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  • 1. Admissions Office Sherri Baker, M.DAssociate Professor of Pediatrics Assistant Dean for Admissions Dotty Shaw Killam Director of Admissions Lisa Jaques Administrative Secretary USMLE Step-2 Required
  • 2. PrerequisitesMinimum 90 college hours (verify the following): 1 semester General Zoology/Biology (including lab) 2 semesters General Chemistry 2 semesters Organic Chemistry 2 semesters Physics 3 semesters English 1 semester Histology, Genetics, Embryology, Cell Biology or Comparative Anatomy 3 semesters Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Humanities, and/or Foreign Language
  • 3. Requirements• U.S. citizen or hold a permanent visa• GPA average of 3.0 or better• Letter grade of C or better required in prerequisite courses• We will accept Pass/Fail grading, advanced placement, & CLEP courses if a higher course is taken for a grade• Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) average score of 7.0 or better
  • 4. Application Timeline Jan-July Medical College Admission TestJunior Year (MCAT) May Begin American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) Oct 15 AMCAS Deadline (4-6 weeks to process)Senior Year October Interviews Begin (Complete in Sept) Nov 1 Supplemental Deadline November Interviews February Interviews & Final Adm Board Meeting August Class Begins
  • 5. Counseling Tips• Join the Pre-Med/Pre-Health Club• Select a Major of Interest• Prioritize Academics• Gain Health Care Experience• Volunteer Time• Become Involved on Campus
  • 6. 2009 Application StatisticsCategories Total GPA MCATResidents 353 3.59 8.83Nonresidents 1214 3.47 8.94Male 873 3.48 9.20Female 694 3.51 8.56Total 1567
  • 7. 2009 Interview StatisticsCategories Total GPA MCATResidents 243 3.66 9.62Nonresidents 39 3.81 10.62Male 179 3.66 9.90Female 103 3.72 9.51Total 282
  • 8. Class of 2013 StatisticsCategories Total GPA MCATResidents 150 3.71 9.67Nonresidents 12 3.82 10.39Male 100 3.70 9.89Female 62 3.75 9.45Total 162 3.72 9.72
  • 9. Previous Applicant Statistics ♦ 79 Oklahomans were reapplicants ♦ 55 qualified for an interview (70%) ♦ 39 were accepted (71%) ♦ 12 were left on the waitlist (22%) ♦ 93% of those qualified for an interview had positive results
  • 10. Majors in Class of 2013 (39) Accounting Anthropology Biochemistry Biology Biomed Eng Chemistry Economics Engineering English Foreign LangHealth & Exer. Letters Mathematics Microbiology Physics Physiology Political Sci. Psychology Theology Zoology
  • 11. Schools Represented in Class of 2013 (44)Auburn University Pittsburg State University University of ChicagoBaylor University Portland State University University of DallasBrigham Young Univ Saint Gregorys University University of FloridaCameron University Southeastern Okla State University of IllinoisDuke University Southern Methodist Univ University of KansasEast Central University Southern Nazarene Univ University of Notre DameGeorge Washington Univ Southwestern Okla State University of OklahomaGeorgetown University Texas A & M University University of RichmondGrinnell College Texas Tech University University of San DiegoOklahoma Baptist Univ Trinity University University of The SouthOklahoma Christian Univ Truman State University University of TulsaOklahoma City University United States Naval Acad University of UtahOklahoma State Univ University of Arkansas Vanderbilt UniversityOral Roberts University University of California Westmont CollegePepperdine University Univ of Central Oklahoma
  • 12. What’s New2009 – 2010SCM interviewsAMCAS LettersEnables medical schools to receive all letters electronically via AMCASEnables applicants to have their authors send all letters to AMCAS (for participating schools) rather than to each school.This service is included in the AMCAS application fee.
  • 13. Interview Process• Semi-blind interviews were overwhelming liked by applicants. – Will continue for OU-COM interview• This year – Afternoon SCM interviews
  • 14. Contact Information College of Medicine – Admissions PO Box 26901, BSEB 123 Oklahoma City, OK 73126 Phone: (405) 271-2331 Fax: (406) 271-8810Web: http://www.oumedicine.com/body.cfm?id=655 E-Mail: AdminMed@ouhsc.edu
  • 15. Ann Louise Olson, Ph.D.Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Co-Director of the MD/PhD program
  • 16. M.D./Ph.D. Program In cooperation with The MD/PhD Program is made possible by a generous grant from the Presbyterian Health Foundation.
  • 17. M.D./Ph.D. ProgramStudents obtain an intensive medical education coupledto rigorous training in scientific investigation. Graduates are prepared for careers in academic medicine thatcombine patient care, teaching, and patient-oriented or laboratory research.
  • 18. M.D./Ph.D. ProgramSummer 1 10-week lab rotationYear 1 Med School I - Basic SciencesSummer 2 10-week lab rotationYear 2 Med School II – Basic Sciences (USMLE 1)Summer 3 Begin graduate courses and researchYears 3 – 5 Graduate School (Courses, Research, Dissertation, Defense)Year 6 Med School III – Clinical SciencesYear 7 Med School IV – Clinical Sciences (USMLE 2 & Residency Match)
  • 19. M.D./Ph.D. Program Ph.D. Programs • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology • Bioengineering (OU-Norman) • Cell Biology • Epidemiology & Biostatistics • Microbiology & Immunology • Neuroscience • Pathology • Physiology
  • 20. M.D./Ph.D. Program MD/PhD Admission Requirements• Admitted into the College of Medicine.• Minimum 2 summers or 1 year research experience.• Earned Baccalaureate degree from an accredited university or college.• Submitted 3 letters of recommendation from faculty addressing research experience & skills. These letters are in addition to the recommendation letters required of the College of Medicine (Due Oct. 15).• Completed OUHSC M.D./Ph.D. Program Application (Due Oct. 15).
  • 21. M.D./Ph.D. Program• Statistics• Last year – 32 applicants – 13 interviewed – 4 new students began program• A total of 20 students in program at this time
  • 22. M.D./Ph.D. Program Financial Support• Stipend $20,000/year• Full tuition throughout training
  • 23. COM & MD/PhD College of Medicine - Admissions PO Box 26901, BMSB 357 Oklahoma City, OK 73190 Phone: (405) 271-2265Web: http://www.medicine.ouhsc.edu/admissions/ E-Mail: AdminMed@ouhsc.edu MD/PhD Program PO Box 26901, BMSB 357 Oklahoma City, OK 73190 Phone: (405) 271-2503 Web: w3.ouhsc.edu/mdphd/ E-Mail: megan-meehan@ouhsc.edu
  • 24. OU School of Community Medicine Meredith TalleyCoordinator of Recruitment and Admissions
  • 25. • Opportunity for Educational grants and forgiveness for service• Graduate public health courses at no cost to the student• Medical Student Summer Internships• Summer Institute immersion in community medicine (1 week long, prior to MS1 year)• Participation in student run free clinic (Bedlam Evening) I am a part of the bigger picture and it is not about me. It is about the community. Tiffany, Student OU School of Community Medicine
  • 26. Preparing the next generation of Physicians and Physician Assistants to improve the health of entire communities.•An integrated track within the OU College of Medicine•3rd and 4th years of OU Medical School in Tulsa•New independent Physician Assistant Program•Seeks to develop a new kind of physician expert who will providepersonal care to patients, while improving the health of entirecommunities.
  • 27. Contact Information OU School of Community Medicine Meredith Talley Phone: (918) 660-3092 E-Mail: meredith-talley@ouhsc.edu Web: www.oucommunitymedicine.comFind us on Facebook at www.facebook/ouscm
  • 28. College of Medicine Curriculum 2010, & College of Medicine PrerequisitesChristopher S. Candler, MDAssociate Dean for Medical EducationAssociate Professor of Medicine
  • 29. National Trends in Medical EducationIncreasing emphasis on the development &assessment of competenciesLess emphasis on discipline-based courses; newinterest in horizontal and vertical integrationMovement away from lecture-intense curricula & rotememorization of factsMore interest in active learning approaches
  • 30. A New Curriculum for OU• Began with a comprehensive planning retreat in 2007• Hundreds of faculty, students, staff, administrators• The Result: •Primarily a change to the basic sciences curriculum – to begin in August 2010 •Certain clinical curriculum changes are being discussed
  • 31. Curriculum 2010 Preclinical Curriculum CoursesFoundational Courses (morning courses)1. Molecular and Cellular Structure2. The Human Structure3. Disease, Diagnosis & TherapySystems Courses (morning courses)4. Musculoskeletal & Integument5. Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary6. Metabolism and Nutrition7. Blood, Hematopoiesis, & Lymphatics8. Cardiovascular, Respiratory & Renal9. Neuroscience & Psychiatry10. Reproduction & Gender-based Health Afternoon Courses Patients, Physicians, & Society / Clinical Medicine (M, W, F) Enrichment (Tu, Th): research, humanities, clinical skills
  • 32. Revisiting COM PrerequisitesMinimum 90 college hours (verify the following): 1 semester General Zoology/Biology (including lab) 2 semesters General Chemistry 2 semesters Organic Chemistry 2 semesters Physics 3 semesters English 1 semester Histology, Genetics, Embryology, Cell Biology or Comparative Anatomy 3 semesters Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Humanities, and/or Foreign Language
  • 33. Premedical AdvisorsWe will contact several individuals toobtain feedback regarding the current prerequisites.