Quick Introductionto OverDrive


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Quick Introductionto OverDrive

  1. 1. Quick Intro to OverDrive Marin County Free Library has its biggest collection of eBooks and audio books in OverDrive. To access Get Started Guides for each platform and/or device visit: http://help.overdrive.com/ TIPS (for patrons who don’t have devices or won’t download software/apps) OverDrive Read is a browser based eBook reader. There’s no need to download, install, or register. Simply browse, check out and read in your browser (http://help.overdrive.com/article/0867/How-to-useOverDrive-Read-OverDrives-new-browser-based-eBookreader). Browser based e-readers do not allow for bookmarking or note taking Account Bookshelf – Titles that are currently checked out to you. From here you can download, return (E-PUB only), or read them in your browser with OverDrive Read Holds – Titles for which you are on the hold queue Lists – Wish list, Rated titles, or Recommended for you 1|Page January 25, 2014 - Arencibia
  2. 2. Settings – Set up your preferred lending periods for books, audio books, music and video The OverDrive software consists of a main screen divided in sections. Menu – Click here to hide or reveal the submenu of materials and genres Account – Access your account to maintain holds, download available titles, or add titles to your wishlist Help – Directs you to the help section for apps, downloads or help with your device Advanced Search – Keyword search. Works well with names and titles Sign In – Log in to your account with library card and PIN Featured – New books as well as featured music, audio books, video and more in a visual format Check out a Book! When you have found a book you are interested in, click on its cover. The Book Detail page displays. Click the green Borrow button to check out this book. If the book is currently checked out, it will be a button to place a hold instead. The book has been checked out to you and it will appear in your Currently Reading list. At the next screen select Marin County Free Library and log in with your library card and PIN. The title is now checked out to you and will appear in your Bookshelf . Click on the green Download button next to the book and select your preferred format (e.g. Kindle); then Confirm & Download. Next you will be taken to the Amazon Web site to complete the check out process. Select the device or PC of your choice and click Get Library Book. The next time your device is turned on it will download the title wirelessly. 2|Page January 25, 2014 - Arencibia
  3. 3. 3|Page January 25, 2014 - Arencibia