The Paraguay War

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  • 1. The ParaguayWar
  • 2. Paraguay• An industrialized countryo Guns and gun powder factoryso steel industry, railways and an efficient system of telegraph• Eradicated illiteracy
  • 3. Solano Lopez• Born in 1827• Son of the previus president for lifeCarlos Antonio Lopez• A greedy external policy• A violent man
  • 4. Civil War on Uruguai• Parties in dispute• Blancos X Colorados• Imperialist Brazil’s interventiono In 1863o Overtrew the Blanco presidento Put in power Venâncio Flores, Colorado president
  • 5. The War Triggers• Lopez fear of the imperialism of Brazilo A big nation that could demolish smallernations in the continento Suport of the argentinians caudilhos andthe Blanco party in uruguai• An exit for the seao Through the plata river• Lopez cravings for militaryexpantion
  • 6. The War Starts• Inavsion of Mato grossoo A diversion• Imprisioning of the Marquêsde Olinda Shipo President of the province ofMato Grosso• Invasion of Rio Grandedo Sulo Anarchy in the south• Invasion of the Argentiniannorth
  • 7. The Triple Alliance• Brazil, Argentina and Uruguaio The Volunteer number oneo Finally feeling like brazilians
  • 8. The Paraguay War• The Battle of Riachueloo The vital importance of controling the riverso Francisco Manuel Barroso Silvao Protected the province of Entre Rios, Argentinao Destroyed the naval force of Lopez
  • 9. Patriotic Volunteers• “voluntários a pau e corda”• Promise of freedom
  • 10. Dezembradas• São Fernando Massacre• Barão de Caixiaso Tuiutio Itororó• Avaí• Angosturas• Lomas Valentinas• 1868
  • 11. The Cordilheira Campaign• Conde D’Eu• A pupet president in Assuncióno Cirilo Antonio Rivarola• The Hunt of Solano Lopez• Violence everywhere
  • 12. The End of Lopez• Never surrender• The destruction of the body• More violence• The sword
  • 13. The After Math• More than 50,000 Brazilian soldiers were killed andthe costs of war were equivalent to eleven timesthe annual revenue of the government.• However, the country was so prosperous that thegovernment could pay off the debt in just ten years• 90% of Paraguay’s population older then 20 yearsold were killed• 18.000 Argentinians were killed in the conflict