Websites' evaluation (Webquest)


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This chart was created as an evaluation of the links used in the Webquest SAVE THE PLANET done as Assignment#3: Internet-based project (using WebQuest), required for the subject 'ICT in English Teaching' at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional.

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Websites' evaluation (Webquest)

  1. 1. Websites’ Evaluation ACCURACY CURRENCY CONTENT FUNCTIONALITY The page was written by “The United Kingdom’s international Students may find this organization for cultural web site very interesting relations and educational and stimulating. The The site works well, there opportunities” content is presented in are no broken links. British Council (n.d.) We consider the page No dates could be found an appealing way for Moreover, the page loads content is reliable. There learners. Since the site quickly and all the videos are cross-reference with visual structure is very and images work. other similar websites clear, students can easily and encyclopedias such navigate the page. as Cambridge University Press. The page was written by LoveToKnow, an online media company that Students can navigate The site works well, there Mayntz , Melissa ??? owns and operates a The page was last the site easily since the are no broken links. LoveToKnow Corp. (2010) family of web sites. updated on August 2nd, content is clearly Moreover, the page loads There are cross-reference 2010. organized following a quickly and all the images with other similar simple visual structure. work. websites and encyclopedias. Harrison Paul (2010) This site is owned by Benefits-of- Students may find the The site works well, there businessman Paul was site very interesting since are no broken links. Harrison, who presently created in March 1 of the content is presented Moreover, the page loads resides in Australia. Mr. 2009 and each page on in a cheerful way. Some quickly and all the videos Harrison hired marketing, this site was initially videos and images are and images work. video and website copyrighted beginning on also included to make the professionals, Kim and that date. information more vivid Mark McGinnis (Avenstar and appealing to the Productions), to help senses. When it comes to build content for and the navigation of the site,
  2. 2. maintain this website, Benefits-of- Kim and Mark live in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Avenstar Productions hired writers to research the best online sources to students can easily follow come up with the the page structure informative content on because the logic of the these pages. Each page is links is simple and clear. individually sourced, and those sources can be found at the bottom of every page. After pages were written they were submitted to Kim and Mark McGinnis for editing. Students can navigate the site easily since the information is organized The site works well, there in a clear way. Even are no broken links. The page was written by Cambridge University Press (2010) though when you look a Moreover, the page loads Cambridge University No dates could be found word up in the dictionary quickly and all the videos, Press. you may find different images and audio files entries, all of them are work. neatly stated using bullet points.