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  • 2. AMERICA America is the second largest continent in the world. It is commonly divided in: North America Central America South America
  • 3. AMERICA The Americas are named after Americ Vespuce, who was the first European to suggest that the Americas were not the West Indies, but a whole New World unknown to the Europeans.
  • 4. The entire continent has a great diversity regarding climate, landscape, and animal species. Also, many cultures coexist in America. AMERICA
  • 5. North America Main countries and capitals: Canada: Ottawa United States of America: Washington D.C Mexico: Mexico City.
  • 6. CANADA
  • 7.
    • It is the world’s second largest country by area, occupying most of northern America.
      • Capital: Ottawa
      • Currency: Canadian Dollar
      • Languages: English, French.
      • Main River: Saint Lawrence River, McKenzie River.
      • Religion: Christianity, Protestant.
  • 8.
      • Important Facts:
      • Large part of Canada is covered with forests , in which a large variety of animals live (bears, raccoons, beavers, moose, among others).
  • 9.
      • The temperature can be very cold all year long.
  • 10.
      • The Niagara Falls are located between Canada and the United States; these waterfalls are so wide that we can see them either in Canada or in the United states.
  • 12. It is the second largest country in America (the third largest in the world after Russia and Canada), and it is the third most populous nation in the world. UNITED STATES
  • 13.
      • Capital:
      • Washington D.C.
      • Currency: Dollar
      • Language: English
      • Main River:
      • Mississippi – Missouri River System.
      • Religion: Christianity, Protestant, Judaism.
  • 14.
      • Important facts:
      • The United States include 50 states, 48 in the mainland, plus Alaska and the Hawaiian Islands; it also includes Puerto Rico as an associate state.
  • 15. MEXICO
  • 16. MEXICO It is located south of the United States , and it is the most populous Spanish – speaking country in the world; also, one of the biggest cities of the world is the capital, Mexico City.
  • 17.
      • Capital: Mexico City
      • Currency: Peso
      • Language: Spanish, various Mayan, Nahuatl, and other indigenous languages
      • Main Rivers: Rio Bravo del Norte, Usumacinta.
      • Religion: Roman Catholic , protestants
  • 18. Important Facts: The earliest cities in America were in Mexico; they were the cities of the Aztecs and the Mayas. Mayas. Aztecs
  • 19. The Mayas: they built one of the most highly developed civilizations of America; they settled in part of Central America (Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala). The Mayas were ruled by a king believed to be like a god. They built extraordinary monuments, some of them are called pyramids . The Mayas believed in many gods, one of them was Kukulkan , who was a serpent with feathers.
  • 20. The Aztecs: They ruled a mighty empire in central and southern Mexico. There were numerous wars between the Aztecs and the Spanish when they conquered the Aztecs. The Spanish destroyed a great part of the city and built a new city which was called Mexico. Aztecs, sunstone calendar
  • 22. It is connected to Mexico; it is like a bridge of land between North and South America. It contains seven small countries that have warm, rainy climates. The people in those countries speak Spanish. CENTRAL AMERICA
  • 23. Honduras: Tegucigalpa Nicaragua: Managua Panama: Panama City Main Countries and cities
  • 24. Guatemala: Guatemala City El Salvador: San Salvador
  • 25. Costa Rica : San Jose Belize : Belmopan
  • 27. It is the part of the continent that goes from the tropic above the Equator almost to the bottom of the globe. SOUTH AMERICA The Andes Mountains on the western side of the continent are the longest chain of mountains of the world , and they run from north to south (from Venezuela and Colombia to Chile).
  • 28. The Amazon River cuts South America at its widest part, as it flows from west to east; it is the second largest river of the world , but it carries more water than any other river in the world.
  • 29. Argentina: Buenos Aires Brazil: Brasilia Bolivia: La Paz Colombia: Bogota Chile: Santiago de Chile Ecuador: Quito Perú: Lima Paraguay: Asunción Uruguay: Montevideo Venezuela: Caracas Main Countries and cities
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