NeuroScience Hospital


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NeuroScience Hospital

  1. 1. Every one in Kolkata needs this Thread of Love
  2. 2. Will you be able to Wait and Watch a Loved One’s Brain Die? Accidents can happen to anyone. This Thread of Love will make sure that your loved one in Kolkata gets the best possible treatment in the world Right here in Kolkata
  3. 3. Introducing Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata A 150 bed world class facility in the heart of Kolkata
  4. 4. What is I-NK? Instititute of Neurosciences, Kolkata • It is a 150 bed Neurosciences Institute in the centre of Kolkata (Crossing of Park Street and A J C Bose Road) • It will have Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neuro-Rehabilitation & Neuropsychiatry for Adults & Children • It will be a charitable company under Section 25 with strong clinical governance • Only full time specialists will be employed – and with a decent salary • It will not be a commercial enterprise but will be run on strong business principles
  5. 5. What is I-NK’s mission? Instititute of Neurosciences, Kolkata • Enhance and project the credibility of Neurosciences, particularly Neurosurgery, in Kolkata • Have flagship programmes in Paediatric Neurology & Neuropsychiatry with special emphasis for urban-poor children and women • Provide a platform for global TEAMWORK and state-of-the-art equipment & skills • Set a standard in Neurosciences in Kolkata that will compete with other premier centres in India • Make treatment affordable for all sections of the community. 20% will be free of bed charges • Be a beacon of excellence in Education & Research in Neurosciences
  6. 6. Help us start by Poila Baisakh April 14, 2009 • This Rs. 50 crore project has already received Rs. 35 crores • We need Rs. 15 crores more before April 14, 2009 • So that a world class neurosurgery hospital can look after the needs of Eastern India and Bangladesh • That’s less than a Rupee each for the number of people the hospital can help
  7. 7. How can you help? • Send a donation of just $10 for every person you care about in Kolkata – Send us their name and address – We’ll make sure they receive a Thread of Love in your name • Or send a donation just to the people of Kolkata – For every $ you send, we’ll make sure a person in Kolkata gets to know about the Institute of Neurosciences coming up near Park Street – We will gift him or her a Thread of Love in your name
  8. 8. Everybody needs this Thread of Love Help Kolkata hold up its head in pride