Nguyen Vu Hung - Gnome Asia 2009 The Vision Of O Oo In Vietnam
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Nguyen Vu Hung - Gnome Asia 2009 The Vision Of O Oo In Vietnam






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Nguyen Vu Hung - Gnome Asia 2009 The Vision Of O Oo In Vietnam Nguyen Vu Hung - Gnome Asia 2009 The Vision Of O Oo In Vietnam Presentation Transcript

  • THE VISION OF in VIETNAM Gnome Summit 2009, HCMC, 2009/11/21 Nguyen Vu Hung Vietnamese Translation Lead [email_address]
  • Agenda
    • Speaker's profile.
    • A brief history of in Vietnam. View slide
    • A brief comparison between and MS Office in Vietnam. View slide
    • Highlights of local opensource community activities (l10n).
    • The users' perspective (the bottom-up approach).
    • The government's approaches (the top-down approach).
    • Entrepreneurs' point of view.
    • Toward a standardization for Vienamese l10 projects.
    • How to get involved with
    • Q&A
  • Speaker's profile
    • 10+ years of involving with opensource.
    • Focused on l10n projects
      • KDE, Gnome, Ubuntu, Mandrake.
    • 2 years working with localization.
  • history
    • 1.0 (Nguyen Thanh Nam (Singapore) et al)
      • Translated by Vietkey and got translated back to the community.
      • 20K strings left and finished by 5 memebered.
    • 1.1, 2.0 (Nguyen Thanh Nam et al)
    • 2.1,2.2 (Clytie et al)
    • 2.3: No official Vietnamese version.
    • 2.4 (Ctylie et al), nearly 100% translated.
    • 3.0,3.0.1: (Nguyen Vu Hung et al) nearly 100% localization. Heavy review and standardization.
    • 3.1, 3.1.1(Nguyen Vu Hung et al), nearly 100% localization.
    • 3.2: Will be 100% localization and will be out soon.
  • Translation activities
    • Small numbers of active translaters.
    • Email based communication.
    • Team up with Mozilla, Ubuntu and gnome translation teams.
  • vervus. MS Office MSO Free Free Opensource Not opensource Takes time to learn Easy to use - Widely used Open format Open format Sun: not so popular MS is welknown Vietnamese UI and Help No Vietnamese UI and Help available Not so good SDK Good SDK, eps. VBA for Excel
  • Opensource Community Activities (l10n)
    • LUGs
      • HanoiLug, SaigonLug, Ubuntu-vn.
    • Mozilla translation team.
    • Ubuntu translation team.
    • translation team.
    • Closed
      • CMC Linux
      • Vietkey Linux (
    •, vietlug (not so active now)
  • The Bottom-up Approach
    • Started by inviduals.
    • Small and bad managed.
    • Low quality.
    • Slow and often not on schedule.
    • Voluntary, non-profit.
  • The Top-down Approach
    • MOST
      • Packaging and writing documents for OOo and Ubuntu.
      • “Fund” the community finish the upcoming versions.
    • MOET
      • 2010/TT-BGDDT (draft): Regulations on using OOo.
      • 12966/BGDĐT-CNTT: Recommended (or forced) using OOo within MOET.
    • Rejected MS's offer selling MSO with very cheap price -> National wide regulations on using OOo.
    • The master plan
  • Entrepreneurs' Point of View
    • Basically free rider, no contributions back.
    • Use OOo as an internal office suite.
    • Legal issues since joining WTO.
    • Linux distributors (packaging)
      • Asianux.
      • Idragon netPC.
      • Fenix.
    • FOSS as a weapon to compete with rivals using pirated softwares.
      • Example: GHP Fareast.
  • Standardization for Vienamese l10 Projects
    • The MOST project
      • Includes all members of big l10n projects like OOo, gnome, Ubuntu, Mozilla.
    • IT dictionary is not up today.
    • No official or state-based projects working on the topic.
    • MOST is a good grass-root approach working on this.
  • Get Involved with
    • Translation
      • Help and User Interface
      • Refine the translation.
      • Terminology standardization.
    • Contribution to the upstream
      • Testing/review translation.
      • Testing new versions (3.2)
        • Vietnamese specific testing: No need as OOo supports Unicode
      • Acceptance test for the vi version.
      • Coding? OOo is too complicated (10 MLOC).
    • Website:
  • Thank you. Q&A
  • OOo 3.1.1 new features
    • Anti-alias support.
    • Visible drag-and-drop.
    • Better grammar checking integration.
    • Macro in Base.
  • OOo 3.2 new features
    • Configuration based database driver.
    • Various form related new features.
      • Multiline, zooming, mouse wheel scroll,...
    • Various Report related new features.
      • Binary field type support.