ENEMY by Amy Jackson, Mario Mantillas and Kiaran O’leary
  2. 2. ! CUT IN INT. SCENE- PHONE SCENE In the frame an unknown person receives a text CLOSE UP which is about Lola attacking her victim. CUT TO: INT. SCENE- LOLA AT HOME WITNESSING VIOLENCE CLOSE UP and OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT Of Lola washing her hands and hears her dad shout DAD All you do is fucking moan! MUM Please don’t hurt me! MEDIUM SHOT Lola coming out of the bathroom and going down- stairs. CUT TO: INT. SCENE- TAKES KNIFE MEDIUM SHOT of Lola walking into the room and a CLOSE UP of Lola picking up the knife and a EXTREME CLOSE UP of the knife with a slow ZOOM. CUT TO: INT. SCENE- LOLA GETS WEAPON Lola is seen from a LOW ANGLE SHOT running down the stairs and enters the kitchen MEDIUM OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT. CLOSE UP Lola takes a knife from the kitchen draw CAMERA PAUSE. FADE IN Lola goes out the door. CUTS TO Lola speed walking down the drive. DIEGETIC SOUND OF FRONT DOOR BANGING CUT TO: EXT. SCENE- PARK WITH THE ENEMY - MORNING TRACKING of Lola walking to the park. LONG OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT Lola walks into the park and bumps into Victim one. ME- DIUM SHOT of the two girls starring each other out and they
  3. 3. ! get into a verbal dispute. The dispute dies down as result of lola walking away TRACKING SHOT. LOLA What the fuck are you looking at? VICTIM 1 What! say that again? go on, i dare you. LOLA I said what the fuck are you looking at? VICTIM 1 You you tramp LOLA Get out my face! VICTIM 2 ER your a tramp, your just going to end up like your mum! Lola walks away from the argument, ignoring their comments as they shout abuse. CUT TO: INT. CLASSROOM AGGRAVATION OVER THE SHOULDER MEDIUM SHOT. The two victims are whispering causing Lola to get paranoid. EYE LINE MATCH of Lola looking at the clock. CUTS TO CLOSE UP of the clock. TEACHER Ok girls, Today we are going to look at stress and what causes stress. In front of you you’ve got some sheets of images of people that look like they might be stressed. Looking at the top right hand picture, what can you tell me thats happening in the picture. VICTIM 2 She looks angry.
  4. 4. ! LOLA Thats obvious. VICTIM 1 Thats obvious. TEACHER Lola, thank you. What else can you tell me about that picture? What else can you tell me? Lola taps her pen. TEACHER Lola can you stop tapping the pen please thank you. CUT TO: EXT. FIGHT SCENE The recording shows Lola verbally abusing her victim and being provoked resulting in Lola pulling out a knife. The video cuts and the audience is left with a pause of the end caption of the video in the unknown persons hand. LOLA What do you think your playing at? VICTIM 1 What do you think your talking about? LOLA What’s your problem? I didn’t do anything. LOLA Shut up! VICTIM 1 Get off me! CUT TO: INT. SCENE. LOLA REFLECTING
  5. 5. ! CLOSE UP of LOLA giving a monologue on why she isolated her- self and resorted to violence with peers.