Back to School: 32 Fabulous Girls’ Bedding Sets that are Healthy and Inspiring


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I remember when my daughter was young and restless, charming little devil, I wished for just one more super power in addition to those of an average working mom. I wanted something that would make her go to bed after the hours.

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Back to School: 32 Fabulous Girls’ Bedding Sets that are Healthy and Inspiring

  1. 1. I remember when my daughter was young and restless, charming little devil, I wished for just one more super power in addition to those of an average working mom. I wanted something that would make her go to bed after the hours. Then I decided to get her involved in decorating her room. After a couple of shopping trips we came across some adorable girls bedding sets. She picked a bedding set from Target with extra soft comforter, a couple of really cute pillows and silky smooth sheets. Now she was more willing to go to bed or spend some time in her room. You too might be surprised to find out that your daughter will be more willing to go to sleep if her bedding is soft and has inspiring colors that she loves.
  2. 2. If she is young… If she is really young, you want bedding that sparks her imagination. She is more likely to get excited about girls bedding sets that are really „girly‟. You might fall in love with a cute little ballerina bedding. Or for an irresistible nature loving little adventurer that she is, pick a duvet cover with butterflies and field flowers. Let her dream about the next family fascinating nature trip to a magic garden! If she is a teenager… If she is a teenager, she needs to personalize her room and show off her own style. For a girl with attitude do not be surprised if she chooses black walls to go with her hot pink bedding. Take a deep breath and remember that this is temporary. Once, me too painted a college campus room dark green knowing that the years of my daughter to become „normal‟ are yet to come. This is something that we still talk about. This is one of our favorite stories.
  3. 3. Here are thirty two girls‟ bedding options and sources that we like. Which one is your favorite? Take a vote! Amenity Home $180-$250 Amenity Home is known for wonderful certified organic fabrics that use eco-friendly dyes. Their bedding is inspired by the purity, simplicity and beauty of nature in every decision it makes. 1. Amenity home- Sunset Pink
  4. 4. Rosenberry Rooms $250-$400 Rosenberry Rooms is an online source of kids‟ products, including bedding . The company‟s goal is in creating an environment where your children can thrive. This means putting together a space that is safe, warm, loving and inspires creativity. 2. Butterfly Robins Egg 3.Maggie Wisteria Duvet Cover 4. Mia Floral Quilt
  5. 5. Eastern Accents $330-$1200 Eastern Accents is a unique wholesale bedding and accessory company. The products are available through retailers and interior designers. Bedding is custom made to reflect your personal style. 5. Matilda 6. Talulla Collection 7. Capri Tropical
  6. 6. Fine Linens $340 – $460 Fine Linens is a company with long proven reputation as one of the premier linen stores in the country. It offers top-quality products and personalized service. 8. Bamboo Quilt and Sham 9. Box in Box 10. Charlotte Quilt by LULU DK Twin Quilt and Sham 11.Marabella Twin Duvet and Sham by LULU DK
  7. 7. JLA Home $40 – $150 JLA Home is known for great design, reasonable pricing and “green” company‟s policies. Their bedding is known for bold, fresh prints and beautiful color combinations. 12. Anthea Purple 13. Allison Quilt 14. Folklore Lion Melia 15. Allison Yellow
  8. 8. Serena and Lily $150-250 Serena and Lily is recognized for soulful, artistic environments for kids of any age. The bedding they sell is dreamy, inspiring creations of beautiful quality and color schemes that will make any kid happy. 16. Annabel 17. Juice Color Mix 18. Caroline 19. Marina
  9. 9. Garnet Hill $128-$188 Garnet Hill bedding is beautiful and inspiring. Their products are always great quality. Some bedding is more expensive but lasts long. 20. Lily Pulitzer Sister Florals 21. Without Zoom
  10. 10. Target $76 – $152 Target is thriving for more design and inspired products that are more imaginative at a reasonable price. 22. Simply Shabby Chic Lavender Rose 23. Sophia Bedding Collection
  11. 11. Rikshaw Design $140 – $270 Rikshaw Design founder and designer Catherine Fitzsimmons has spent a life traveling the globe, which is translated through her unique designs. Her designer‟s bedding has spontaneous, bohemian style, gracious styling and fine attention to detail. 24. Quilt 25. Comforters
  12. 12. Land of Nod $290 – $300 The Land of Nod provides safe, high-quality products to you and your family. They believe that kids‟ products should be able to handle everything kids throw their way (literally and figuratively). That‟s why all of their products have an 18-year quality guarantee. 26. Pixel Paisley Bedding
  13. 13. Little Auggie $290-$350 Little Auggie products are 200 percale colorfast cotton, made in India and are machine washable. Mix and match from stripes, solids, prints and quilted pieces to create a look that is all your own. 27. Rabbit Patch
  14. 14. Unison Home $108-$148 Unison Home what‟s black, white and dashed all over? Unison Home modern bedding, elevates a classic contrast to a new level of comfort. 28.Juniper Kids Pink & Gray 29. Stitch Black Duvet
  15. 15. Wildcat Territory $150-$250 Wildcat Territory has designed and produced beautiful bedding defined by quality, spirit and a modern sensibility. Their fabrics are rich and sophisticated, their colors are fresh and unexpected, and their styling is unique. They are committed to manufacturing in America. 30. Aquarelle
  16. 16. Cuddledown $99-$199 Cuddledown is US based bedding manufacturer with its factory in Maine making bedding since 1973. You can find awesome, quality and organic bedding at discounted price. The company has 100% guarantee policy. 31. Cotton Peecale Hummingbird Duvet Cover
  17. 17. Anna’s Linens $39 Anna‟s Linens is a discounted online store where you can find department store closeouts, good quality bedding and home accessories. It is hit-or-miss and you have to be creative mixing and matching since many of great items often come without matching pieces. Well, that makes it fun. 32. Bliss Duvet
  18. 18. Respect her choices and she will be more willing to respect yours. The more you respect your daughter‟s choices and preferences the better your relationship will be. Of course, she needs to understand that there will be a healthy compromise. It is your home and she needs to learn to respect it as well. Choosing exciting bedding sets for girls can be true game changers, especially if your daughter‟s room is small. It can brighten the whole room, set up the mood, bring joy and healthy dreams through the night. Now your turn. Did you pick your favorite? Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Facebook