The English Revolution

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  • 1. • Wanted a Divorce • Married to na older lady • Widow of his late brother • Only had a dother and a nephew • Did no want to be the last Tudor • Was wis the hots for Anne Boleyn• The pope did not wnat togrant his wish • Did not like him • Liked his wife• Breaks with Catholic Church • Creates Anglicanism • Divorces first wife • Marries Anne Boleyn
  • 2. • Married to the former king • Henry’s older brother • Already had a son • Older then Henry• Gave birth to a dother • Marry• Divorced• Incarcerated for life
  • 3. • From mistress to queen • Sister issue• A dother • Elizabeth• A son • A stillborn• Executed
  • 4. • From Mistress to queen• A Male Heir! • Edward• Died in Child Birth
  • 5. • Engaged• From Mistress to queen• Anuled Marriage • Only six months • Uncosumated marriage?• Friends Forever
  • 6. • From mistress to queen• Many lovers• executed
  • 7. • From mistress to queen• Gathering the childrem • Made Marry and Elizabeth heirs again• Actually survived the king• Married again • Seymour
  • 8. • The Male Heir• King at 9 years old• Raised by Parr and his uncle• Lived with Elizabeth• Died at age 14
  • 9. • Catholic • Married a Spanish prince• Succeeded Edward• Made England Catholic again • Bloody Mary• Elizabeth • Tower of London• Ill • Phanton Pregnancy
  • 10. • Protestant• Lived with Parr • And Seymour • Raped?• Back to London • With Mary• Tower of London• Mary dies • Queen
  • 11. My lords, the law of nature moves meto sorrow for my sister; the burdenthat is fallen upon me makes meamazed, and yet, considering I amGods creature, ordained to obey Hisappointment, I will theretoyield, desiring from the bottom of myheart that I may have assistance ofHis grace to be the minister of Hisheavenly will in this office nowcommitted to me. And as I am butone body naturallyconsidered, though by His permissiona body politic to govern, so shall Idesire you all ... to be assistant tome, that I with my ruling and you withyour service may make a goodaccount to Almighty God and leavesome comfort to our posterity onearth. I mean to direct all my actionsby good advice and counsel
  • 12. • A illegitimate queen • The child of a second wife • After a divorce • To marry her mother, her father broke with catholic church Balance between the two religions• Catholics • Her sister whent donw because of catholicism • She kept some symbols and clothing• Protestantism • The basis of the church • Let go of the puritans
  • 13. • Mary of Scot • Catholic • Treaty of Edimburg• Catholic x Protestants • Rebellion • Mary is emprisoned for 19 years• Elizabeth is Excomungated
  • 14. • "And, in the end, this shall be for me sufficient, that a marble stone shall declare that a queen, having reigned such a time, lived and died a virgin“• Married toher kingdom• She didnot marry orappointed asuccessor
  • 15. • Sir Francis Drake • The terror of the spanish sea• The Spanish Armada • Philip II against England• The Armada is Defeated • Miscalculations • Great english fire power
  • 16. • My loving people, we have been persuaded by some that are careful of our safety, to take heed how we commit ourself to armed multitudes for fear of treachery; but I assure you, I do not desire to live to distrust my faithful and loving people ... I know I have the body but of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a King of England too, and think foul scorn that Parma or Spain, or any Prince of Europe should dare to invade the borders of my realm!
  • 17. • Elizabeth I x Parliament • She had constant battles with the parliament for money • She used to spend much more than the country could afford • By the time she died she left a huge debt
  • 18. • King of Scots • Elizabeth’s cousin • Heir to the throne• King of England and Scotland • 1603• Money problens • Still fighting the parliament • Inherited Elizabeth’s debts • The Puritans Issue - 614
  • 19. • Being pure x being an Hedonist • Donw with Shakespeare!• A severe life • laughing and dancing are sins! • Severe clothing• Politicaly persecuted • Colonizers of America • Burn the witches!
  • 20. • Fighting the parliament • Money problems • War against spain and france • When the parliament wouldn’t give him money, he would dissolve it• Petition of rights – 614 • Signed it and them ignored it • Needing m
  • 21. • People Hated Him!!• More taxes• Both kingdons under one religion • Offended the puritans • Tried to force the presbyterian cots to accept a version of the Anglican prayer book • Scots rebelled • Charles needed money to fight the scots • Needed the parliament to aprove the money • The parliament gets a chance to opose him!
  • 22. • Charles I X Parliament • The parliament aproves laws that limit the king’s power • Charles tries to arrest the parliment leaders • They flee• The people is angry! • Charles I has to flee • In the north of England he raises na army• Civil War! • 1642 - 49 • Royalists (Cavaliers) x Roundheads (puritans)
  • 23. • Oliver Cronmwell • 1644 • A General for the Roundheads (puritans) • New war strategys• A prisoner King! • 1647• The king faces trial! • 1649 • High treason • Death!
  • 24. • Abolished the monarchy• Comonwealth• Constitution • John Lambert • Eventualy tore the constitution Apart• A military dictator
  • 25. • Irish uprising • Crushed• Puritans finally in power • Banned theater, sporting events and dancing• Other religions • Persecuted the catholics • But embraced other religions • The jews could comeback • Banned since 1290
  • 26. • Back to monarchy! • People in London are happy• Parliament • Habeas Corpus – 616 • The right of geting to know why are you in prison • The Succesor issue
  • 27. • Only heir • Catholic• Tories x Whigs • For the king • Against the king• Parliament • Unhappy with the catholic king demands • James would solve it at his pleasure
  • 28. • Willian of Orange and Mary II • Mary was the older daughter of James II • A protestant • Willian was the prince of Netherlands• Invasion! • James II Flees to France • A bloodless overthrow• King and Queen of England
  • 29. • Constitutional Monarchy • Mary and Willian vowed to recognize the parliament• Bill of Rights – 617 • No suspending of Parliament’s laws • No levying of taxes without a specific grant from parliament • No interfering with freedom os speech in parliament • No penalty for citizen who petitions the king about grievances• Cabinet • Link between the king and the parliament • Prime minister