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  • 1. ! ENEMY by Amy Jackson, Mario Mantillas and Kiaran O’leary
  • 2. ! CUT IN INT. SCENE- PHONE RECORDING OF LOLA ATTACKING HER VICTIM In the frame an unknown person receives a text CLOSE UP which has a link of a video showing Lola attacking her victim. The recording shows Lola verbally abusing her victim and being provoked resulting in Lola pulling out a knife. The video cuts and the audience is left with a pause of the end caption of the video in the unknown persons hand. LOLA Who do you think your starting on? VICTIM 1 Shut up you skank, no one even likes you any more Lola runs up to the victim and continues to shout abuse, after giving in to temptation she pushes her opponent to the ground and walks off. FADE TO: EXT. SCENE- LOLA GOES HOME BUT RUNS AWAY MEDIUM SHOT LOW ANGLE. Lola walks up to her front door. CLOSE UP Of Lola putting a key in the door and as she turns the key diegetic sound of her mum screaming. MEDIUM SHOT Lola runs away. CUT TO: EXT. SCENE- PARK WITH THE ENEMY - AFTERNOON LONG SHOT. lola walks into the park and runs into a group of girls who shout out offensive comments MEDIUM SHOT, provoking lola to retaliate and start a verbal fight with one of the girls in particular MEDIUM CLOSE UP. The dispute dies down as result of lola walking away TRACKING SHOT. VICTIM err look at her trainers LOLA what! say that again? go on, i dare ya
  • 3. ! VICTIM look. at. your. trainers. Lola walks away from the group of girls, ignoring their com- ments as they shout abuse. INT. SCENE- LOLAS HOUSE - MORNING MEDIUM SHOT. Lolas dad attacks her mum - not in the scene which wakes lola up CLOSE UP. She rushes to get ready for school, so she doesnt witness any more abuse MEDIUM SHOT. DIEGETIC SPEECH OF THE DAD SHOUTING DAD your fucking useless, all you do is moan DIEGETIC SOUNDS OF PHYSICAL BANGS Lola runs down the stairs MEDIUM SHOT INT. SCENE- LOLA GETS WEAPON Lola is seen from a LOW ANGLE SHOT running down the stairs and enters the kitchen MEDIUM OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT. CLOSE UP Lola takes a knife from the kitchen draw CAMERA PAUSE. FADE IN Lola goes out the door. CUTS TO Lola speed walking down the drive. DIEGETIC SOUND OF FRONT DOOR BANGING INT. CLASSROOM AGGRAVATION OVER THE SHOULDER MEDIUM SHOT. The two victims are whispering causing Lola to get paranoid. EYE LINE MATCH of Lola looking at the clock. CUTS TO CLOSE UP of the clock. EXT. LOLA REFLECTS ON HER ACTIONS At the end of school Lola chases after the victims out of the school gates. This scene shows the end of the video that was shown at the beginning of the film. Teachers run over to de- fuse the situation.
  • 4. ! Teacher Stop girls! LONG SHOT Lola gets taken away in slow motion and the camera FADES OUT CUT to end credits.